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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave – a beautiful Cooper’s hawk was in my backyard yesterday!

  • Rant – Job Hunting around the holidays. No one is in a hurry to hire until January it seems

    • I feel you so much on this one. It is very stressful when you can’t get in contact with anyone, too. My strategy is just to get all of my ducks in a row, take action on what I can, and put everything else in a queue to be dealt with after the holidays. Taking a little holiday break yourself wouldn’t hurt, either. Maintaining sanity is perhaps the most important part of job hunting, at which I am failing miserably.

      • Yup.
        It might be too late now, but I also recommend getting out of town (save money and stay with family!) and renting your place out on Air BnB. It’s nice to generate a little cash flow.

  • rant/rave – sooo quiet and slow at work.

  • Happy Holidays everyone
    Rave: Last day of work for the year
    Rant: My office building is blasting the heat. It is far too warm for this.

  • I hate the S2/4 bus line, it’s damn near full before it even leaves Silver Spring !!!

  • I met a great guy on Friday. I’m in that place where it’s an exciting mix of wondering when I get to see him again and worrying that I’ll screw something up. AGGHHH!

  • Trim up the tree with Christmas stuff
    Like bingle balls, and whofoo fluff
    Trim up the town with goowho gums and bizilbix and wums
    Trim every blessed window and trim every blessed door
    Hang up whoboohoo bricks
    Then run out and get some more!
    Hang pantookas on the ceilings
    Pile pankunas on the floor
    Trim every blessed needle on the blessed Christmas tree
    Christmas comes tomorrow
    Trim you, trim me!
    Trim up your pets with fuzzle fuzz
    And whiffer bloofs, and wuzzle wuzz
    Trim up your uncle and your aunt
    With yards of whofut flant
    Trim every house in Whoville from the cellar to the roof
    Hang up a mile of dafflers
    And three miles of snaffer snoof!
    Hang dang-donglers on the bathtub
    Trim the occupant the with floof
    To every home in Whoville and to every blessed Who
    Christmas comes tomorrow

  • justinbc

    Rave: Best parents visit to DC thus far in 6 years. Dad really liked riding the train vs driving (he won’t fly), so he’ll probably be able to make it more often now that he’s tried it.
    Rave: Bartender at Little Miss Whiskey’s really took care of my folks. Mom downed 4 Awesomeness’ and was heading for a 5th when he finally cut her off (at our request). He let my dad (not much of a drinker) sample all sorts of things he’d never seen before.
    Rant: Finally tried Vendetta, it was terrible. Definitely do not recommend it to anyone who enjoys Italian food.
    Rave: Parents enjoyed Ethiopic much more than I expected, mom especially so. They’re pretty simple in terms of tastes, so this was way outside their comfort zone.
    Rave: Tried Tony’s Breakfast thanks to Monkeyrotica’s suggestion, it was great. It’s an easy walk from my place, so it will be getting a lot of return business thanks to the incredibly cheap pricing and generous portions. Their “fat boy box” for $6.50 could easily feed two people.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: I saw Romo trending on twitter and thought something happened to the dog! I had forgotten about football, whew! (it was early, my brain wasn’t quite functioning yet)

  • skj84

    Rave: For the first time ever I have a full week off from work for Christmas. Will go home for a few days, but I look forward to just chilling for the rest.

    Rant: I found out I have to move by February. I’ve been lucky enough to live in the same place for almost eight years and I’m clueless to finding a new place. Been searching craigslist and looked at few roomshares but either I don’t like the place or they’ve chosen another person. Which is really unnerving because I wonder what is about me that they decided to go with someone else?

    • Joining a group house is like online dating. Don’t read too much into not being selected.

      • I hear that Craigslist houseshares, etc. always get a TON of applicants. So I’d imagine it has nothing to do with you, and is more to do with whatever the winning applicant did to distinguish him/herself from the other contenders.

