Sad Update to this Morning’s Deer at the Zoo Photo

Zoo Deer 2

From the National Zoo:

“This morning at about 11:40, a keeper heard a commotion from the Cheetah Conservation Station cheetah yard. When the keeper investigated, he found a white-tailed deer on the ground in the exhibit with cheetah siblings Carmelita and Justin. Sadly, the deer was dead. Zoo staff removed the deer from the exhibit by 11:54 a.m. A necropsy report will be conducted to ensure the deer didn’t carry any diseases. Our animal care team will also check the cheetahs, but all signs point to them being unharmed. There were no known witnesses to the incident, but it appears the deer jumped into the enclosure.”

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  • Nature is not sad – it is glorious, balanced, dramatic, noble and yes, bloody. Animals eat other animals. What a lovely day for the Cheeths – until their natural prey was taken away. Sad only that they missed the lush satisfaction of ripping into a pulsing, quivering fresh hunk of meat.

  • I see your point, but this is a zoo, not the Serengeti where both Cheetah and deer-like creatures roam free. Most people would presumably be sad if it were a feral cat that foolishly wandered into the Cheetah station.

    • Why would anyone be sad at that? And what is a “deer like creature” ? Why is nature on the Serengeti more “valid” than nature anywhere else? Your comment is ridiculous. No feral creatures foolishly wander into the ready jaws of death unless they need to be eliminated from the gene pool.

  • ThunderCheese

    Cheetahs had the Best Day Evah!

  • At the risk of sounding zoo-illiterate: If the deer could jump into the cheetah enclosure, what stops the cheetahs from jumping out of same whenever they want? Surely not a sense of loyalty…

  • Always easier to jump in than out. Lots of smart people designing enclosures to keep the cheetahs in. Or else fat neighborhood babies would be vanishing daily.

  • skj84

    Yeah. Bummer for the deer. But that’s nature. The Cheetah did what the Cheetahs instincts are train to do.

  • pablo .raw

    Merry Christmas Carmelita and Justin!

  • Justifies my belief that deer are some of the dumbest mammals on earth.

  • Don’t hate on the cheetah, they were just doing what cheetahs do. Seriously, what’s the difference between what they did and the guy that killed the cows or chicken or whatever meat the cheetahs had for dinner the night before? If anything, those cats saved the taxpayers money by fixing their own meal and keeping a deer off the street.

  • That cheetah didn’t go crazy, that cheetah went cheetah.

  • Has anyone considered temporarily releasing the cheetahs to deal with Rock Creek Park’s overpopulation of deer?

  • Deer Crewl Wirled,
    Kan’t take anymoore. Must end it by jumping in kat cage. 2013 werst year ever. Half of herd shot by snipers, several others hit by kars. That whore Bambi left me for another buck with bigger antlers. Wacky people trying to put all does on birth control. Kan’t face 2014. Hope cheetahs like venison.

  • I get that the zookeepers can’t let the big cats keep the occasional deer that jumps into their enclosure, due to possibility of disease and whatnot, but I would sign a petition to guarantee them a medically screened live goat or something EVERY Christmas. Can you imagine how those cheetahs (and the lions a couple years ago) FELT at the moment their natural instincts were triggered and put to use??

    • I don’t think the big cats celebrate Christmas. Nor do I think triggering the cats’ natural instincts is something the zookeepers want to do on purpose.

  • +1 and a HELL YEAH for the Cheetahs.

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