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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Turned in my very last paper ever. Grad school is over!
    Rave: Going to NYC this weekend to celebrate!
    No rants today!

  • Rave: my rumba vacuum!!! It vacuums all day while I’m gone. I live in a noticeably less amout of cat hair and fuzz these days πŸ™‚

    • Emmaleigh504

      Does your cat ride on it or hide from it? πŸ™‚

      • They both glare at it with disdain. Either that or they are trying to shoot lasers from their eyes to destroy the foul beast.

        • We own a couple of roombas ourselves and they are great with helping to keep pet hair in check. My advice is to attach a small strip of cork adhesive (or something else relatively soft like weather stripping) to the front bumper of the machine. Without it, the legs of your furniture will be showing marks wherever the roomba runs into it. I know it slows down, etc. but over the course of a year, even small bumps add up. It’s worked great with the cork strip for us and will save your furniture over time.

          • Good suggestion, thanks! We’ve had to quit running him in the dining room – he gets stuck under 1 chair for 15-20 mins at a time and our chairs are taking a beating. Will try the cork!

    • Reminds me about when my dog got older and more sedentary (and deaf). Roomba would approach him, but he wouldn’t hear it. Roomba would slow down and then bump into him, thinking he was furniture, and he would just look at it annoyed. That was until the day Roomba did this on his tail end and sucked up his tail and I had to run over to rescue him as Roomba turned around and was dragging my poor dog by the tail in the opposite direction. Since he wasn’t actually hurt, it was actually kind of funny.

    • I love the image of a Roomba doing the rumba!

  • Rave: Friend’s son made it through surgery fine last night. Doctor got 3/4 of the tumor and the preliminary test shows no malignancy. More definitive results next week. Phew.
    Rant: Choked on a zinc pill last night and my throat still hurts and my voice is still messed up. Ouch.
    Rave: Spotify Premium deal on Gilt means I can listen to my playlists I created on my home laptop on my phone, since I can’t stream music at work.

  • Rave: Company Christmas party last night
    Rant: Heady hurty

    Rave2: May have a date with the bartender
    Rant2: It’s possible I dreamt Rave2

  • Rant: Being a sr. level job seeker and having to deal with so many inexperienced and unprofressional junior level HR recruiters.
    Rave: The few HR recruiters who understand that they are a representative of their organization and the job seekers impressions counts!

    • Yes! I don’t think org’s put enough value on recruitment. It’s seen to be a very entry-level position. I know, I did it for a couple of years and hated every minute of it. Most (not all) recruiters/HR folks that I’ve dealt with over the years know shockingly little about their org’s mission and actual work.

    • Or you get to speak with a project director who is too busy with their other work and too unaware of what’s happening below him that he can’t explain the job You applied for.

  • Rave: Phantogram at 930 club was awesome last night – some bands especially indie electronic music can sometimes not translate well live, but they killed it. My one criticism is a lot of their songs sound similar and hopefully their new cd will add some diversity.
    Rant: Lil tired but gonna make it through today. Its friday friday getting down on friday

    Random: one of my really good girl friends messaged me out of the blue and stayed over tuesday…completely unexpected but turned out to be a fun night πŸ™‚

  • epric002

    rant/rave: in the earliest of early stages of maybe, possibly moving to austin for a potential job for spouse. i am SO torn on how i feel about this (if it actually happens).
    rave: only daydreaming at this point.
    rant: leaving our house! our neighborhood! what would i DO there?!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      It would be very sad to lose you but I hear Austin is an awesome city!

    • Austin is a great city! A little blue spot in the middle of red Texas, if you lean that way. Great restaurant scene – lots of re-purposed spaces turned into restaurants and lots of fun food trucks.

      • epric002

        thanks y’all πŸ™‚ i actually do like austin (it’s the only part of TX i’d EVER consider living in) and we have some good friends there…but it’s not like either of us are itching to leave. we both love our house, our neighborhood, our lifestyle, but this *could* be a great career move for spouse. waaaaay off in possibility-land right now, but it’s all i can think about at the moment.

