From the Forum – Insalling a Backyard Fence and Looking for Shower Glass

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Installing a backyard fence–recommendations?

“The backyard of our Columbia Heights rowhouse has a lovely wood fence on one side (thanks to our neighbors) and a standard chain-link fence on the other, as well as 2 chain-link gates at the end of the driveway. We’re hoping to remove the chain-link gates and replace them with wood. Any recommendations for a contractor who is affordable and reliable? Any idea on how much this type of a project costs? Thanks for your help.”


Shower Glass:

“I need some frameless shower glass installed – probably 3/8 inch. When I search I mostly find companies that repair car windshields. Does anyone have a recommendation for a DC shower glass installation company? Thanks.”

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  • We just had a shower door replaced by Shower Door Experts ( and were very happy with the results. I’m not sure if they install already-purchased doors, but it would be worth asking.

  • Sadly, I have no suggestions.

    But I read the title without looking any further and was impressed by the lengths that some exhibitionists would go to…

    • Actually, I do have a suggestion. Just forgot since it was so long ago. About 10 years ago I had Accokeek Fence build a 15-foot privacy fence for my patio in Adams Morgan. They did it while I was away one weekend and ultimately charged something like $50 less than the $300 they said it would cost. I don’t remember exactly how much but I do remember getting a phone call from someone explaining that the job took less time than they thought so they were charging less. They did a good job and the fence survived just fine until we replaced it with something else.

  • Shower Door King

  • If you are looking for a contemporary fencing look for a horizontal installation. There is an example behind 1300 Belmont.

  • We recently installed a frameless shower door through After shopping around, this ended up being the cheapest option. The guy does need a 50% deposit before installation

  • misspell

  • Chevy Chase Glass

  • Second Shower Door King

  • Flash Glass on 4th NE installed our frameless shower doors (we built the base, they put up the glass) and they did a great job for a super reasonable price.

  • We just had a fence put in two months ago. Our back yard has brick walls on two sides so we only had to install one long side. Home Depot! I’m not kidding. go on their website and they contract out for everything. They set everything up and are cheaper than anything you’ll find and only hire the reliable companies. I’ve used them for our front yard fence too and both times it was so much less painless than trying to use one of these terrible businesses around here. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for supporting local business but tell me when the last time was that you called a company and they showed up on time or showed up at all.
    I’m telling you it’s so worth it. I never even saw the guys that did my fence. They came while I was at work and I got home to a brand new fence and no one there. It was half the price of everyone else too. I don’t work for Home Depot I just got sick and tired of dealing with all the companies around here that don’t really want your business for some reason. That goes for plumbers, electricians, carpenters, you name it. Sorry for the rant it’s been a long year of fixing stuff. Cheers.

  • OP for the fence here. We looked at Accokeek and they gave us a quote. We then contacted Home Depot and they sent out Long Fence, who also gave us a quote–for almost $1000 less. We’re working with them now to see if either of them are willing to get it down, but are also looking for more options. However, both of them were very courteous and professional, so I wouldn’t hesitate to contact them again. Thanks for the suggestions, POP-ers.

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