847 Upshur, Current home to Open Kitchen Diner, Up For Lease

847 Upshur Street, NW

847 Upshur Street currently home to Open Kitchen Diner and previously home to King ‘n I and Seafood and Things before that is up for lease. The listing says:

“Excellent Pet-worth location, 1280 Square Feet Retail/Restaurant space for lease. currently used as restaurant, all hoods in place. Prospective Tenant can fix the place as they see it fit to their business. All utility paid by tenant.”

It’s going for $2,400/Mo.

Ed. Note: Last month we learned that the China American Inn had closed next door at 845 Upshur Street, NW.

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  • andy

    We’ve got Scandinavian/Polish, french/Japanese on the way, right, bar food/bar, Torogoz around the corner, along with some traditional kitchens, maybe what we need is some crepes/Ethiopian or Korean/falafel or pizza/ice cream.

  • I can’t say I’m surprised. I really wanted to like this place, but it was always missing something. Fingers crossed something awesome moves in.

  • Lots of possibilities on Upshur now…any word on the other recently closed places on this stretch? China American Inn, Colehaus, Murrell Building?

  • jim_ed

    No surprise. The people running this place were incredibly nice, but they didn’t seem to have much experience running a restaurant, and the food wasn’t very good. 2,400 month + util is a pretty decent price though. A solid diner could probably work at that kind of rent.

  • We want a bakery and pastry shop!

  • Family friendly French bakery and bistro please

  • They were really nice, and the food was good, sorry to see them go. Would anyone else like to see a regular deli-style sandwich shop open up here? The one person I asked (who works in the neighborhood) gave me an emphatic “yes,” but I’m not sure this block could support a place like that, without a big lunch crowd.

    • Yes! I think more people work here during the day then you realize. There are a several government offices on Taylor Street, Petworth Library, Mary’s Center, Annie’s, real estate offices and all the shops on Upshur. We need more lunch time places to eat!

      I think you would have to do a combo lunch during the week but early breakfast on the weekend type place.

      The one major issue is that when the new Safeway opens they will have a deli counter.

  • It would be fascinating if someone who actually knows the restaurant business to give us a realistic estimate of what it would cost per month to run a restaurant here.

  • If I had to choose, I choose:

    1. Bakery
    2. Ice Cream Shop
    3. Mediterranean
    4. GOOD Sandwich Shop like So’s Your Mom in Adams Morgan

    This seems like a great deal on a very popular strip in Petworth.


    Get them in there. They would do a killing. So many people miss them and they will be closer to the more commercial strip of Petworth.

  • Hate to say it, but the layout seems almost perfect for a ramen restaurant — very similar to ramen joints in NYC. A lifetime dream of mine even before the latest ramen craze, born from my childhood visits to Japan. Korean barbeque would also work, but that could be Korean-boy bias. But for this hood, simply a good diner would probably be best, or kickass burger joint.

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