        • UNRENOVATED group houses are truly the last line of defense for young people wanting a cheap room in a good area of DC. You can still get a room in Dupont for $700-900 in a group house. The conversion of houses into expensive condos and “flipped” SFHs has really put a big strain on young professional’s finances and pushed more young people further out of DC. Getting a bedroom in 2BR apartment is often 50% more expensive than renting a room in a group house. Hence the huge demand for a room in a group house.

          • Reading this reminds me to get my act together and rent my extra bedrom (its the full third floor of my house). I could use the extra cash!

          • Depending on the neighborhood, you could probably get anywhere from $900-1500 for that whole floor (assuming it has it’s own full bath). A whole floor is very private and most young professionals will pay a premium for that,

      • skj84

        Yeah. Actual dating is bad enough and now I have this crap to deal with. Anyone know of good non Craigslist sites for finding rooms?

        • There’s really nothing else out there. Best way to avoid the CL scrum is to get a recommendation into a house via friend. Post a notice on your social media that you’re looking for a place and hopefully someone will make an introduction. CL group houses are for suckers who are new to the city. Way too much hassle.

        • I think Padmapper.com has house shares.

        • If you have specific neighborhoods in mind, walk around and look for “for rent” signs. Also find neighborhood listserves and post there (the Mt Pleasant forum has a housing section).

    • I have the month of Feb. open in my vacation rental apt. if you get stuck and need a place to stay while you have an extra month to search. 1/2 block to CH metro.

  • RANT: This is the most depressing time of the year for me. I am a very single gay man in my 40s. I have lost all confidence that I will ever find that special person to spend the holidays with. To top it off, I will be going to visit my family in Pennsylvania and once I see my brothers and sisters with their spouses/partners and children, it is just adds more tears when I think about that I have been single another year. 🙁

    • 🙁 Hang in there, dude!

    • I feel ya brother! Exact same situation here, accept I won’t be going home to see anybody lol. First of all, bless you and sending good positive vibes your way. Second of all, we all know life ain’t fair, so you have to decide what you are going to do with the life you have. This is a pain in the hump when you know you deserve more, and you see even your siblings around you having everything you want and seeing how easily they got it. You can’t live life like that, you have to say this is MY life and I will own it. Nobody will make decisions for me, but me, not even fate.

      So be strong going into the holiday knowing that people who you have never even met, understand you, support you, are sending you good vibes, and walk in the same path as you. Go to see your family and tell them you love them. Rejoice with the kids and show them the best Guncle (gay uncle) they ever saw. Chances are one of them will be gay too, so you can at least be a good role model for them : ). When you get back home after the holiday make a strong effort to do at least one new social thing for the new year. Join one of the sports leagues or other events in our community. Sign up on a dating site and say hello to any and everybody that grabs your attention (you don’t need worry about those not interested, only those that are in reply), and be sure to meet everybody (who does not seem crazy) for at least a happy hour drink. You never know when things may change, but you do know that if you don’t change, nothing ever will. Be your own best friend in 2014 and give us a post again next holiday. : )

      Happy Holidays Comrade! You are not alone (heck your situation is not even unique!) : )

    • Emmaleigh504

      Hugs to you!

    • hetero or lbgt, it doesn’t matter. it sucks being single this time of year. i hear you and hang in there. i too am in the same position and going back to see my family for first time in 3 years. try and be positive and be happy you are surrounded by family for the holidays.

    • I can relate – 44 and single going to visit my brother who has been married for 27 years, and my other brother who will be there with his new fiancé. On one hand that should give me hope since he has finally found someone and is a few years older than me, but on the other hand it just points out that I’m now the only single sibling. Kind of sucks, though I am looking forward to spending time with them.

    • Aww sweetie, I’m so sorry. <3 I can definitely relate. Even my weirdo brother is seeing someone new, and I'm just not seeing anyone worth taking the plunge for.

  • Rave – Blessings of a cup that runneth over. I might not have everything I want, but I sure have way more than I need. Thank you.

