Glen’s Garden Market No Longer Coming to Takoma, Now Coming to Shaw?

Takoma Central located at 235 Carroll Street, NW

Last week a reader wrote in:

“Glen’s Garden Market which has a location in Dupont Circle will be joining Busboys and Poets in the new Takoma Central project.”

Now word comes from the Takoma Listserv:

“Apparently the developer didn’t think they would succeed and they [Glen’s Garden Market] finally had to pull out, now they have a new partnership with a developer in Shaw who is basically going to build them a new store.”

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  • Where in Shaw? Can’t think of a large-scale project with available retail space (CityCenter/Market at O notwithstanding). Maybe Progression Place above the metro?

  • I really can’t believe the existing Glen’s is doing well enough to support expansion.

    • Any indication there existing business is in trouble? Only been there once or twice, but it was moderately busy when I was there (granted it was a Sunday afternoon).

      It seemed like a great urban market you would find in NYC. I really hope they succeed and encourage more places like that to open.

    • I work near Glen’s and live just down the street. The bar seems to be doing well and in warmer weather there is usually a good happy hour crowd outside on the patio.

  • Love Glen’s and would love to see a location come to Shaw!

  • The Parcel 42 site would be a likely spot. I’m pretty sure the approved project was apartments with 2 floors or retail/commercial space. But they’re nowhere near breaking ground on this project.

  • The developer might have thought that Glen’s wouldn’t be able to compete with the TPSS Co-op down the street. I was looking forward to Glen’s, but ah well.

    • The Takoma location is more than a half mile from the TPSS Co-op. With the proximity to the Metro and the lack of grocery options in Takoma, any grocery-type establishment in this space will do crazy business. I hope that another one will step into Glen’s place. A Yes! or a mini-Trader Joe’s would both do very well.

  • Probably that huge development that’s going on between 7 and 9 on Florida.

  • That sucks

  • People who love Glen’s are people who like to pay 3 times more for things like milk, bread, and cheese.

    I went in there once, saw that loaves of bread were $9 and walked out.

    I will say the bar is often busy and people like to eat there for brunch when it is nice outside.

    • I use Glens as a place to get a good sandwich. dont necessarily get groceries there. they have a nice beer too.

    • I had the same reaction the first time I walked in. But, the bar has become one of my favorite stops in DC – solid beer program and incredibly well priced for DC. Also love that I can get a growler filled 2 blocks from my apartment. Good sandwiches and pizza as well. The grocery aspect is definitely overpriced, but seems to be doing fine (I question whether these same price-points will fly in Shaw). Convenient enough though if you just need 1-2 items.

  • The prepared foods at Glenn’s are far above par for DC and are priced completely within reason for the category.

    • I agree. DC really doesn’t deserve something so nice, and if DC can’t afford such quality, it’s there problem, not Glen’s.

    • I agree too. If you want to support a local concept and prefer food that is nutritious, less processed, and locally grown you are going to pay more. If you prefer factory farms, preservatives and cheap conglomerate prices, shop at Walmart.

  • They should look into that decrepit strip mall on New Jersey Ave. It’s kinda close to Giant, but still. If they move into the development under construction at 7th and Florida, that will be two blocks away from the other “artisan market” that’s supposed to go in across from Duffy’s.

  • Oh boy, more overpriced food. Just what we need. Can’t people buy this from Amazon, have it delivered and let something useful move into the ‘hood.

  • Any word on when that Busboys and Poets is opening?

  • Come on down to Shaw and sell me some fancy charcuterie and overpriced produce, whydontcha?

    • I just showed the management at Glen’s your snarky comment and they’re devastated. They’re halting all plans for expansion and are this close to shutting down for good. Wow, I guess Popville comments CAN make a difference.

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