Anyone Know Why the 11th Street Fairmont Market Store Closed?


“Dear PoPville,

Does anyone know what’s the deal with Fairmont Market on 11th and Fairmont? It’s been closed for the past four months. Yeah, it was expensive and the owner kept hours, but it was close.”


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  • The owner here, Nick, was a nice guy but this place just didn’t do much business. I was always amazed at the selection he packed into the store. But if you’re only making 10 cents profit per item you sell then you need to be selling a lot of stuff to have a good living. Hope Nick land on his feet – hard working, nice guy. Neighbors here will miss him.

  • I live down the street, so I used to go here all the time when I needed small stuff. Nick is a decent guy. I hope that he moves on to something more successful. Hopefully the place can be sold and turned into something that will pull in more business, It is in a good location.

  • Agree that this place is in a pretty great location with little competition and hope something more successful can take its place if indeed its closed for good.

  • I always assumed they’re a front…their products are weirdly old and they’re never open at normal business hours.

  • I also hope that something that pulls in business takes it’s place–I was somewhat disappointed when I heard that a dry cleaner was going into the new storefront next to the laundromat. I suppose a Dave and Buster’s was a bit of a long shot.

    • Is that spot next to the laundromat definitely going to be a dry cleaners? I thought it was still up in the air even though they fixed up the facade so long ago

      • After talking with someone else, I’ve been informed that the shops are owned by the same people, and a dry cleaners is going in there. But who knows…

  • Is the neighborhood corner store even a viable (forgive the word) “concept” in DC?

  • Nick has another store elsewhere in the DC area and has gone full time there. Rumor has it that the store/building has sold. We’ll miss him.

    • Some idiot developer is probably going to try to cram six luxury condo units into that building.

    • Do you know where in DC his other store is. I have lived near the 11th and fairmont store for 8 years and I always went to Nick for any odds and ends i needed. I would like to go and say hello to him.

  • I live 2 blocks from there but never went…Mr. Yu’s for life!!!

  • I live across the street from the Fairmont Market and went to NIck’s almost daily. I saw Nick a few months ago outside of the store and he told me he was in a very serious car accident that put him in the hospital for about three weeks. He said he was driving a small smart car and was rear ended by a dump truck, throwing him across lanes of traffic. He told me he would be back to work shortly, but I haven’t seen him since. All of the neighbors miss Nick and hope he comes back soon!

  • I spoke with the owner last week and the shop will be re-opening in a few weeks. The owner was in a bad car accident and couldn’t walk. I guess he didn’t have anyone to run the store at his absence.

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