Sugar Daddy’s Bakery Opens in Adams Morgan

2006 18th Street, NW

Sugar Daddy’s bakery is now open in the former Bobby Lew’s space in Adams Morgan.

Their facebook page says:

“Sugar Daddy’s is a sensorial experience you will never forget, from the moment you step foot into our stores to the second you bite into one of our sinfully rich desserts.

Upon entering, our signature pistachio and cream color scheme gives the feeling of stepping into a bowl of vanilla frosting. The aroma of freshly-baked desserts crowding the plush marble counter tops, shabby-chic style furniture, and vintage dessert prints cluttering the walls create for an inviting atmosphere that not only encourage the palate, but make you feel right at home. Our desserts are decorated in that rudimentary fashion that only moms are known for and are thus approachable yet enticing. Even more, our desserts are made with the best ingredients – dark chocolate of the highest quality, local produce – and we bake them fresh every day. It is no surprise that the actual taste of our moist and decadent desserts will make you come back for more. In no time, you’ll be an addict, not only to our products but the brand as a whole.”

Their menu is divided into four sections – cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes & pies, and cookies, bars and squares.


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upstairs seating (and free wifi)




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  • Adorable! And the cakes look really good. Only thing I dislike is the EAT sign (and that it’s so far from where I live/work)!

  • I went yesterday and had one of their apple bars – scrumptious!

  • Walked past in my jammies and just happened to pop in. I looked crazy, but the owner still took a few minutes to chat w/me about their menu – seem like really great people! I had the carrot cake and it was fantastic, I will certainly be back!!

    • ok I’ll bite — why were you walking around in your pajamas?

      • In case you haven’t noticed, but it seems to be a thing for young people to wander around in their pajamas these days. I notice it especially at the grocery store.

  • Wow, looks super awesome. Great addition to Adams Morgan. Yay for retail diversity!

    • My sentiments exactly! I was so glad to see this open instead of yet another bar in that space. However, as others have said, I would have liked a bread baker instead of pastries – if only because this is too close to my house and too tempting!

  • I hope their products are better than their copy writing. I couldn’t get past the second sentence about “plush, shabby chic…” Is somebody paid for that kind of drivel?

  • If there’s one thing this town needs, it’s more cupcakes.

  • so nice to have a sweet treat option outside of tryst and the cupcake shop. excited to check it out!

  • why did this have to be a sweets place? my kingdom for good bread in dc…

    • The bakery in eastern mkt had damn good bread

      • Yeah, that’s a terrific suggestion for someone who lives in the AdMo area.

        • I live next to Eastern Market and had written that place off because their sweet baked goods are so bad. Maybe I need to give their bread a try.

        • thanks, way to not be a DCK

          well clealy there are not any good solutions in the neighborhood/ surrounding areas, leaving me to do what? you guessed it. make suggestions that dont happen to be in the AdMo area

    • Better profit margins on sweets vs. bread. No one will pay more than $6 for a loaf of bread. Full cakes and pies regularly sell for $25+. If you want bread, open a bread shop.

      • Or go to La Caprice.

        • +10000000 excellent fresh bread, cookies, sandwiches, etc.

          Love the folks at Le Caprice–our 2 y/o asks to go get their croissants on weekends!

      • But the ingredients for cakes and pies are much more expensive, and there’s a lot more hands-on work involved. Bread flour and yeast are cheap and most of the preparation time is inactive.

        • The costs of making bread vs. a cake or pie at the commercial level are probably negligible. Maybe $1 in ingredients to make a loaf vs. $5 in ingredients to make a cake? But you can sell a cake for $25 vs. only $5-7 for a loaf of bread. That’s a huge difference in profit.
          Furthermore, bread takes up a lot of rack and oven space. A storefront in Adams Morgan is going to be small and expensive. Bread also cooks quite slowly, so you need to consider resource utilization.
          Bread is best made in a cheap area and then trucked into more expensive areas. The profits on bread come from volume, not margins.

      • But people eat bread with more regularity than pies.

        • And if a place has a reputation for good bread more people will come and buy the higher-profit items. I used to work for a bakery that had items they made no profit from, but those things kept the customers happy and coming back.

          • “I used to work for a bakery that had items they made no profit from”
            I heard CAUSE Philanthropub had a similar business model.

          • They’re still in business and are often cited as the best (or one of the best) bakeries in DC. 🙂

    • Also not close to Adams Morgan is LeoNora bakery, which is in Clarendon: They make the best baguettes I’ve found in the DC area, and on the weekends at least, the Cork Wine Market (on 14th St) carries them.

      • There’s also Catania bakery on North Capitol/O Street NW in Truxton . They make fresh bread daily in-house and provide bread to many of the restaurants in DC.

    • At least you can buy Lyon Bakery loaves across the street at the Pleasant Pops Farmhouse!

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