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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • I know a lot of you on here work in international development and I recall that some of you cover portions of Africa. So I am wondering, is it true there won’t be snow in Africa this Christmas? Or that nothing ever grows and no rain or rivers flow? Relatedly, do they know it’s Christmas time at all?

    Any insights you can provide would be useful.

  • Rant: For the first time ever, I decided to put lights up on two trees in front of my house- white LED lights, nothing obnoxious. Last night (day three), came home to find that someone had stolen the timer off the lights from one of the trees (the more expensive lights, of course). Who steals the timer from Christmas lights!?? There must be a serious Grinch in my neighborhood.

  • Rant: baby nightly fussiness. It is killing me. It went from 5-10 to 7-1130 though. Is that good?
    Rave: once fuss is over it’s lights out for a good number of hours. Blessings are counted.

    Popville: where should I go to lunch with my sister tomorrow? She is coming in around 1130 from New York (where everything is better!) – was going to take her to check in to hotel first (Helix) but am open to food location. Near union station? Near hotel? I live near 14th street but most places aren’t open for lunch. Estadio is….but maybe some place else comes recommended?? Help!

    • The only thing that would placate my son during the witching hour when he was a few months old was putting him in a carrier (we had a k’tan) and bouncing on an exercise ball. Our neighbors thought we were crazy, but it worked. We also got a pretty nice leg workout.

    • How old is your baby? This is a sample size of one, but I found when my daughter started to get fussy from the 7 pm feeding until the 11 pm feeding, it was really that she was ready to be put in her crib for the night. That was also right around when we started dream feeding and she would get her longer stretches of sleep. Not sure if that applies for you i.e. if you’re already putting him/her down around 7.

      • 5 weeks old. It’s a combo of every baby does it, trying to regulate his sleep cycle (he changes pattern and I’m sure it exhausts him) and gas. He chugs when he eats and a day of that compounds. So when he wants to eat at night it hurts. We have gas drops and all that but still. It sucks because I can tell he is uncomfortable. The carrier doesn’t work that well at night) husband wears it, I am still annoyingly recovering from an emergency c section so I have a pain limit with the carrier that I reach in about 20 minutes). We broke down and ordered a momaroo…we’ll see if that does with everyone says!

        • Oh yeah, five weeks is soon – we started this process around 8/9 weeks with our daughter. I hear good things about the momaroo. We used a Graco swing from friends that was a lifesaver.

    • Our house was never cleaner than when we went through the fussy phase; my husband would put the baby in the carrier and vacuum the floors. Combination of the noise and the swaying motion knocked her out.
      Also gripe water. I’m not sure it does anything for the tummy ache (or whatever makes them fuss) but they like the sweet taste.

    • Totally forgot about the witching hour. Movement helped my son. Swing, Rock n Play…usually during dinner.

      • How do people forget? This is making me want my tubes tied.

        • If it weren’t for short memories there would be no second children.

        • gotryit

          Somewhere around when they say “I love you daddy!” or when I’m going off to work, they look sad and say “I miss you.” Then I completely forget the nightmare that was those months. And the night before. Yeah, memory loss.

        • The first two months are insane. And I mean insane. I remember my partner and I being so sleep deprived we were literally hallucinating in the middle of the night, thinking the baby was in the bed with us, or my partner thinking I was feeding the baby next to him when in reality I was sleeping with the baby in the co-sleeper next to HIM. He sat on the edge of the bed waiting for me to finish for god-knows how long. Literally, insane.

          But it gets better. It really does! The witching hour ends, the crazy nights get more “routine”. You learn you can go a whole day with no sleep the night before with an ounce of determination and a lot of blessed, blessed coffee. The periods the baby is awake in the middle of the night gets more spaced out. You get other challenges, but the hardest part of being a first-time parent is the first two months. It’s probably not a coincidence that the end is heralded by baby’s first real smile. πŸ™‚

          Are you breastfeeding? If so, baby might be getting a tummy ache from something you’re eating. I’ve heard switching to a dairy-free diet can help, but this is a non-pediatrician stranger talking.

          • I had those same hallucinations. My husband thought I was going crazy. We’d hear the baby cry from her room and he would get up to feed/change her and I’d say “No, she’s right here. I’ve got her.” Good times.

          • They really were terrifying at the time, but now we look back and laugh.

          • Indeed. He was about this close to calling the doctor to have me evaluated. It was that bad.

