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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Friday! Holidays around the corner! Warm weekend ahead!
    Rant: I get nothing done in the afternoons. especially friday afternoons. i just watch the clock. kind of pathetic and depressing. wish i could get more energized and productive between 2-6pm.

  • Rave: It’s Friday
    Rant: 7 more hours of work

    Side note: I found a women’s wedding ring this morning near Long View Gallery/Wagtime. If you know of anyone missing a ring, let me know.
    I also posted on Craigslist and will contact the police.

  • houseintherear

    This holiday season, I am so grateful for my pets. They’re just awesome.

  • Rave: Friday! So excited for a chill weekend at home before the holiday family madness beings.
    Rave: I am recovering from the plague. I went to the gym yesterday and didn’t feel like death. Slow progress towards healing.
    Rave: The partner and I are taking our first ever longer-than-a-weekend vacation together the first week of January. I’m looking forward to some time on the west coast and seeing my best friend while we’re there.

  • Rant: Beige in buildings. What’s up with DC’s fascination with building tan buildings? Hate it.

    • A couple weekends ago I dropped my girlfriend off at GW Hospital (an ugly tan building). After finding parking I got horribly lost because I started walking towards a different ugly tan building that I thought was it. Doesn’t help that everything in Foggy Bottom looks the same so there aren’t many landmarks you can use for reference.

      • Try navigating by cardinal direction and street letter/number instead of landmark. It is much easier in a grid city like DC.

        • I usually do, but didn’t note where the hospital was on the grid (eventually I pulled out my phone and looked it up).

  • Revel: Yahoo Mail tabs are back! Merry Christmas!

  • Rant: Spent a bit of the evening listening to sad bastard music. Definitely not good for the depression.
    Rave: Forced myself to leave apartment and go ice skating by myself. I hadn’t skated in 20 years but had fun and only fell twice.
    Rave: It’s Friday.
    Rave/Rant: Going back to my parents next Weds for Xmas. I haven’t seen my family in 3 years… we’re not emotionally close despite being a small family (parents, younger brother). Both excited yet hesitant.

    • Not sure if you’re the same depressed person who posted yesterday, but #13 in this list pretty accurately captures the frustration of dealing with (well-intentioned but unhelpful) people who tell you “things could be worse”:

      • That would be me from yesterday as well. Thanks for the comics, they bring humor to a pretty dark subject and are spot on. The ones that really hit home with me are the following:

        7 8 12 13 14 17 19 and 20

        The holidays have hit me harder than I expected them to. I thought I really was prepared for them but who really is that prepared?

  • Rant – Missed out on Lorde tickets
    Rave – Scored Chvrches tickets!

    Rant – Lorde tickets were a shocking $75
    Rave – I actually prefer Chvrches to Lorde. In my opinion, I’m going to the better show.

  • Rave: College friend from Texas coming to visit me for New Year’s!!! Yaaaaay!
    Rant: Multiple-round job interviews. How many times do I have to go through this? My little adrenal glands can’t take it any more. 🙁

  • Rave: Friends are coming in from different parts of the country for the weekend.
    Rave: En route now
    Rant: Working today
    Rave: Sunday I’ll have time to finish up everything for Christmas!

  • Rave: TGIF and a whole week off to celebrate!
    Rant: The next person in my office who says “Duck Dynasty” gets a clementine to the head.

    • Why are people going around saying “Duck Dynasty” (I’m really out of touch with pop culture and didn’t even know of the show’s existence until about a month ago, and still don’t have the slightest idea what it’s about)?

      • It’s a documentary about Scrooge McDuck and his family. Mostly scenes of Scrooge swimming in a pool full of cash.

      • Do a google search for Duck Dynasty, scan the first page of results and you’ll know all you need to know. Should take you about 30 seconds. Whatever you do that keeps you disconnected from pop culture, keep it up, you’re a better person for it.

    • I wish I was in your office, I’d love a clementine.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: It’s almost King Cake season!!!

  • Rant: I am so stressed out at work I had to take today off so that I wouldn’t walk into my boss’ office and quit on the spot

    Rave: I was able to take the day off, even though I wasn’t technically finished with my work for the year

    Rant: I’ll have to finish my work tomorrow

    Rave: I am DONE WORKING FOR THE YEAR! No more work until January 2014!

  • Rant – Dear loud-talking coworker, shut up. Please. You are actually yelling into your phone and yelling at people. It is completely unnecessary and disruptive. Why can’t you talk at a normal volume? Didn’t your mother ever teach you about using your inside voice? Please just shut up so I can get my work done.
    Rave – Feel better after getting that rant out of my system. I’m turning up my holiday music to drown out loud-talking coworker. Last day of work until next year!! Happy holidays PoPville!

  • Rave: I got my work inbox down to just under one page, no scrolling for me.
    Rant: I have a lot to do but I am just not motivated today, mostly just stressed and already mentally on vacation.
    Rant: I have been trolling Craig’s List for months (started before I even moved in) for a dresser. I still can’t find one I want. I saw a great one that I was so excited about, but it was too big even though my max length is 76″.
    Rave: I get to relax tonight and tomorrow before I go see the family. I hate rushing to visit.
    Rave: Family Christmas is going to be great! The bf is coming to my family’s house for the first time and I think he’ll love it.
    Rant: All the snow is going to melt before I get there. I want to go sledding!

