Art Under Pressure Closed on Georgia Ave, Moving to U Street in March

Georgia and Decatur

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Shame for the block which has lost Moronis and most likely soon to lose Fusion.
Restaurants and businesses wanted!”

Art Under Pressure (AUP) was located at 4807 Georgia Ave, NW. Their website says:


1342 U Street is currently the home to Desperados (formerly Polly’s) on the lower level and Vintage No. 5 Boutique on the 2nd floor. I believe their is a third floor as well in this space. I’ll update in March to see which space they have:


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  • Man, that really is tough for Uptown. The churn around the rest of the city feels normal but up that way we want to hold onto every little business we get.

    The bright spot is the new businesses on Kennedy. You win some, you lose some, it seems.

  • sucks for the neighborhood
    probably a great move for the business depending on how much more they will be paying in rent

    • Agreed on both counts… presumably the fact that they’re moving to a higher-rent location means that the business is doing really well.

  • This is a bigger gain for U street than it is loss for Georgia. They will be replaced in time. Boutique retail is probably not the future for that part of Georgia, but if critical mass can happen on U, the area can continue to move toward being a really diversified shopping zone. (Hope they are getting something reasonable on rent)

    • I’m worried about Georgia and Decatur. I don’t know why anyone would be worrried about 14th & U.

      • Not really my point. Boutique retail has a better shot down on U and if there’s a diverse enough retail/shopping scene down there, it can become the vibrant hub (for more than getting drunk) that few areas have the real density to achieve. Boutique retail demands high foot traffic and that’s not happening at the 4800 block of Georgia. That area needs stores that local residents frequent daily/weekly.

  • Call me crazy, but how many break-ins have occurred in this area in the last six months? I know Moronis had the issue with their lease, but why would anyone want to stay? Moroni’s was fantastic! When will our elected officials start taking crime seriously? These people had video cameras and the cops still can’t catch them! Another unsolved crime in Ward 4. Shocker.

    I’m still hoping Moronis moves closer to the Heart of Petworth – maybe the Upshur Corridor?

    • That last comment is making me think, “The stars at night / Are big and bright / Deep in the heart of Petworth!”

  • Does this indicate that a sale of this strip is imminent? Won’t there have to be some new retail to support the new condos opening up across the street?

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