        • KSB

          I remember thinking the same thing – and now I really DO forget the insanity (I just remember that it was there.) When they get roly-poly-squishy-laughy-cute in a couple of months, these soul-crushing tired nights will be a distant memory. My third is landing in a few weeks so I’ll be right back in the throes of it and will have to remind myself of this too πŸ™‚

    • With my daughter, the only surefire way to knock her out was gentle pacing while listening to a bootleg cassette recording of “Scarlet Begonia’s/Fire on the Mountain” from the Dead’s legendary Cornell ’77 show. (If there are any Deadheads left in PoPville, you should know that we — facetiously, I think — considered naming her Scarlet Fire Streete instead of the Irish chamber maid name she ended up with)

      I work at Union Station and I think lunch around here pretty much sucks. If you’re mobile, though, Tokai Underground is a lot of fun, but seems to fill up by 12:30. Jaleo is boring but always acceptable, I like Oyamel or — if you want to drop cash — Proof.

    • gotryit

      What about ethiopian food? It’s pretty good for someone a bit adventurous, and from what I’ve seen of NYC, there’s a bigger community here (so more options / better quality than NYC).

    • If you’ve got a 5 week old, you go wherever its convenient. Your sister’s not coming for a good meal.

    • msmaryedith

      What about heading over to Barracks Row after picking her up? It’s not that far, and there are some good lunch deals along there and pretty easy parking. Zest is quite family-friendly and a good lunch spot. Or Montmartre at Eastern Market? Or on H Street, Boundary Road?

    • Don’t you have a gift certificate to Volt? Take her there!

  • So we’ve covered the car wreck at 11th and Girard and the auto vs cyclist at 14th and S… but what was happening on 14th in front of Target this morning? Many emergency vehicles, traffic backed up for blocks.

  • Rave: Jimmy Carter and airline deregulation. I’ve been flying to Atlanta for Christmas since the late 70s, when I went off to college my parents relocated from the ancestral home in the Maryland suburbs (it was harder to track people down in the old days, before the Internet, but I found them), and I’m paying, in 2013 dollars, roughly (maybe less) than what they were paying in 1980 dollars for the same trip. It’s almost enough to make me like Milton Friedman.

    • True. But then you look at Ryan Air, Easyjet, et al in Europe and some of the budget airlines in Asia and think, “Flights here are expensive!”

      It’s relative :). We should really deregulate and let any airline fly here in the States (assuming they meet the standard safety criteria of course).

      • Yeah — when I flew on that fateful trip with the maybe-girlfriend to London and Portugal, it turned out actaully to be cheaper to do DC>London>Portugal and back the same way than it would have been to fly straight there, because the UK>Portugal leg on Ryan Air was so cheap.

      • Ahh we do have a version of Ryan Air here, it’s Spirit Airlines and they are pure crap. You get what you pay for.

        But we’ll never see foreign carriers doing domestic routes here in the United States. For those that don’t know, Virgin America is not a British company…

    • Emmaleigh504

      hahaha My parents moved when I was in college too, but I had the early internet, so I found them pretty quickly.

    • Your wallet may be happier but the total experience now is awful compared to the old days. Then again the planes were filled with cigarette smoke so maybe there’s two sides to that coin.

      • I smoked for w few years back then — and I grew up around smokers — so I didn’t mind that aspect. More to the point, for $900 in savings, I can erase the awful with a better hotel, Bombay martinis and a CraigsList massage, and still have money in my pocket.

    • And it now costs me 400-500 dollars to fly to a mid sized city in the Midwest.

    • Yep, my holiday ticket to West Texas (which I booked in September I might add) was only $130 less than my DC-Reykjavik-London-DC ticket this past summer. Ridiculous! I think this is a product of all these airline mergers. Simple economics tells you less competition means higher fares. If they keep going we will eventually end up with Americaflot!

  • Rave: Friendsgiving this weekend, where we get to spend time with the family we’ve chosen rather than the one we married or were born into. πŸ™‚
    Rave: Washington Post holiday cookie issue – already made one recipe and they turned out great.
    Rant: Fighting a cold – every time we see my nephew, I get sick. I’ve got a kid in daycare and I get sick less from her than I do from him. Must be those exotic NYC germs.

    • Which recipe did you make? I’m deciding which to do for my cookie exchage. Tough decisions!

      • I made the bourbon chocolate chip cookies, with the addition of a sprinkle of sea salt on top. Next time, I would up the pecans and chocolate chips to one cup each. Regardless, delicious. I baked them off this morning since I won’t be home tonight and had one for breakfast.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Melancholy.
    Rave: Probably brought on by lack of sleep
    Rave: I think I’ve found the source of what’s causing me to wake up at 3 am and I can fix it!
    Rant: Forgot to buy an extra stuffed rhino toy from a rhino charity for the stuffed animal drive my building does. Can I give my wee baby cousin’s rhino away? She’s only like 2 weeks old, she won’t notice, right?
    Rave: Wearing my Popville shirt and it’s the softest most comfortable tshirt I own. I hope the softness lasts through a million washings.

