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  • Annoyed with majority of comments on Filomena restaurant. It’s fine that you support Obamacare, but denying that it imposes costs is ludicrous. No amount of foot stamping, screaming, or childish threats to never go to a restaurant (that you probably didn’t visit in the first place) is going to change that. You don’t need to take Econ 101 to understand that regulations impose costs on society. It is the way it is, and there is no escaping it. Employer mandat in 2015 aside, there are other reasons this law is already producing effects on individuals and businesses alike. If you love Obamacare, you’re going to need to embrace the costs. Those costs are how you are going to pay for your beloved law. (Off my soapbox)

    • A city of government workers wouldn’t really understand how the private sector works, and I say this as a govvie. Economics don’t reals, only feels.

      The rage in the original thread is hilarious and sad.

    • But what is also so annoying is all of the people that currently will not, refuse to, and blindly don’t acknowledge that uninsured people currently cost businesses, cost individuals and cost all of us. Hospitals and Doctors pass on all of those costs to you. It’s just bringing an existing cost out of the shadow.

      You also don’t need to take Econ 101 to understand that not regulating things also has costs. Ask the folks in WV about how no regulations worked out for their water supply. They are going to pay for your beloved free market philosophy in health costs, lost property value and who knows what else for the rest of their lives.

    • umadbro? don’t be pissed because a restaurant doesn’t know about internet rage and retribution when they decide to be publicly stupid. chances are, you are somehow affiliated with filomena and like the rest of their organization, are freaking out at the blowback. suck it bro, they made their bed, now they gotta lie down in it.

  • I click on the pic to see what bar this is and instead there’s a lecture on Obamacare?

  • It’s ice co.

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