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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • REVEL: The adoption of my sweet baby girl became final yesterday. Huzzah!

    Rant: Pinched nerve in my neck, making it hard to care for said child. Thank goodness my husband is home from work this week. πŸ™‚

  • Rant: I’m at work on time this morning but there were definitely a couple icy patches on the sidewalk. Where is my 2 hour delay OPM?

  • justinbc

    Rave: Went to the advance screening of the new Hobbit movie on Monday night and was really pleased with the gratuitous dragon footage. Overall a great movie, and slightly shorter runtime than the LOTR trilogy.

    • I absolutely hated the first hobbit movie. The thoughtless changes they made to the story, the inane action sequences, the fact that reading the same amount of the story takes less time than watching that movie; it all left me not just disliking that movie, but questioning how good the LOTR trilogy actually was. Am I correct in thinking that this installment is more of the same and I should skip it?

      • justinbc

        If you disliked the first, then yes I would skip the second. For me, the biggest enjoyment is seeing a visual replication of all the things I envisioned as a child, and they do a spectacular job of that in my opinion.

  • Rant: we moved into a subdivision in alexandria that has a homeowners association. I just joined the neighborhood yahoo listsev. Apparently the association members have nothing better to do than police the grounds for garbage offenders (ie. wrong colored trash bags on trash day, or putting your garbage out early). They’ve even taken to going through people’s garbage to identify the offenders. The emails that come through on the listserv are hilarious! One woman said that its been her mission to educate people about the garbage rules for 28 years. Seriously, 28 years?!? Is that a life well spent?!?
    Rave: I guess it’s nice to live in a place where this is the biggest issue???

    • Wrong colored trash bags?

      • justinbc

        When I used to live in McLean they had a private service that picked up the trash (idiots) and they would only pick up yard waste that was in clear trash bags, not those common black ones.

        • Most HOAs specify the black ones because they’re heavier material that’s harder to be torn open by an animal.

      • Yep, black trash bags are mandatory. If you are caught with a white one, expect a good talking to! These people wouldn’t last a day on the mean streets of NW DC πŸ˜‰

    • jim_ed

      Just remember, since you live in Virginia, it’s probably legal (if not encouraged) to shoot your neighbors if you catch them snooping through your garbage.

    • I had a horrible HOA in Alexandria too. They harassed my landlord to death about having the wrong-colored shutters, but ignored our concerns about the rats and roaches that kept coming from our neighbors’ trash and weed-filled yards.

    • In South Korea (and from what I’ve heard, in Japan too), there are elderly people who will go around the neighborhood looking for garbage offenders- those not using the proper bags or not recycling correctly.

  • Rant: In a lot of pain from hurting my back when lifting a 50 pound bag of rock salt to prepare my sidewalks for the snow that never came.

    No rave. See above.

  • Rant: Coworkers who come into the office coughing and wheezing up the plague. I can NOT get sick this weekend.

  • Rave: My UPS guys are the best! Monday night when I got home my tracking said that my packages were still out for delivery that night, so I left a post it on the buzzer out front to please call me, because I was actually home and the buzzer isn’t set up. So, the UPS called me and I got my packages. Then, last night I get a phone call from a mysterious 202 number and it’s my UPS guy calling again, even though I had taken down the note! He must have gone through his phone to find my number because I had another package (the joys of furnishing a new place). He and his partner have been very friendly and very nice, it was a step above what I expected.
    Rave: Monday’s packages were my much needed shades and black out lining. During my snow day I rigged up the blackout lining on the back and hung them. Now I can sleep without a sleep mask and I don’t have to be naked with no window coverings. You’re welcome neighbors!

    • Sounds as if your UPS guy is into you.

    • I received a delivery from UPS last night and the guy asked me if I could open up my building’s (locked) laundry room so he could put all the rest of the packages in there since he didn’t want anything to be stolen from the (unlocked) mail area. I appreciated him taking the initative and being concerned about it.

  • rave: great caps come from behind win last night! very glad i decided to go last minute
    rave: had the spinach dip from rustik last night, its like a drug
    rant: need to go to the DMV because my registration never came in the mail and my temp registration has expired. couldnt use the day off from work yesterday to go because the DMV was also closed. I just know I’m going to end up getting tickets
    rant/rave: have the urge to go shopping (and i NEVER go shopping) but i haven’t found the time. soon though!