    • Quotia Zelda

      As much as I got tired of people being all “OMG AUSTIN! I can’t wait to move there!” when I was in grad school, it is a really great city.

    • It sounds very California-like, which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on if you like California.

  • KSB

    Rave: Appreciating the simple things, like how my dog snoozes on the bath mat when I get into the shower each morning. After 11 years of doing this, he will get up and walk away when the water turns off, leaving me a nice, toasty bath mat to step on. Love it.

  • rave: cheryl’s cookies. specifically the chocolate peppermint one.
    rave: getting a tree and decorating this weekeend, NYC next weekend– i love this time of year!

  • Rave- Cheetos. I just had Cheetos for the first time in years. What a strange and delicious snack. That atomic orange dust is sure to be carcinogenic!!!

  • Query: Are there any PopVillers in the magazine publishing industry?
    Rave: Snow this weekend??

  • Rave: Naughty Snowball tomorrow
    Rant: no costume as of yet

  • Rave: In and out of Labcorp for blood work in 5 minutes this morning!
    Rant: tooth cracked Tuesday night. Got a temporary crown Wednesday. Tooth still hurts. Dentist has raised the possibility of a root canal.
    Rave: Dentist is gentle, thorough and cautious. As much as I fear the procedures (permanent crown or root canal), I feel like I’m in good hands.
    Rant: M-I-L visiting this weekend. She means well, but literally cannot go more than 2 minutes without noise (talking, TV, something)
    Rave: Taught the kiddo how to say M-I-L’s name. She’ll be thrilled.

    • Who’s your dentist? I’m shopping for a new one.

      • Not the OP, but I love Dr. Kesten up in Friendship Heights. He’s super awesome. Also, they got rid of this weirdo hygienist they used to have. Oddly enough, I found myself missing her whacky stories, but the new hygienist is super nice.

      • Best dentist in DC: Dr. A at Modern Dentistry. you will not be disappointed if you go there. In fact, when i first moved here I bumped into a close friend that lives in MD at Dr. A’s office and I was shocked he traveled that far but he agreed Dr. A is the best.

      • Got distracted by work –
        Dr. Kostrov at Comprehensive Dental. Explains everything multiple times. He knows I’m anxious and scared, and checks on me. He shows me the images (x-rays and pictures) he takes, and explains the problems with my teeth (which are legion). He explains all the processes and insurance concerns. And when he talks to me, he doesn’t require answers.

        • I just started seeing Dr. Kostrov a couple weeks ago and had my first bit of work to replace some old fillings yesterday. I’m sooooo impressed by the practice and all the things you mentioned, everyone is so nice and all seem genuinely concerned about making you feel comfortable. The noise cancelling headphones so you can listen to music and zone out while he does his work is probably the best thing I’ve ever experienced!

        • I go to him too! I’m a sedation patient- have an irrational fear of anything having to do with dentists. They are wonderful and I think next time I go I might not even have to do the sedation. Much different than any other dentist I’ve been to who just hacks away at your gums with metal implements.

  • Rave: A few weeks ago, I posted on here about having a colposcopy and how absolutely terrified I was. Many of you reached out to give me well wishes and assure me everything would be ok. I’m happy to report that my colposcopy and biopsy went well! I have no precancerous or cancerous cells on my cervix!!!
    Rave: Guy I’ve been seeing dropped the “L” bomb last night. I’d been feeling the same way but was afraid to say it.
    Rant: This weather sucks!

  • Rave: In an office of 100+ people, I’m the only person here today
    Rant: I’ve already run out of internets to read
    Rave: I have my feet up on my desk and keyboard in my lap

  • Rant – Got a haircut last yesterday and I hate it. The sides are super short and top of is poofy, not unlike the 80s hi top fade look.
    Rave – Wearing a super cute outfit to overcompensate for my manly haircut.
    Rave – It will grow out eventually
    Rant – I got a new desk at work and for some reason my keyboard will not sit level on the desk. It drives me nuts every time I type and feel it tipping back and forth.

  • Rave: I started out the day rescuing a poor opossum that had gotten his head stuck in our fence.
    Rant: Called 311, was transferred to Animal Control and apparently there is only one officer for the whole of DC?! How is that even possible.
    Rave: Opossum waddled away quickly once I freed him, not too worse for wear!

