Reader Reports Flasher 7:30 Saturday Morning in the 1400 Block of Columbia Road, NW

Photo by PoPville flickr user MJWein

“Dear PoPville,

There was a flasher at 7:30 Saturday morning in the 1400 block of Columbia Rd.
Here’s what happened.

There I was just walking my dog early this morning and it is freezing. I look across the street, about to cross the road to go back inside when I see standing in the glass doorway of the main door to MY building, a TALL beige man, in a white robe that dragged to mid-way down his calf. He was standing with his hips pointed toward the street, and in a robe. When he saw me glance toward the building, he grabbed the wings of his robe, and slung it WIDE open. He opened up, showing his dong when he saw me looking his way. Thank god he didn’t do the helicopter.

My neighbor was walking her dog too…. and saw him. She chased after him —- much braver than me. She saw the flasher run to the basement of our building. She didn’t see where he went. The flasher could live in this building. or as I’d rather believe, he could have escaped out the back door.

Either way, I’m not crazy, my female neighbor saw it too. And there’s a flasher.

Have you had any other reports like this???”

Ed. Note: In August we had a report of a flasher in Meridian Hill Park.

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  • Did you call the cops? And yeah, it sounds like the guy lives in your building.

  • I wish I had the confidence of flashing in freezing temperatures…

  • Sorry you had to deal with this. I hope you reported this to the cops. It’s important they have this on record. I find flashers especially disturbing, since this is how many rapists, murders, other nut jobs ‘get their start’. Please, no one take this lightly.

    • is that actually true?

        • Lol @ helicopter comment.

        • No it isn’t. Flashers are usually are non-violent and this is their fetish. there’s no aggression here. Chasing the guy may have been something he wanted. laugh at him, report him to the police, but don’t make it more fun for him.

          • i’m serious in my question if there is any actuality to the notion that flashers become rapists.

            if anyone has actual facts, i’d love to read them.

          • houseintherear

            When the man was caught a few times masterbating in Bloomingdale a few months ago, I had a lot of contact with the MPD Commander (Andrew Solberg) and he was very interested in catching the guy, stating via email that these types of men often move on to more violent sexual assaults. I assume he knows this because he’s seen it happen in his many years as a police officer.

          • linds,
            forgive me if i don’t take the words of police officers as gospel.
            i’d love to know if this is true, beyond anecdote

      • Completely inappropriate. I’ll bet the OP isn’t taking things so lightly. Getting flashed is considered sexual assault and the victim’s resulting emotional distress can be permanent.

        • Nobody takes this lightly. But if seeing a wiener in public causes permanent emotional distress, something else is seriously wrong.
          Hope the offender gets caught and gets the right treatment for his illness.

          • “But if seeing a wiener in public causes permanent emotional distress, something else is seriously wrong.”
            I don’t think you understand how this works — it’s a guy displaying his dong for the purpose of frightening/intimidating/causing alarm.

          • houseintherear

            “Seeing a weiner in public” is not what happened… a man purposefully and forcefully exposed his “weiner” to an unsuspecting woman, and this power play IS sexual assault and should be treated as such. There’s nothing ridiculous about someone being traumatized by an event like this one.

          • +1. I think we’ve seen people making similarly clueless “no big deal” remarks in previous threads about flashers — it seems as though some people (some men?) do not understand what this is about AT ALL.

          • Nobody said this was no big deal. Just the idea of ‘permanent’ emotional distress seems a little far-fetched. This is a world in which we are exposed to various offensive and disturbing images/people/opinions. Don’t get me wrong, this is a serious crime for which the guy should be punished. But if such an encounter scars you for life it seems best to stay indoors for the sake of your own mental health.
            At the other hand, it’s true, I am a man, so maybe I have no clue what I’m talking about.

          • houseintherear

            You don’t mean to be, but you’re being quite offensive. Please stop.

          • “Because we treat the fact that there is someone somewhere who’s offended by something as if it’s significant, people now say they are offended by everything. There are people who are easily offended, people who get offended on behalf of other people, and even people who make a living being offended. Everyone is incessantly kvetching about EVERYTHING.”

  • Sorry you had to deal with this. I hope you reported this to the cops. It is important they have information like this on line. I find flashers especially disturbing since it is often how rapists, murderers, and other nut jobs ‘get their start.’ Please, no one take this lightly.

  • wolfpackwx

    Reading this, I can’t help but think of this Ray Stevens video from back in the day ( – on a side note, this is horrible and I hope that they catch this person!

  • You need to call the management company and notify the condo board president. Also, notify your landlord, as you are most likely a renter and the condo owner will be able to help you.

    Yes, a guy in a robe most likely lives there. There are 3 condos in that building, including one in the basement, that are owned by Woodley House – an organization that provides supported housing for the mentally ill. They are generally responsive to problems with their clients and in a case like this should act immediately to remove this person – (if it is indeed one of their clients.)

    In any case, the condo board & management company will likely be able to narrow it down to who it possibly is.

  • I’m not sure that flashing his ween in the freezing cold works to his advantage…

  • The management company is already aware of this and just sent out an email to all owners.

  • This is awful. I hope you reported it and the man is caught.
    But on another note…I’ve never heard a person described as “beige” before.

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