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  • Wow, today looks dangerous. I’m staying indoors.

  • Who is the GC on that project?

  • I work for this company and I would like it noted that BBC was not responsible for the water main break over the summer. The pipe in question was over a hundred years old and corroded away causing the pipe to burst and our site to flood. We have settled in this case and BBC was found in no way at fault for the break.

  • Popville was quoted on the local news either NBC or
    ABC saying this site must be cursed.

  • Hopefully not cursed since I am supposed to move into this building in December.

  • This is why I walk on the other side of the street. I see people walking next to the site when there’s no pedestrian walkway. I’d rather not get crushed by the AC unit!

  • Who knew they were shooting another Transformers movie in DC!

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