    • Finding apartment-friendly furniture on Craigslist is really, really hard. We’ve been trying to find a bed for years.

  • Rant?: I’m trying to find a present for a friend’s 8-year old daughter who’s interested in theater. I was thinking a gift card/certificate for a theater so they can pick a show to attend. Does anyone have any suggestions for a theater that shows children/young adult-accessible plays? I looked into the Smithsonian’s Discovery Theater, but it seems aimed at even younger children. Thanks for any input and happy Friday!

  • Rant: I have nothing to do with work and I’m stuck here for a few more hours. Things are dead here.
    Rave: At least Metro was also pretty quiet this morning.
    Rave: I’m flying back to CA for Christmas this evening.

  • Rant: So many “Christians” out there selectively quoting Leviticus when defending their “christian beliefs” but when you start saying things supported by quotes attributed to Jesus they label you a Marxist.

  • Taxi driver who picked me up at 16th and Euclid the other night had never heard of Petworth and had no idea how to get me home. The next day I met a woman who told me she’s lived here for 22 years and went to Howard, and SHE claimed to have never heard of Petworth. How is this even possible?

    • Cab drivers don’t know neighborhoods because they don’t live here. You have to give them addresses or street names.

    • because really identifying neighborhood boundaries wasn’t all that much of a thing before. beyond civic associations, it wasn’t a thing people cared about before the early 2000’s.

      • And you base this wisdom on…. what? I’ve lived here all my life (since long before the 2000s) and I can assure you that throughout my memory, people have always been able to identify neighborhoods. Certainly over time those boundaries have changed and new neighborhoods have popped (NoMa? Feh) but that doesn’t mean neighborhoods are a 21 st century invention.

    • I meet people all of the time who don’t know where or what Shaw (my turf) or Petworth are and have lived in DC for at least 5 or more years.

      • That’s what I’m talking about. How tight of a bubble must they live in?? You don’t even have to TRY (though if you’re a taxi driver, you probably should), information is just out there, right in front of your face. I have very little patience with people who are that unaware.

    • Many people familiar with DC — but who don’t live here — use cross streets. Many DC natives use landmarks — I grew up “near Grant Circle and Soldier’s Home.” Typical landmarks are schools — i.e. “near Roosevelt”. It’s “possible” because we don’t all use the same reference points. It’s not necessarily “unaware”….it’s a different set of priorities.
      Some of us DC natives have “very little patience” with relative newbies who are “unaware” of our traditions — and quite insistent on imposing their own. Ah…..diversity….

      • Oh goodie, “us DC natives” hostility. Thanks for your uninformed and baseless assumptions about my (irrelevant) residency status, and what I used as points of reference in each circumstance.

        • Whoa! My intention was NOT to be hostile — but to explain, in language close to your own, that people often use different markers from the ones that you might to give directions. I’ve made no assumptions about your residency status, I’ve simply described my own. As to your points of reference, you stated “How is this even possible?” – as you described two people who have apparently “never heard of Petworth”. I apologize. I assumed that was a real question. I attempted to suggest a possible answer. And I gave you my personal context for my response.

    • It seems like cabdrivers would have at least noticed the names of the various Metro stations, though.

    • If I were a cab driver, I wouldn’t bother learning neighborhood names, because different people have different senses of neighborhood boundaries. For example, I’ve heard 13th & Crittenden and 5th & Quincy called “Petworth,” even though by the definition I know they’re outside Petworth. If your fare wants to go someplace south of Spring or west of Georgia and calls in Petworth, your knowledge of neighborhoods hurts instead of helping.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Don’t most cabbies use GPS? That has been my experience here and in San Fran and Oakland this past spring.

      • Yes, many do, but I don’t think that a neighborhood designation such as “Petworth” can be entered into many GPS systems. I’m often asked for the specific “street address” — even when I give cross streets.

    • When you gave the driver the actual address did s/he get you there? Drivers should be able to find an actual address – or at least cross streets. Failing to recognize the name of a neighborhood is forgivable – especially when you are an immigrant living in an affordable distant suburb – as many taxi drivers are.

  • Rant: I might be getting tired of city living. I moved to DC about 3 years ago, and at the time I was ecstatic to be able to walk or take transit everywhere and to always have something new to do on the weekend. Now, I’m starting to get tired of all the noise, shuffling through trash on the sidewalk, street harassment, my overbearing landlord, the high cost of living, etc. I used to go out all the time when I first moved here, but now I rarely do. I’m finding now that I would rather go hiking or camping than bar-hop on the weekends. Maybe it’s just time for me to get back to my suburban roots and move when my lease is up in 9 months.

    • You might want to move to a quieter neighborhood – like Foxhall/Palisades – where it’s a bit more suburban but still incredibly close to the heart of the city. Rents are actually pretty affordable over there, compared to places like U Street/CoHi/Adams Morgan/Dupont, and usually include parking and utilities. Most buildings along MacArthur Blvd are rent controlled and it’s still walkable to the businesses over there.
      The other good thing about Palisades is that you’re right next to the C&O Trail and the Potomac River for biking and running. It’s a great neighborhood, if you’re finding urban DC to be too stifling.

    • Can’t deny the high cost of living but yeah, depending on your neighborhood, might want to find another one. I lived in Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights from 2001-2008 and felt the same. Moved out to Annapolis for a few years and really missed the city. Now live in Navy Yard where it’s pretty quiet (it will change during baseball season, I know) and love being back in the District.

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