  • Rave: Tulsi (holy basil) tea – better sleeping without chemistry. My favorite is the sweet rose tea because it is “stress-relieving and magical”
    Rant: I’ve lost my motivation to go to the gym. I pulled a muscle a few weeks ago and needed to give it a rest but that’s not a reason any longer.

    • gotryit

      +1 on motivation rant
      I used to be regular at the gym and biking to work, but now I’ve only worked out once in the last 3-4 weeks. Grrr.

    • I’ll third your rant πŸ™
      I got a cold, which turned into the sinus infection that wouldn’t die and now it’s been 3 or 4 weeks without working out for me too. It used to be routine, but now it’s an uphill battle to get back to it.

    • My girlfriend’s gotten tulsi tea from India and I like it a lot. Had no idea it was good for sleeping but that would be a much tastier alternative to chamomile. And I’m very intrigued by the sweet rose. Where do you get it?

    • Perhaps the unmotivated can motivate each other with a little peer pressure – I mean support – to get back on track.

      • gotryit

        I’ve missed my potential to work out during the normal lunch break, so that’s out. But I do have an opportunity to go for a run at about 2pm. I just have about a 2% track record of actually getting out and doing it instead of working straight through.
        Do you have any shot at working out today?

        • Part of my stagnation is needing to find other exercise options. I belong to the WSC, but really dislike it so even though it’s two blocks away it’s a struggle to go. I used to bike to work regularly, now I’m more often working from home. And my yoga teacher moved away and I haven’t found another teacher/class that’s a good fit. See, lots of reasons – excuses – to not exercise!
          But — I can go for a walk after my 2:30 conference call today. I’ll put on my shoes before I take the call so I’m ready to walk out the door when it’s over πŸ™‚

          • gotryit

            I’ll post back here later today. Good luck!
            I may need to change my alias to “godoit”.

          • “Do. Or do not. There is no try”

          • How about one of those unlimited-new-student specials at a new yoga studio? I did that when I was in a workout funk and had a great time. I went to something like 10 classes over the course of the month and tried out a bunch of different teachers. Plus it’s a huge motivation for me to use the membership and not feel like I’m wasting the money.

          • Have you checked out the new gym in Mt. Pleasant, Fit360? They have some interesting options that don’t exist at WSC. It’s at the corner of Park and 17th

          • gotryit

            did it! about 3.5 miles – breaks my streak of being lazy. Any success for you?

        • Yup, brisk walk for 30 mins without dog and another not so brisk 30 mins with dog. She slows me down because she has to scratch and sniff everything, but it is still forward motion.
          Thanks for your encouragement godoit!

  • Rant: Missed an important meeting this morning, work nemesis sent me the wrong time on the invite and now I look like an idiot.
    Rave: I’m not an evil bit$h

    • Rant: Moving sucks. My apartment is a disaster and a full scale dirty mess and I hate that awful neither-here-nor-there feeling.
      Rave: Snow day yesterday meant I got a lot of packing done.
      Rave: My parents who sent me my Christmas money early to help with all the moving costs.
      Rant: Really busy week at work on top of everything going on in my personal life.
      Rave: A week from Friday I’ll be home – home in warm California, snuggling my parents’ adorable weirdo cuddly cats, raiding their fridge and drinking all their wine. And no snow/ice/wintry mix nonsense.

  • Rave: holiday parties! so much fun planned over the next two weeks!
    Rant: overdressed for my ride in to work today. Kept hearing on the news how cold it was going to be so put on long underwear and a warm coat. I was a sweat monster by the time I got to my office. Maybe tomorrow will be colder.

  • Rant: It is so upsetting to see how much salt the city puts on the roads and sidewalks. The snow in DC melted on its own before it really began, and now we’re left with a salted city that ruins everyone’s shoes and cars and bikes. And it gets into the drains and the water. It is just awful, and so unnecessary. This is not a better safe than sorry thing; the negative effects of the salt far outweigh the potential negative effects of a little snow and ice in the winter. I suspect someone is making a lot of money off these huge salt dumps.

    • Considering how icy it was this morning, I think they didn’t overdo it on salt. I can’t speak for if they oversalted, but I’d rather not careen into other cars while driving on busy streets, thanks.

