Cafe Deluxe Coming to 22nd and M St, NW this Spring


A Cafe Deluxe is coming to the new Hilton Garden Inn building at the corner of 22nd and M Street, NW. Their Website says:

“Cafe Deluxe, an American bistro combining the charm of a neighborhood restaurant with the energy of a bustling European eatery, serves fresh and innovative classics in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Washingtonians have enjoyed the friendly service and casual dining experience for nearly 20 years.

The diverse brunch, lunch and dinner menus combine traditional fare like Steak Frites and Grilled Meatloaf with menu favorites ranging from the Spinach, Feta and Tomato Omelet for brunch to the Grilled Atlantic Salmon Nicoise Salad, and the Fra Diavolo Mussels to the Ahi Tuna Tacos.”

You can see their full menus here. Their are currently four Cafe Deluxe restaurants in DC, MD and VA. The DC spot is located at 3228 Wisconsin Avenue, NW in upper Cleveland Park.


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  • They are the standard-bearer for mediocrity.

    • +1000
      Just like their other holdings – Tynan Coffee & Tea and Tortilla Coast. They all have mediocre food and horrible service. Unfortunately, with such great locations they cash in on the office worker crowd and thus survive.

      • Very true. I used to eat at Cafe Deluxe when I worked in Bethesda about 10 years ago (when I wasn’t eating at Brown Bag) because the choices in the area were so slim. I haven’t been back since then.

  • Odd match for an area with several new upscale hotels and few restaurants beyond lunch-type places.

  • grilled meatloaf is a traditional fare? or is it an innovative classic?

    • It’s traditional! AND AMERICAN!

      ARE U NOT AMERICAN! Why do you hate America?

      For the uninitiated, grilled meatloaf is a blob of ground beef, mixed with tomato sauce/paste, and stuff(z). Then u flop it down on a grill and slow roast it ’til eagles cry.

  • Cafe Deluxe! Sooo glad they will be hitting G Town. Great food ( I think its an all scratch kitchen) without being pretentious

    • I’m going to call shenanigans on that because the last (and only) time I’ve been was for brunch where we were served still frozen french toast and the most revolting omelet I have ever tasted.

  • The first Cafe Deluxe opened in Washington, DC in 1995, so it seems like they are doing something well. Good to read they are in the west end.

    • and Ben’s Chili Bowl has been around since ’58. All they’ve (Ben’s and Cafe Deluxe) learned in that time is to be consistently horrible.

  • I used to live by the one on Wisconsin and ate there probably twice a month, for lack of better options within walking distance. The two best things I can say about Cafe Deluxe:

    1. You can color on the tables.
    2. It’s slightly better than Ruby Tuesday.

    And….yeah, that’s it.

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