Good Deal or Not? “Start planning your 2014 SOIREES high above the Hill” edition (reader request)

245 15th Street Southeast

This unit is located at 245 15th Street, Southeast:


The listing says:

“Start planning your 2014 SOIREES high above the Hill from this huge PRIVATE grass terrace with a three state million dollar view! This Designer’s three-level 1400sf. urban loft includes: Top floor master suite, 2.5 baths, site-finished hardwood, custom woodwork, fireplace, 14′ ceilings, Liebherr refrigerator, wine fridge, safe, WIFI, TV’s and electronics stay, low fees, garage parking, warranty.”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 2 bed/2.5 bath is going for $769,000 ($437 monthly fee.)

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  • justinbc

    Place looks very nice, but what hill are they high above?

  • That is a sweet modern apartment. The second bedroom is teeny, but seems to be well designed for maximum efficiency. I do question as to how you would use the very high cabinets in the kitchen – does a ladder convey? Given the amount of outdoor space and the high ceilings, I’d say good deal.

    • don’t know if a ladder conveys, but there is a ladder rail in both the kitchen and the living room at the same height. Don’t see the ladder in the pics, though.

  • Seem to me like a much better deal than yesterdays!

  • I really want this place. This beats the hell out of the crap white boxes they’ve been building along 14th Street NW.
    Though, that bathroom sink is the most useless thing I’ve ever seen. Unless, of course, your goal to is to (1.) do lines of coke in your bathroom or (2.) splash water all over the floor.

  • Ok, I rarely if ever think condos are a good deal, but that roof deck is amazing. I think that is the only thing that could ever get me to buy a condo instead of a house. The interior is actually pretty nice, if modern is your thing (except for the bathroom sink- that’ll get old really quickly).

  • I think it’s a pretty good deal, but that $437 monthly fee worries me. It looked in the photos like the elevator comes directly into the unit, which while a very nice feature, also means that since the building looks like it is three units wide, there are three elevators. Add in underground parking, and you’ve got several things with very high maintenance costs and only a few units to spread those costs out to. Smaller buildings with lots of features tend to not be setting aside huge amounts in reserves – I’d read the condo docs very carefully. A special assessment to rebuild an elevator shaft and install a new car and new cables hits the six figures very easily. Divide that by anything less than 25 units and this gets very pricey very fast and hurts your resale.

  • I dunno, that’s a lot of money for what looks like a 1 bedroom plus den. And I love a modern aesthetic, but the cinder block entry way doesn’t come off looking mod, just kind of cheap. Great roof, though.

    • This. Not a true 2 BR and for the price, you get a small shared living/dining – a trend in condos that I absolutely hate. The deck is great.

  • Love it! Amazing that something so pretty exists under that ugly outside. Its a good blend of classic and modern.

  • Exposed cinder block?! Really? Brick works b/c it is older, vintage, has color/character…etc. Cinder block is brick’s more economically efficient younger brother/replacement. That’s like making hardwood floors out of raw plywood. Speaking of which, the angled kitchen hardwood is sweet.

  • Ugly outside–it’s the pediment things on the top cheapen it. A bit over priced and the fee is probably too low (lots of assessments in the future). the place looks overthought in terms of the occupant’s own use—Good use of space, except all the built-ins make it look cramped, the kitchen storage looks awkward and the alcove refrigerator will never be able to be replaced with something the same size. The bathroom stuff will look dated and ridiculous in a couple years (actually it already does).

  • Wow, love it–but doubt it will get that much. We got a 2000 sq ft semidetached home with yard, a cool place, a few blocks up street for under that not long ago. Still some crime in the area and that’s right next to the firestation, which sends trucks up 15th with surprising regularity–hope windows are good. that said, you can stuff yourself at the Pretzel bakery and Curbside cafe!

  • Does it not have central air (see window unit in master)? Also, does all that great outdoor furniture convey?

  • I like it. However, with the small 2nd BR and the shared LR/DR, I can’t figure out where the more than 1400 sqft is. I think they are using gross, outside dimensions to advertise sqft nowadays. I have a 1926 condo that the tax records say is 1173 sqft. I once carefully measure net, interior sqft, and it came out to be little over 1200. However, I see condos nowadays that feel much smaller than mine, with the same or more space advertised.

  • I’m still recovering from my 2013 SOIREES.

  • Can that room really be considered a second bedroom? It looks like it doesn’t have a closet (if you don’t count that literal hole in the wall).

  • I’ll echo the “where are all 1400 of those square feet?” sentiment. Also, I hope that’s turf up there since it doesn’t seem like there’s any way to get at it except through the unit. Having to haul sod upstairs through your house when the grass dies while still paying $400+ in condo fees sounds miserable.

    • It looks like synthetic grass to me. I really wish I could talk my partner into getting some because I’m sick of hauling sod into our regular old backyard year after year!

  • I like this place a lot, but according to the property history, it sold for $397,500 in December 2009. Even though that was close to the bottom of the market, and we’re now near the top, that seems like a big jump.

    • Damn. This person timed the ‘eff out of the market. Then again, this is probably just dumb luck on their part.
      In 2009 no one was calling this area “Hill East.” It was significantly sketchier 5 years ago.

    • It was sold as a shell originally; the developer didn’t finish the unit.

      • Ah, that makes a lot more sense. And explains why/how the place is now so customized to the current owner’s style. (I love the gingko leaves mural in the dining area; it’s gorgeous and interesting with the rest of the decor.)

    • I used to live in this building. It sold for under 400K in 2009 because it was unfinished (don’t even think there were walls). The owners finished it themselves.

  • Yay, exposed cinder block walls and cheap vinyl siding on the rear exterior! Two features I always look for in my luxury loft living. This may be a good deal for something in close-in NW, but not in this part of Capitol Hill. The various outdoor spaces are pretty awesome, however they can’t be lived in or even used for 4 to 6 months a year (unless you want to freeze/bake).

  • I am sorry but not for that price. That is NUTS.

    I live in a townhouse that square foot wise, is likely a bit larger that is 2 blocks away. It has 2 bedrooms and one and half bath, and I have my own backyard, a nice big side yard, and a full finished basement and I couldn’t get that for my house. Of course I also don’t have the monthly condo fee. Anyone who pays that much for that is nuts, particularly with that condo fee. Sadly someone may actually pay for that. I hope when it sells, whenever that is we get an update.

    As an FYI, the neighbors as you can expect, hate that building.

    • I live in the hood and don’t mind the building (far from an architectural masterpiece), but thanks for speaking for all us.

  • Roof deck is bananas but that’s mad cheddar for 1 br+den in purple dinosaur town.

  • I miss the New Dragon at that intersection..always a good, drug-dealy/shooty/stabby time to be had there.

  • Why? You can get a whole, renovated house there for that much.

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