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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • rant: took a red eye from CA, arrived this morning, went straight to work from Dulles.
    rave: things are dead quiet. I can probably leave a little early today.
    rave: had the perfect balance of socializing and lazy time while I was home in CA.

    • I have done that several times. Not a lot of fun, particularly because I don’t sleep well on planes.

      • Yeah. I also did it after Thanksgiving, but I flew back Saturday night/sunday morning, so had some time to recuperate. I also managed to sleep a bit on that flight. This time? With the cougher in front of me, the old woman across the aisle froim me with her reading light on, and the woman with her ipad glowing beside me, there was no way I was going to sleep. Oh well… Such is life sometimes!

  • Rant: Boring Christmas. I only got yesterday off and didn’t really do much. My gf (when she wasn’t sleeping or stuffing her face) complained that it “doesn’t feel like Christmas.” She could have spend the day with her Christian family, but decided to spend Christmas eve and day watching tv, sleeping and eating. I almost wish I had the option of working yesterday and taking Friday off.

    Rave: Streamed a lot of Netflix yesterday. I’m really enjoying House of Cards. I’m working today, but leaving at noon. Also, saw and liked American Hustle.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Opera seats for Elf: The Musical last night at The Kennedy Center. I really don’t care for most Christmas related things of any sort, but this was cute. They changed quite a bit from the movie script, which was nice in a way because you didn’t know everything that was going to happen.
    Rant: Brunch at Beuchert’s Saloon over the weekend was terrible. We really like the place for dinner, so it was a real disappointment to have that meal be so bad. They had execution errors in virtually every aspect.
    Random: Girlfriend and I are discussing getting a Savannah Cat. She already has one cat (Calico), but the Savannah breed is quite different. Anyone here have one? Experiences with them? Care to share your particular breeder and if you liked using them? (Please spare me the discussion on adopting animals and whatnot…I’ve had close to a dozen adopted animals in my life since I was a child, and our other cat we have because someone just abandoned her when they moved, so we know how great they can be. But when you’re looking for something specific it’s really not an option.)

  • Rave: Relaxing day with friends yesterday and got to see American Hustle at the Uptown. Loved it. Next up: Wolf of Wall Street.
    Rave: One of six people in our 80 person office today – getting some good work done.

  • gotryit

    a little increase in risk vs. huge increases in efficiency

  • binpetworth

    Rave: Santa was good to me this year.
    Rant: Office is frigid. I’ve got long underwear, a wool sweater and scarf on, but my fingernails are still blue with cold.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I have an early generation Savannah (F3) I got from a breeder out of NC. She is the most affectionate lap cat I have ever had. She is about 3 now. She got along very well with my Aby who lived to be 16 but I had to put him down in Feb. Got a new Abyssinian kit in July and they get along swimming but went through a break in period of about 6 weeks. So I highly recommend Savannahs. I might be able to help you find one via my friends who do Bengal rescue.

    • justinbc

      Thanks for sharing Dianne. Out of curiosity, did you use Hampton Bengals & Savannahs? They’re based in NC and one of the ones we’re considering based on the pics of their queen and some of the kittens she’s produced, which would be F3 as well. How much did your girl wind up weighing once fully grown?

  • Rant: Why a Single person would own a dog is beyond me. It just confines. You don’t have that other person to be your back up and it just makes you not enjoy being single in the city if you have to go home first to walk and fee the dog. I have my GF dog and he puked and peed at my dad’s house over Christmas. I have confirmed I like other peoples dogs. I just don’t want to personally own one. If you want a pet don’t get one. If you are lonely work on meeting people don’t use a dog as a substitute companion.

    • Since my dad passed away, a number of people have strongly encouraged my mom to get a dog. She is firmly against it (primarily because she travels a lot), and doesn’t understand how people view them as a suitable “substitute companion” as you say.

    • justinbc

      Well, think about it. Many other single people own dogs as well. So, if you live in the city you’ll likely be visiting the dog park frequently, which offers plenty of potential to meet like-minded dog lovers. Also, not everyone’s life starts when they hit 25. Some people were raised around dogs and have grown to love that companionship. Being single or not is really not a determinate factor in the decision.

    • I can’t imagine having dogs while single either. In our household I do almost all of the dog care, but it’s nice to have that other person for backup and for chipping in with expenses. On the other hand, I can see how having pets together could cause a couple to prolong a bad relationship because they don’t want to split up the pet ownership.

    • Where do therapy dogs fit into your analysis of what a single person should and shouldn’t have? There are many studies that show the benefits of therapy animals to help single and not so single people overcome many life obstacles. Should singles only have birds, fish or cats?

    • Having dogs has made me more of a homebody, I’ll admit, but I don’t know that it’s a bad thing.

    • A dog isn’t a substitute for a person, any idiot knows that. People–single or not–get dogs because they love dogs, and dogs can be fun to have around. I’m single, and seriously, my dog does not hamper my social life. He’s not that much extra work. I manage to go out, even *gasp!* go on dates, and both my dog and I are healthy and happy.

      Of course the original poster’s idea of “fun being single in the city” is the ONLY way to live. Jeez. What an ass. I hope his girlfriend dumps him.