    Rant – This week I have come to understand that religions of the world are not necessarily the problem as much as the people who practice them. Each person will put their own stink on their religion of choice. I personally am all for that, as I feel each person should have their own personal relationship with what they call their god, even if it is their own inner voice. One single word causes all of the issues in religion though, spoken by the people who choose their own god (as everybody knows, there is only ONE true god, although that one true god changes depending on who you are speaking to). The word “YOU” is what causes all of the damage, strife and turmoil. MY GOD SAY YOU SHOULD, MY GOD SAYS YOU SHOULD NOT, MY GOD SAYS YOU ARE BAD. If each person would change YOU to I, the world would be a much better place. You decide what your god means for yourself only, don’t attempt to tell others what they should do with their lives based on what you think your god wants for your life, or even your interpretation of all life.

    • Yes! I am a person whose conservative religious beliefs strongly support my liberal interactions with others. I will always do my best to be the kindest version of myself and work for the most marginalized. I will never condemn people publicly who do not live up to my religious standards who are not part of my faith. If you want to know what my religious tradition says about how you live your life, fine. But if I’m living right, religiously, you’ll never think of me as anything but a friendly person.

      Those who live their religious life by condemning the lives others lead don’t help matters. Live your life well according your faith and that will be the best testament. God(s) may judge your neighbor, sure, but He’ll/She’ll judge your unkindnesses too.

      • Somewhat related rant: At work in the bathroom for our floor someone keeps strategically stocking the prosthelytizing “Our Daily Bread” small prayer book thingies.
        a) not everyone needs or wants to be Christian
        b) I’d like to have our communal bathroom free of religious materials
        c) I’ve managed to keep my WTF-ness to myself as I understand I may be in the minority…

        BUT am I wrong here that this is inappropriate…its starting to bug me to the point of saying something but I hesistate because I don’t want to be THAT person. Also we work for the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT…not a religious organization.

  • Rave – Went to NYC for the weekend with the best husband ever and we had a great time – took in a bunch of tourist sites (even though I’ve done them before it’s been years), saw a show, great meals, walked around all over the place.

    Double Rave – after seeing all the NYC vs. DC chatter on this site for years, I am happy to report that in my opinion, NYC ain’t got NOTHING on D.C.!! Maybe it did a few years ago, but now that D.C. has totally come into its own (again) and revitalized a bunch of neighborhoods you couldn’t pay me enough to ever move to NYC. Garbage was everywhere, tourists and crowds were maddening, subway was dirty, everything is way more expensive, etc. D.C. has everything you want in a city (night life, restaurants, museums, theater, music, cool shops) without being too big or hectic. So thanks NYC, you’re super fun to visit but you made me appreciate what I have here even more!

    • skj84

      +10000. I actually love NYC, but I think DC is wonderful. Both have their merits and both have negatives. But I definitely do not think NYC is better than DC. Or any other city in the world. I’ve never got why New York thinks it’s this amazing place that stands head and shoulders over everywhere else. Not bashing the city, but still. Just never got that mentality.

      • Well NYC is one big melting pot of beautiful people(bunch of hunks-lol). To me they are more integrated there as well(pertaining to night life). One can’t help but to think of NYC, when walking around the 14th/Ust corridor wtih the growing pedestrian traffic. Its the energy!

      • justinbc

        There are many things NYC has that DC doesn’t have, hence why people travel there for them. To some, those things are very important, to others not so much. Specialty things can be easily found in NYC if you know the neighborhood to look, not so much in DC (without a huge premium). Some value our skyline with prominent monuments on display for all, others value NYC’s decked out with skyscrapers and beautiful views of Central Park or some other spot if you’re lucky enough to afford them. It really all varies based on your preferences and desires in life, like most things.

        • Jeez, is this a concept that really needs explaining? “Different places have different things, and which place you like best depends on what things you like best….”
          Slow day here on the rrr’n’r.

        • skj84

          Well yes all those things are great. But not unique to New York. Hence why I don’t understand the whole New York is the greatest city in the world mentality. Not knocking New York. I can find great diversity in DC. I can find ethnic food in DC too. And beautiful people. But this isn’t a New York vs DC argument.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I agree. NYC is a lovely place, but I don’t need every New Yorker to tell me how much better it is than every other place ever! My favorite city happens to not be NYC and that does not make me a horrible or stupid person!

