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  • this is still a scary area. sad.

  • The area is fine except for the group homes up on the hills on that block. Believe there was a murder there a few weeks ago.

  • Have any of you saying that this is a scary area ever been to Eckington?

    My neighbors are some of the nicest people in the world and it’s definitely a community-focused neighborhood.

    There are assaults and stabbings all over this city in so-called “safe neighborhoods”. Do you call Adams Morgan a scary area? Doubtful.

  • Pardon, I thought everyone knew A-M had a particularly high crime rate. As someone looking at life in the city, I would be comparing Eckington to Brookland, Petworth, Trinidad, Hill East/Kingman Park, etc, not to Adams Morgan.

    I would suggest the good news is that this occurred in the NE corner of Eckington. I am not familiar enough with the local geography to know about issues with group homes, but it is my impression that crime in Eckington is a less of an issue further west and south within the neighborhood. Is that incorrect?

    • EmptyNester, you unfortunately were missing my point. One stabbing in a neighborhood does not make it a “scary area”. I get Alert DC texts from all over the city from Georgetown to Eckington to AdMo to Ledroit Park.

      Let’s not race to call an area scary based on one incident. Like everywhere in DC, pay attention and don’t take unnecessary risks.

      • houseintherear

        We all know why people call certain neighborhoods “scary.” The people who think that way don’t want to say it out loud because they know it’s a horrible way to think. Be proud of your neighborhood and ignore those people. 🙂

        • “The people who think that way don’t want to say it out loud because they know it’s a horrible way to think.”
          This is not true in many (most?) cases. The people who think that way don’t want to say it out loud because you immediately get called a racist if you mention race. (Which you didn’t btw, even though that’s what you were talking about. Or am I way off base here?)

        • it’s scary because of the entrenched drug dealers and aimless teenagers
          and i say that out loud.
          you guys are being oversensitive idiots in your neighborhood cheerleading.

          it’s not racist to hate crime, but it’s pretty damn prejudiced of you to think thats what i meant.

        • you are a brain dead idiot

      • Oh. I guess the comment you responded to was to vague for me to see that. I read that as “this particular part of Eckington is scary based on several factors” rather than “all of Eckington is scary, because of this particular incident”.

        I am seriously looking at DC, and have walked throught Eckington twice (both during the day). Its not that scary looking to me – OTOH I am also a cyclist and have heard of the incidents on the MBT in Eckington/Edgwood area, and that bothers me. My spouse who is generally more scared than I am (she finds Hill East scary, though she does not find Navy Yard scary, bless here) would have to be on board with a move to Eckington. I could probably persuade her to move to the Trilogy, which pretends to be in NoMa, but Im not sure I could interest her in further north.

      • What’s truly scary is the custom of abbreviating “Adams Morgan” to “AdMo.”

  • Who cares whether a neighborhood is perceived as scary or not, other than people trying to increase their property values?

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