    • epric002

      thank you for saving him!

    • You’d be amazed. Somehow a bird got into my room (through our unsealed chimney grrr) and my roommate and I called Animal Control. It was a Friday night around 8pm…the person didn’t even get to our house until 2:30am and it was the same line “we only have one person on this shift”. Crazy! Glad you were able to free the possum!

      • That is crazy. 4.5 hours after the call! Apparently it is the Washington Humane Society that provides the officers, not DC. I can’t believe DC doesn’t have it’s own Animal Control department! Hopefully all worked out well for you and your roommate. I am glad I was able to lend a hand to that poor opossum!

        • I think the deal is that the city contracts out its animal control function to WHS. It also contracts with WHS to run the city’s shelter (the New York Avenue one).
          It’s confusing because WHS also runs its own non-city shelter on Georgia Avenue. So WHS does some things under the city’s auspices (or maybe “aegis” is the right word here… need more caffeine), and some things on its own.

          • Thanks for clarifying. I am still a bit flabbergasted that there is only one animal control officer on duty for the entire district at any given time. It seems to me that there should be more, but then again, maybe not, if the citizenry of the District of Columbia can free their own opossums there might not be a need for more! πŸ™‚ I can share my technique with anyone who is interested for future use!

  • Rant: My cold seems to be getting worse. I woke up this morning feeling like my head was going to explode. I’m hoping it is the weather and not a sign that I am getting sicker.
    Rant/Rave: Hosting a baby shower at my place tomorrow. Excited for my friends, just wishing I felt better.
    Rave: Friday!

    • I’m at home today. This post was the last one I read before taking a nap (I sleep when the baby sleeps!) and dreamt about a baby shower. It was a great dream. Thanks and good luck with yours tomorrow!!!!!

      • I hope the shower turns out as well as your naptime dream. This is a good, grey day to be at home. Enjoy the snuggle time with the little one. πŸ™‚

  • Rant: Dropped and broke my dvd player remote last night.

    Rave: That machine is 12 or 13 years old. I think it’s time to upgrade to a Blu Ray player.

    • If the machine is 12-13 years old, it might not be long for this world… but if you wanted to keep using it a while longer, you could get a universal remote (I think around $8).

  • Rave: Christmas Music. People who complain about Christmas music are just doing it wrong. My top five:

    Pogues & Kirsty McColl – Fairytale of New York
    Half Man Half Biscuit – It’s Cliched To Be Cynical At Christmas
    Tim Burgess & St Etienne – I Was Born On Christmas Day
    Slade – Merry Christmas Everybody
    Shane MacGowan and the Popes – Christmas Lullaby

    Special Mentions:
    Pretenders – 2000 Miles
    Jona Lewie – Stop the Cavalry
    Run DMC – Christmas in Hollis

  • Rave: Rolf’s shorts last night.

    Rant: At other times it was uncomfortable.

  • Rave: got my Lady Gaga tix. ready for the artRAVE
    Rant: still sad about the breakup
    Rave: Trina Appreciation Day on The Read Podcast
    Rave: my congressional report passed the biggest hurdle (aka a review by our former director) with minor comments

    • Rave: Working from home today, with my snuggly kittycat on my lap at the moment.
      Rave: Won’t have to mess with the sloshy-sounding rain outside.
      Rant: Had an incident during the heavy rains in October with my NEW roof leaking. Going to have to take a look in the affected room and in the attic later today to see if the roofer’s fix worked.

      • Oops, that was supposed to be a post unto itself, not a reply to MaryMay.
        MM, sorry to hear about the breakup, but yay for the other raves!

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: nice weekend ahead regardless of the weather
    Rant: I usually like the rain, but not when it gets between me and my lunch
    Rant: The lack of nice places to get lunch around my office πŸ™

    • Do you work at Maritime Plaza too? It’s like a lunch desert around here.

      • pablo .raw

        I work in NE near R.I. metro station. Just so you have an idea, I got excited when CVS came to the area! Now there’s a Chipotle here, but one can only eat so many burritos!