            Also had 1 asshole New Yorker lecture that me I pronounce my name wrong b/c of some street in NYC. My name is not spelled like that street and I agree that people that pronounce it the other way are wrong, but yet I got the lecture b/c NYC is the best place evah! end rant

    • I love visiting NYC for the museums, Broadway, the food, etc. But it is extremely expensive and way too crowded for my taste. After a weekend of wall-to-wall people (many of whom can’t seem to even walk past without slamming into you) I am always happy to come back to DC and have some room to breathe again.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Biked a total of 24 miles this weekend on my new road bike
    Rant: Super paranoid about any leg pain being a back issue

  • Rant: Family is a mess so it’s another holiday alone. Sometimes I can embrace the time to myself, but sometimes the loneliness just hits hard because I don’t have my own family to spend it with.
    Rave: So many other things to be grateful for.

  • KSB

    Rant: This weather has given me the craziest headache for the last three days. Can’t wait for it to drop 30 degrees tonight and looking forward to just having my dry sinuses and itchy skin back…

  • How fortunate for you to not need a car.

    • You’re making a BIG assumption there, Meg. Maybe the rant was about the costs associated with having a car? Or the hassles of having one broken into? Even those of us who do have or need cars don’t necessarily like them.

    • I hate grocery stores too. So unattractive.

  • Rant: Starting to get down about being stuck here over the holidays due to my shingles. I was really looking forward to seeing family and the two new babies! I’m a Guncle also and a damned good one!

    • Aw, sorry to hear about your shingles. I’ve had that and it is not fun at all. I hope since you’re a Guncle, you won’t have the problem of your bra rubbing your shingles like I did. I’m sure you are a wonderful Guncle and your family will miss you.

  • Anyone know if there is a cab stand at the Greenbelt Metro Station?

    • It’s not a “stand” per se, but there’s a long line of cabbies looking for business just outside of the metro. Just make sure to go to the “West” exit (one with the big parking lots).

      • I’ve actually never used that Metro station, but the parking lots are on the East side of the station. Not sure how the exits are labelled, but if you go the West it’s a residential neighborhood in College Park where I highly doubt you’ll find a cab!

    • This is a map of the Greenbelt station area: http://www.wmata.com/rail/evacuation/47.080.pdf
      It doesn’t show a taxi stand, but the map for the College Park station doesn’t either, and I know for a fact that there’s a taxi stand at the College Park station.

    • Yep, I was there last night and there were cabs. Like the other person said, I’m not sure it’s a formal cab stand, but there were definitely quite a few cabs there.

    • I find http://www.stationmasters.com helpful for stations I’m not familiar with. It shows you all the station exits and even tells you the direction you’re facing when you get off an escalator or exit an elevator.

      • Thanks for the link. I could’ve sworn WMATA used to link to the StationMasters info on its own site, but apparently not any more.

  • Rave: en route to Santa Fe. This has been a trying year for my family and it will be nice to just… be together for a week
    Rant: I will miss my furry munchkins!

  • Rant: I need to break things off with the guy I am dating but it feels like I missed a window and now I have to wait until after the holidays. We’ve only been seeing each other a few months but I still don’t want to be a jerk. However, I’m sort of dreading spending time together and unfortunately that includes my birthday coming up next week. I have to wait, right?

    • No, you don’t have to wait. It will be hard whenever you do it, but waiting just prolongs the agony and keeps everyone from moving on.

    • justinbc

      Most definitely do not wait, especially if it’s as bad as you make it sound.

    • No, don’t wait. There’s never a good time to break up with someone, so right now is as good as later. Plus, if you know it’s going to happen, the sooner the better for everyone.

    • Ordinarily I would recommend not waiting at all, but given that it’s less than 48 hours until Christmas Day, I’d recommend waiting until the 26th. (Even if he doesn’t celebrate Christmas.)
      You weren’t planning to spend Christmas Day together, were you?

