Z Furniture Coming to Mt. Vernon Square in January


Thanks to a reader for tweeting us word. Z Furniture will be located in the 1010 Mass Ave building actually on 11th Street between the new Bolt Burger and Subway shop. Z Furniture’s website says:

“Here at Z Furniture we carry a wide selection of furniture and mattresses from top brands. If you are looking for furniture for any room in your home in the Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Fairfax, Alexandria, Arlington VA and Maryland, area, Z Furniture is the place to go. We are your source of Furniture & Mattress.”

1010 Massachusetts Avenue, NW

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  • Z-Burger, Z-Pizza, and now Z-Furniture…what’s the deal?

  • I got excited for a brief moment then visited their website. Their website is a Yahoo Shopping site- it’s pretty bad. Very 1980’s. Not judging a book by its cover but a really bad website isn’t a good sign for me.

  • Thought this was a Z Gallerie for a minute. Nope.

    • justinbc

      Z Gallerie always has some nice art at pretty reasonable prices, I’m a fan of theirs. They also have some really odd things with crazy pastel colors which I’m not so crazy about, but that’s just about every store nowadays. Never heard of this place. Personally, I would love to have an Arhaus in the District.

  • I’ve been to their “showroom” before. Very cluttered. You look at most furniture in a catalog… However, it is nice to have another furniture option in the city.

  • I like Z-Furniture and have bought a few things there. It’s pretty cool looking, modern designs. And reasonably priced. Yes, their location on P st near the Palomar Hotel was very, very cramped and the website is pretty terrible, but their store in Alexandria is much bigger. Some of their employees are kind of odd, but one young woman at the Alexandria store was terrific and I hope she comes to the Mt. Vernon location.

    • You are so right. I totally forgot that was a Z Furniture on P ST. Went in a couple of times and it seemed so Ikea to me. I left rather quickly.

  • Bought from them a few years ago. Would not do it again. Sleazy sales people and a poor quality futon. It lasted far less long than past futons I’ve had and the attempt at making it mattress-like contributed the problem, because the futon became uneven rather quickly.

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