      • Seriously? What a dumb comment. Most responsible pet owners have people lined up just for spur of the moment things like working late or great trip opportunities. Most vets offer boarding and there are numerous other safe options for boarding and sometimes even friends offer to take the beast for a couple of days of puppy therapy.

        • Tough to do here, though. People are constantly moving away or getting busy and boarding costs a fortune.

          • i live “here” and don’t have any issues with finding reliable help or boarding that doesn’t cost a fortune. It’s part of pet owner responsibility.

    • I’ve read some stupid and/or grumpy posts on popville, but this one might take the cake. single people shouldn’t have dogs? I don’t even know where to start. I’m glad you don’t have a dog so you can’t pollute my joyful and neighborly dog park and daily walk routines with your crankiness. yeeeeesh.

      • OP here what if the dog pisses and pukes in your Dad’s house on Christmas. Doesn’t know his name. You have to keep him cratted if he is by himself because he is destructive. Doesn’t know simple commands such as sit or any kind of suitable trained behavior.

        • justinbc

          Guess what? None of that has anything to do with the owner being single.

          • Yes it does because I’m the one cleaning up.

          • You have to go home at some point. What if you are used to doing things on your own schedule. What if you work really late hours What if you have deadlines to meet and appointments you are running late because you have another choir that is now you is your responsibility because someone doesn’t want to take responsibility. of their dog. So yes being single and not being able to do things you have all ways been accustomed to do are direct correlation to not having a signficant other to help out with the care of the animal. Explain to me how you are expect to work 12 hour days if you have a pet and commute to work.

          • justinbc

            It sounds like you have some serious personal life issues and you’re using the dog as a crutch of an excuse.

          • For the person complaining about deadlines, appointments and working late – it’s called a dog walker. $12-15 a walk and problem is solved.

        • gotryit

          Sounds like a poorly trained dog. You also sound bitter. Other people have much better experiences with their dogs.
          Also, not every single person works 12+ hour days. More power to you if that’s your priority, but that’s not everyone.

        • I don’t think it’s “single people” shouldn’t own dogs. I think the correct statement is “YOU (the OP) shouldn’t own a dog”.

        • gotryit

          you may want to think twice about having kids – they can be much worse than what you described, and you can’t put them in crates.

        • Is this a bigger issue because it’s your Dad’s house, and it is Christmas? Even well trained dogs can have accidents when under stress and can throw up if they eat bad food. Do you blame the dog for throwing up? Is it the dog’s fault that s/he doesn’t know their name?
          Sounds like the dog and owner both need to go to a dog training class.
          By the way, I’m single and have had a dog (not the same one) for the last 20 years. I sometimes work late, I travel overseas for work, I go out regularly….I have a dog walker that comes during the day, I have friends and family that watch her when I travel, I have people I can call on to help in case of extenuating circumstances.

    • hmm.. since my wife forced us to get a Peekapoo that I have completely fallen in love with and is basically my dog now, I have to wonder why more single guys don’t have cute little dogs because 1) they are awesome fun and 2) women go absolutely nuts when I’m out with him.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Hi Justin, YES! Hampton Bengals and Savannahs. She was the runt of the litter so she was advertised on Yahoo Cat Classifieds for $800. The breeder, Janie Winn, and I worked out a deal whereby she drove up to Richmond and met us in a shopping mall. At 5 months she was still very small and only weighed 5 lbs. She quickly got up to about 9 lbs and is a little bigger than the Aby kitten who is just now one. I named her Savannah Jane, after Janie Winn and also is Jimmy Buffett’s oldest daughter’s name. Tell Janie I referred you and see if she can make a deal for you. They are really nice folks.

    • justinbc

      That’s good to hear. Mainly happy to hear positive experiences about a specific place, so random it was one we were considering! Thanks for all the feedback.

  • epric002

    rave: norovirus is finally gone! whew. it took almost a week for me to feel normal again.
    rave: had a lovely christmas with my inlaws, and got to spend lots of time with my 2 year old niece who is just the best 🙂
    rant: my dogs are with my parents for the next month or so. i know they’re having a great time and will be well cared for, but holy cow i miss them!

  • RAVE!!!! – leftovers: deep fried smoked turkey, a pile of mashed potatoes the size of my head and crispy brussel sprouts that taste like a barn (in a good way!).
    RAVE – gravy! The roads of heaven may be paved with gold but if the rivers don’t run with gravy, I’m not interested.

    • Nettie, I am officially awarding you with the prize of best Christmas raves! Given the tasty bounty at your disposal, I can see how you would be rant-free at such an auspicious time of year. The Force is strong with you!

  • RAVE: I took advantage of Delta’s fare glitch and managed to snag two tickets to Vermont for skiing in March at $99 RT. Normal price is $250-300.
    RANT: I didn’t book more tickets! My friends got $65 RT NYC-Denver and $70 RT NYC-Seattle – in FIRST CLASS! I’m also reading about other people who booked tix to Honolulu in first class for $100RT. Insane.
    RAVE: All my social network whoring allowed me to profit (thanks Facebook friend who alerted me!)

  • rave: awesome christmas with friends
    revel: being home for the new year

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