      • We were supposed to get together Christmas night after family festivities. I’m supposed to see him tonight. This is just the worst. I feel so guilty about this and the whole thing started souring when he lied to me about something and I could’ve clearly justified ending things then. Instead I thought I could deal with it and now it’s just eating away at me.

        • Honestly, this is as good a time as any especially if he’ll be around his family for the holidays. Distractions abound, people to spend time with, etc.

        • Ahh. I was thinking that you weren’t going to being seeing him for the next couple of days anyway. But if you were supposed to see him tonight and Wednesday night, it’s not a good idea to continue under false pretenses.
          Does he know that you know he lied to you? Especially if he does, and you had a conversation about it at the time, then it’s not like the breakup will be coming out of nowhere.

          • Yes he knows that I know and we did talk about it. His assumption was that it would be over. My initial reaction was understandably pissed but not feeling like it was a deal-breaker. Maybe it just took longer to sink in.

          • justinbc

            +1 If you’re really at the breaking point then just end it. A few months is not that long in the scheme of things, and continuing any further when you know you don’t want to be there would be unfair to him, especially if he’s under the assumption you’ve gotten past the issue that’s bothering you. [Note: As a man, we generally think this is the case. We tend to forget about things much quicker, and hate being surprised when they’re brought up days, weeks, or months later seemingly out of nowhere.]

    • Broke up with the boy a day before thanksgiving – he was lying to me too. Felt so much after doing it and enjoying the holiday season more than I would have with that jackass. Better than after the holidays, wondering why you spent those days together.

      • *felt so much better. It took awhiel for the lying to sink in as well…was in some kind of haze, until I woke up and realized that it (lying and lyiing content) was in fact, not okay.

  • justinbc

    Rant: Just found out my stylist of 3 years at Logan Aveda quit since my last cut, and won’t be taking up shop anywhere else. I would just stick with that shop, but now I live in Capitol Hill so I’m sure there are plenty more convenient options for the unknown outcome. I went to 4 or 5 different places in DC before finding her, so now the search begins again. Argh.

    • GiantSquid

      Do you need a stylist or a barber? My husband goes to a barber on Garfield in Clarendon. Cut with tip is $21 and they do a great job every time.

      • justinbc

        I prefer a stylist. I’ve tried a few barbers around town (most notably the famous Diego’s) and always feel like a sheep being herded through the pen. I’ve got pretty picky hair that’s easily fussed and quite a lot of it, so it helps to have someone who really knows what they’re doing with it.

        • I actually drive up to Baltimore to get my hair cut by a stylish who was a referral because I’m in the same boat: hair is picky and my girl knows what to do with it. Standard men’s cut in DC with stylists seems to be $45 and I’ve rarely been happy with the end result. This girl is $25 for cut and I am totally happy when I walk out the door. I figure that plus tip plus gas AND I get something I’m happy with, it’s worth the time effort.

        • Hi Justin, I recently found myself in a similar situation with my old stylist.
          I talked with a few coworkers and they all recommended a men’s stylist/barber in our office building near Farragut Square (International Square – 1825 I Street NW). Go to the ground floor level and you’ll find Jose’s Barber Shop. I go to Max and he’s awesome, only $25 for a cut. I can’t vouch for any of the other stylists.

  • Question:

    Growing up, we always tipped our mail carriers and garbage collectors. Although, in Ohio it’s easier to do – just leave it in the mailbox or on top of the garbage can, and there’s virtually no risk of someone taking it who shouldn’t.

    Do you or your readers have any strategies for tipping mail carriers and garbage collectors? Tape envelopes next to the mail slot on our door or on the garbage cans? How can I find out how many garbage collectors are on my route?


    • Yes, if people could just tell us where they leave money that would be greatly appreciated. The more details the better.
      And don’t forget to include your address.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        hahaha I thought that for a second too. But it’s a legit question. I waited until I saw my mailman and handed it to him but I could only do that cause I work at home. Well, if there is a way to answer the question without leaving a map I’d be curious too. I suppose it could just be a gamble.

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