        • We don’t even have a CVS, really. The closest one is like a 20 minute walk away.

        • you could grab a CaBi and jot down the MBT… 5 min (maybe less), you’re in NoMa with more lunch options. On a rainy day like today, probably not a great idea tho.

  • Rave? I win most favored aunt status since I bought tickets for the One Direction show in DC next August. My niece is going to be beside herself.
    Rant: Now I have to go to the One Direction concert with thousands of screeching tween girls. Heaven help me.

  • Rave: there are so many great raves here today! They’re making me happy.
    Rant: I held my mail for the 1.5 weeks I was staying with my sister and I had opted to pick it up. Well, the mail center for my zip code doesn’t have it and doesn’t know where it is. I’m not sure I’m ever going to get it and I think there might be an legal type letter in there. Ugh.
    Rave: Zoolights was awesome. The gingerbread houses were great and there’s an amazing train set with huge animals made entirely of paper. It is not to be missed, so if you go, stop in the visitor’s center auditorium.
    Rave: None of the kids had claimed the red panda on the carousel, so I got to ride Rusty!
    Rant: two women on the street were debating whether the animal on the Zoolights sign out front was a raccoon. Pssst, it’s not, why would it be? It’s a red panda.

    • Love Zoo Lights! I’m going tonight! It’s supposed to rain, so hoping that’ll at least make it less crowded πŸ™‚

    • +1 to your rave about the carousel…I have been secretly wanting to ride it (the old carousel in my hometown was a childhood favorite) but been a little sheepish because a) I’m waaaaayyy into adulthood; and b) I don’t have a child (or a child-age relative), so no excuse/cover story for riding. But maybe I’ll feel emboldened to try this weekend at ZooLights…just me, a grown-ass adult riding the carousel solo! πŸ˜‰

  • Rant: This week has been a disaster at work.
    Rave: My friend bourbon has helped me through it.

    Also, I have follow up question from my post yesterday about Thyroid doctors. I’m hypothyroid and for some reason my body doesn’t convert T4 hormones to T3 very well, so synthroid doesn’t work for me. Anyone have experience with an endocrinologist who’s comfortable with prescribing alternatives to synthroid and other popular thyroid meds? I found one I like but she doesn’t take insurance and is difficult to get to. I keep hearing about this guy at Washington Endo so I’m thinking about going there, but any additional info would be appreciated.

    • Hi. I see the other dr at Washington endo, Dr Knee. I like her, but not sure how open minded she would be. if you went armed with test results that show you have a T4 conversion problem, I think she might be comfortable with it. Finding an endo is so hard, I sympathize. FWIW I really like Dr Knee. I have also seen the docs at NIH Clinical Center, and they are great. You might want to see what their research focus is at the moment – clinicaltrials.gov.

  • Rave: A great friend – priceless and amazing – what would I do without my little buddy?
    Not a rant in sight!

  • Rant: A friend’s two-month old was recently diagnosed with Dentritic Cell Sarcoma, a very rare form of cancer. I feel so bad for her and their family.
    Rave: The fundraiser that her sister set up for her is doing very well! They’ve got a long road ahead of them, but the $9,500 they’ve raised in the past few days is sure to help.
    Rant: T-Mobile suspended my service even though my bill has been paid. Admittedly, it was about 10 days late, but I paid it on the 2nd, got a message that it would be suspend on the 4th, called to make sure they received my payment and there wasn’t a problem (they said all was fine and the message was sent in error), and, today, no service. Very frustrating!
    Rave: Only two more weeks of work this month before taking two weeks off to visit family over the holidays.
    Rant: Security deposit problems-I subletted a place for a month and the woman I rented from is claiming I caused a ton of damage that I didn’t cause (as well as claiming she needed a cleaning crew to come in and is charging me for it). And the landlords of the place I had previously lived in for four years haven’t gotten back to me about my deposit, either. I realize that they have 45 days (it’s been five weeks) and there a few small things they could conceivably charge me for if they’re being nitpicky (which is well within their right), but I should be getting at least 2/3 of my deposit back and I haven’t heard anything. I plan on contacting them in another week, after the 45-day deadline. It’s just frustrating to be waiting on the money!
    Rave: I get to see my old roommate tonight. She moved out of the area a few years ago and will be back in town for a baby shower!