  • rant: no one is filling our vacant ANC seat. I don’t want to either, but I also don’t want to do the job.

  • Rave: Aroi Thai’s new wall murals, really nice

    Rant: Bloomingdale life long residents constantly protesting anything related to making a better neighborhood. People who value decaying buildings, vagrants loitering and crime over a functional tavern that will give back to the community. Dumbfounded that the Firehouse was not granted an ABRA license yesterday (continued a month to appease those mentioned above) due to squeaky wheels that do NOT represent the majority of the neighborhood. It is really sad and pathetic.

  • Rave: After deciding I didn’t really need to spend $500 on a flat smart TV, Costco offered an $85.00 rebate on the one I wanted in time for Thanksgiving. Smart nephews set the whole thing up.

    Posted the big heavy old TV for free on Craigslist – there were over 100 free TVS! Strong nephews carried the behemoth out to poor lady’s car.

    Rant: With 6 kids here, I never actually touched the remote until they all left. Now I can’t figure out how to get to some screens!

    Rave: I can get to Netflix streaming – finally get to watch Orange is the New Black.

  • Ethical dilemma: I just realized I am the only person to know where the leftover desserts from a department function a couple of nights ago ended up. Am I obliged to tell?

  • Rant1: miscarriage
    Rant2: cancelled tonight anniversary dinner at the diplomate because of Rant1
    Rant3: A friend visiting used my laptop and i was searching for info about rant1, I know she noticed the pages I was reading, but I don’t feel like talking about it with her or anybody. Maybe some day in the future.
    Rave: I can talk about it to my virtual friends from popville

    • Prince Of Petworth

      So sorry to hear this – wishing you lots of strength.

    • houseintherear

      Feeling for you. So many people go through this, and no one talks about it (for understandable reasons). It sure does make the constant barrage of baby pics, baby complaining, and general baby chatter hard to bear. Stay strong.

      • I’m very sorry for your loss. Andrew Sullivan has a really interesting on-going conversation about miscarriage on his site right now (The Dish). If you go to the site, on the right hand side about a quarter of the way down is a section for Recent Threads. One of those threads is called The Misery of Miscarriage, if you’re interested (maybe not right now, but at some point). A lot of the people sending e-mails in just say how nice it is that someone is talking about it.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss. We’re here to listen.

    • I’m very sorry for you loss.

    • That’s really rough. I hope you feel better soon πŸ™
      RANT: My best friend from college just had a baby, but I was surprised that they he and his wife didn’t announce the birth officially until 6 days afterward. I just found out from him that his wife suffered from severe eclampsia during childbirth and was nearly killed. I haven’t talk to her yet, but Jesus, that’s so scary. I’m hoping that she makes a full recovery, it sounds like she was really traumatized by the experience. Awful πŸ™

    • Sorry to hear this – sending you heaps of virtual support

    • So sorry for your loss, but hopeful that peace and calm can find you soon.

    • KSB

      I’m heartbroken for you. I’ve suffered this loss too and the ache is terrible (physically, mentally, emotionally.) Be kind to yourself and please talk about whatever you need to with us. More virtual hugs coming your way…

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m sorry for your loss. You can talk about it all you need to here, we will listen.

    • I am so sorry for your loss. And it is a loss, so please don’t feel bad (if you were even considering) about treating it like the sad loss that it is.

    • epric002

      hoping you find peace and healing.

    • I’m so so sorry. I hope you’re able to find comfort in your friends and family and fellow Popsters.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss.

    • πŸ™ stay strong!

    • So sorry for your loss.

    • So sorry for your loss. Been, there, twice, and it’s so hard. Take care of yourself.

    • Sorry to hear this. πŸ™

  • Rave: She’s the one.

  • Rave: New phone to replace the (rant) nearly new phone I lost in the woods.
    Rant: Photos not backed up
    Neither rant nor rave: The sound of incoming messages on my different devices

  • Rave: I had my first latkes last night! They were great and my friend made delicious homemade apple sauce.
    Rant: My new living room is wider than my last one, so now I feel like my TV is too small. I’m not the kind of person who feels compelled to have a huge tv, but the 32″ is kind of dinky from 7 or 8 feet away. Furnishing a new space is getting pricy.
    Rant: yesterday I was kicking butt and taking names at work, this whole week I had been productive. But I have zero motivation today.

  • epric002

    rant: super sore from yoga last night.
    rave: i went to yoga last night.
    request: best croissants in DC???

  • Rave: I’m a little too excited over NBC’s live version of “The Sound of Music.”