      • I’m sorry, but the level of salt they put down does not effect whether you careen into cars. This is the orthodoxy that persists, but it’s BS. The secret to driving in ice and snow is to drive slower. Most of the time, the city pre-salts and it doesn’t even snow, or snows so lightly that the salt just ends up everywhere, to no positive effect. There was literally no ice on the roads in DC this morning.

        • Are we not using beat juice anymore?

        • Thank god you told us there was no ice. I must have imagined those patches of ice I encountered on my way to work this morning. Now I know I’ll need to talk to my doctor about hallucinations.

        • gotryit

          One secret is to drive appropriately on ice, true. But that’s not going to happen here (no need to rehash that argument), and salt is another way to manage it.
          No ice on the roads this morning would be the effect of the salt, not a reason to say we didn’t need it.

    • It’s bad for dog paws too.

    • gotryit

      Melting precipitation from yesterday + low 20s overnight and through the morning = recipe for nasty ice. Salt takes care of that.

  • Rant: Sore throat. I sound like a cross between Marge Simpson’s sisters and a phone sex worker with a pack a day smoking habit.
    Rave: Mucinex. Greatest invention since Nutella
    Revelation: Reading the “Invisible Child” article in the NYTimes yesterday afternoon put me in a funk. It isn’t as if I’m unaware of poverty (urban and rural), but it left me feeling so hopeless re: how do we fix these very real problems. I don’t have any good answers, and that just leaves me sad and at a loss.

    • I agree with you about the NYT series. I hope it opens a lot of eyes and leaves people wanting to take action. I think we can all help make a change by getting involved in an organization whose mission includes ending chronic homelessness. DC has quite a few, including Miriam’s Kitchen.

      Nothing beats Nutella though πŸ™‚

    • I just finished reading NYT’s “Invisible Child” – very powerful and moving story. And it reminds me that I may not be able to change the world but I can make a difference in one small part.

    • Oh my god, likewise on your revelation. That article was so moving, and also so overwhelming in terms of the scale of the problem–so many odds against that child, including her own parents, who were themselves struggling with really deep and self-destructive pain. I hope at the very least that the article kicks some agency butts into fixing the deplorable conditions at that shelter residence. Sure, some people may snark that if you’re homeless you can’t expect the Four Seasons, but I mean…basic sanitation and human dignity.

  • KSB

    Happy day! My parents adopted me as an infant. It’s the best πŸ™‚

  • Rant: Girlfriend got a parking ticket due to us still having to use the 2013 Visitor’s Parking Pass, as the new one never arrived.
    Rave: I spoke with Lisa at the DDOT, who was very helpful. She took down my info, investigated the issue and even called me back later this morning to state that they will be mailing a Visitor’s RPP to my apartment immediately, even though they are still trying to get approval for my whole apartment building (for whatever reason, our apartment building is not in the system to automatically get Visitor RPPs). Yay for good customer service by Lisa in the DDOT’s office! πŸ™‚

    • were we suppossed to already get our visitor parking permits? I haven’t been sent one….

      • Yeah, they started delivery of them back in early November. I think that there’s many apartment buildings that are left off the registry for automatic disbursement. DDOT seems to favor sending them automatically to single family homes, but not apartments. I understand why they do it, but it’s not really very fair. I think a lot of apartment dwellers don’t even know the program exists.
        If you’re in an apartment, live in a participating ward, and have not yet received it, get on the phone to DDOT immediately and request it. It seems that I’m getting mine, but DDOT is “looking into” sending permits to the residents of the other 13 apartments in my building.

        • I think it may be at least partially based on property ownership records. We own a condo in a mid-sized building and got our new permit a couple weeks ago.

      • Yep, I got mine in mid-November (but never got one for 2013).

        • I just emailed my ANC rep because some of my neighbors got their permits but mine hasn’t showed up yet. he said that they are still mailing them out and hadn’t gotten his either. I’m right on the border between wards, and my neighbors are in a different one, so apparently my ward (6) is a little slower. Maybe you can also try reaching out to your ANC rep if you don’t have any luck with DOT.

  • tonyr

    Rave: Just got an e-mail from the LA Phil letting me know that I’m allowed to buy tickets to the Kraftwerk shows next March.
    Rave: That’s three vacations that I have planned for next March/April now.

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