    • Ugh, security deposits. My old management company has just stopped returning my emails at this point. My roommate moved out in October and they mailed her a letter saying she was delinquent for November, but they approved her move out date more than 30 days in advance. I moved out mid November and I know they have 45 days to send the deposit, but they also have to give at least 10 days notice that they are inspecting, and they inspected after we moved out and never told us about it. We emailed and emailed saying one of us would like to be there, just say when. Crickets.

      • Ugh. So frustrating! I’m sorry you’re having to deal with that. I rented from individuals (it was a basement apartment) and I know they do a ton of traveling over the holidays, so I’m holding out hope I’ll hear from them within the next week or so. My lease did say the deposit would be returned within 30 days, but I figured I would give them the full 45 days DC law allows since, like I said, I know they’re typically very busy at this time of year. If, when I e-mail them and send them a letter via certified mail after 45 days, they don’t respond, I’m considering taking them to small claims court. I’m not a litigious person by any means, but I’d like to get my $1650 (or at least $1000 of it) back!

        • Ack, that’s a lot. I think your plan is solid. I get not being litigious, but it is your money and they would be the ones in the wrong if they didn’t return it by the 45 days.

          • Yeah, I definitely plan on contacting them through e-mail/mail/phone first instead of jumping right to small claims court, but I’ll do it if I have to!

    • I would assume you won’t get the security deposit back. I was in a similar situation and the person (not the landlord but someone I was subletting from) claimed I’d caused all these damages that I knew I hasn’t possibly done. I figured if I took her to court she’s just create the damages herself to prove they were there. $950 down the drain– I hope karma gets her good.

      • Yeah, I’m (unfortunately) kind of assuming that about the place I rented for a month. Luckily, it was only $300. I’m guessing the landlords/owners of the place I rented for four years are just being slow on returning my deposit. There were no problems with the inspection and I guess they do have another week under DC law to return it (though my lease did specify 30 days). I’m definitely holding out hope that they’ll return all/most of it with no problems, especially because I took pictures at the inspection, so they know I have proof that there was nothing major wrong with the apartment.

        • Did you take pictures of the bathroom sink to prove there are no gouges in the basin? That’s one of the damages she claimed I did (but refused to provide photos of). Don’t ask me how a bathroom sink could be gouged from normal use. I guess I shouldn’t be playing with power tools while brushing my teeth.

          • Hmmm…I’m honestly not sure. I took multiple pictures in every room (though, stupidly, didn’t think to do the same for the place I was just in for a month), but I’m not sure if I took pictures of the sink or not. I’ll have to try to look back through the pictures.

  • Twitter owes Carrie Underwood an apology.

  • Rant: UPS. Item I must sign for is scheduled for delivery today by the end of the day. But tracking shows it hasn’t left Laurel, Maryland (I live in Centreville. It was in Roanoke yesterday. It went PAST ME) yet. So I guess I cannot leave the house today until husband gets home, but then we cant do anything together. And it’s his present. End of day was about 9 pm when they delivered something yesterday.
    Rant: Day 2 of headache.
    Rant: Coworkers with no basic problem-solving skills.
    Rave: None yet. Friday?

    • Scrillin

      Regarding UPS: Exact same problem for me! It was supposed to come yesterday, still hasn’t arrived, and I don’t know what to do!

    • Don’t worry, there’s nothing to do in Centreville on a Friday night anyway. πŸ˜‰

      • No kidding! We’re supposed to head up to Baltimore tomorrow night. Hopefully this headache is gone by then! Although…Sweetwater did tap Happy Trails Christmas Ale today…

        It STILL hasn’t left Laurel according to tracking, but their FAQs claims even if it wasnt scanned it will totally still arrive on time. I have a separate package also supposed to arrive from UPS today (last scan in Chantilly) so…I’ll be more concerned if one shows and the other doesn’t.

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