    Rant: Haters complaining about Carrie Underwood playing Maria. Geez, it’s not like she’s playing King Lear.

  • A while back someone asked for a recommendation for a thyroid doctor. I’m back in the market for one – I think I recall that it was someone at the Washington Endocrine Clinic. Can anyone say which doctor it was that a few people raved about?

    • I don’t remember the doctor that others recommended/raved about before but I don’t mind recommending my own doctor: Mark Sklar, Sklar Endocrinology. His office is on Washington Circle. The building is old and maybe a bit run down but I do like Dr. Sklar and I’ve always found the office staff and nurses to be very helpful.

    • saf

      Thyroid – I go to Washington Endocrine. The doc is YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG but he’s good. Seriously though, it’s like going to Doogie Howser.

  • Rant: My daughter’s best friend at school is going in for a biopsy today for a tumor right near his carotid artery. He is 2.5 Dr. believes there’s a 50% chance it’s malignant. It is making me want to curse the world today. 2.5 years old. What the everloving fuck.

    • this will probably get edited out but fuck cancer.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        Not at all – I also hate cancer.

        • Thanks for not editing. No one deserves this. No one. Two and a half? I just can’t even process it so I’m going to try to stay positive. Try.

          • Try and stay positive and don’t angry at the world. My best friend since high school passed away April 2012 from intestinal cancer and I still miss him every day. I’m willing all my positive and good vibes for the little guy!

          • I survived open heart surgery the day after I was born and have had two different kinds of cancer. Still alive and doing well!

            And obviously I have no idea what kind of cancer the kid MIGHT have, but there are plenty that are treatable now…

            So yes, stay positive!

          • Thanks, all. There are a few possibilities but I am trying to stay away from Dr. Google since it just makes people nuts. I appreciate all the good thoughts – he’s such a sweet boy.

    • this makes me so sad. i hope that this little kid is on the positive side of the 50%. sending positive thoughts to him, his family, and you and your daughter. keep us posted.

  • Minor rant in the scheme of life but rant…. in parking ticket hell. Got notice a ticket went to collections and is past the 120 adjudication period. Ticket was never received. The cost is more than a cross-country flight. The laws of physics preclude the ticket from actually being mine and properly issued (I’m guessing typo when entered into the system by the meter-maid). What do I do?

    • Try putting together the supporting information that you’d normally send as part of an appeal, and send that to your councilmember to see if he/she can intervene on your behalf?
      I received a “second notice”* for a ticket I had never received in the first place, but in your case, it sounds like you didn’t receive the initial ticket, the second notice, or any interim notices they send between Notice #2 and referring the ticket to a collections agency.
      * (When my initial appeal was rejected, I thought about appealing again, but that was going to require a $10 second-appeal fee in addition to the ticket amount ($30) and the penalty amount ($30), and I wasn’t very sanguine about my odds of succeeding. I meant to contact my councilmember about it, but never did.)

  • justinbc

    I’m hesitant to say Rave, because I don’t want to trivialize what allegedly happened to the victim, but from a purely football standpoint the news just came across a bit ago that Jameis Winston will not be charged with anything in the investigation that was ongoing. Innocent until proven guilty and all that, this is good news for any Noles fans.

    • Really?!?! Can’t you put your rooting interests aside for two seconds? He wasn’t exonerated. We don’t know what happened. And somebody else could be in personal hell right now. But that’s ok since your chances at a national championship and a Heisman just slightly increased…

      • justinbc

        As I said, innocent until proven guilty.

        • I think you’re missing the point….when you bring up sports implications you ARE trivializing what allegedly happened to the victim.

          • justinbc

            If he were found guilty I would have fully supported removing him from the team (note: simply charging him would have accomplished this per the university’s code as well) and enforcement of any related jail time. The simple fact that it is now nothing more than an allegation means those charged with determining whether to move forward have made their decision, and that’s what they get paid for, not me. I’m not going to dwell on what kids in college may or may not do, especially when neither side is more or less credible than the other.

          • Meh, on a purely selfish reason, not knowing what happened, I was hoping the kid did get charged. I like OSU’s chances much better sans Winston, than with Winston.

          • Seems like to me he likely did do it, but not enough evidence to charge him. Once again, I don’t know the facts, nor have I read much, so I will refrain from arm-chair quarterbacking any further.

          • Not true regarding credibility. She was with multiple guys that night.

          • According to whom? And, if she was (which hasn’t been proven to be true, but a long shot), how does that preclude her from being raped/damage her credibility?

          • Proves she was just trying to get back at him after the miscarriage. I bet if the pregnancy was successful she would have blackmailed him for money and never even allowed a paternity test.

    • seriously. why even bring it up? do us a favor and try to refrain from commenting for like 3 days

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