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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Christmas shopping is DONE!

    Rave: Lunch at Rasika with one of my favorite people today!

    Rave: And it’ s not even that cold outside!

    Rant: Nothing!
    (except maybe my raging case of exclamation point abuse)

  • Rave: If/Then was wonderful! The story was great, the performers were amazing, and it appears they have worked most of the kinks out with the sound/set because I didn’t notice any problems. Apparently there’s a lottery for $25 tickets for the remaining shows – I would recommend trying to get them if possible! http://thenationaldc.org/events/if-then/ (There were multiple rows of empty seats in the balcony last night.)
    Rave: Today is my Friday.
    Rant: A lot of extra driving to accomodate my mom’s fear of traveling this coming weekend.
    Rave: At least she’s willing to make the trip with me!

    • LOVED It/Then! I shed some tears towards the end. I have been recommending it to everyone.

      • It resonated in particular because I got divorced fairly young and am/have faced some of the same things as the main character. It really was a wonderful production! It got a tiny bit tricky in the second half keeping track of the two stories but I still loved it!

  • Rave: I just bought my first house yesterday! We’re moving to Shaw. To celebrate we went to the Shaw holiday party last night and it was lovely to chat w neighbors.
    Rant: Is this house a warm money pit? maybe.

    • Well you’re on the wrong website then. You want PoSville, not PoPville.
      Just kidding. Congrats on the new house.

    • Congrats! Atleast someone some are getting lucky. I’ve been in market since spring and keep getting out bidded. I especially hate it when investors jump in with cash offers. bastards!

      • OP here, we looked for a year and didnt find anything since apparently we cant escalate 100k or pay all cash. Our real estate agent had a owner come to him to sell the place and offered it to us instead of going on the market. I dont think we could afford it otherwise. Miracles do happen! Maybe ask your agent how common this is?

        • That is awesome! That’s about the only way I see it being possible- well affordable for me. Once it hits the market, its no longer affordable. I’ve been in close talks with owners and everytime I think we’ve hit a deal, they change their mind. Frustrating but I’m still hoping.

          Good thing is I already home. Just looking for a new home while keeping my current home.

          • justinbc

            Well, there’s the problem. If you’re trying to find a “deal” on the low-end, most everyone else is doing the same thing. Either lower your price bracket (so you can bid up), consider different neighborhoods, or save even more so you can get the area you want (assuming it doesn’t inflate more by the time you could theoretically have afforded it). The good news is that there is significantly more inventory now than there was in the spring and summer.

          • NO that’s not the problem. I tried to by the next doors neighbors home and offered 30K more than the private cash offer they had gotten and they still decided to go with the cash/investor offer. The property recently came on market after couple months of renovations. It listed for about 50K more than if I had bought it and rehabbed it myself. Good for me in sense that my current home equity is good, but bad that the homes now become unfaffordable once developers gets their hands on them.

    • Welcome to the neighborhood! We bought our place in Shaw at this time just 2 years ago. And I think just 2 years later we would absolutely be priced out. there are no little houses left in shaw for under $500k. glad you got your place and welcome to a lovely community – it’s a great place to live!

      • love hearing this! whenever i see people around the house i am like HI I’M YOUR NEIGHBOR and my husband keeps being like, chilllll out you’re scaring people. I am very excited about the whole thing!

        • Hehe, I recently had new neighbors move into the condo next to me and I immediately invited them over for mulled wine and ginger cookies. I may have freaked them out with my enthusiasm, but my previous neighbors moved away only just after I met them and realized how cool they were. Not going to let that happen again!

        • Ditto. I stick my hand out and introduce myself to every possible neighbor. my husband is mortified… but ultimately grateful. there’s nothing better than knowing your neighbors, lending a hand when you can and getting the same in return. In our 2 years in shaw we have traded sets of keys, jump started cars, babysat dogs, borrowed ingredients, shared food, moved cars for street sweeping, taken in packages, had our own packages taken in by others, fundraised for the dog park, fed pet turtles, got help to plug roof leaks in a storm – the list goes on. we have the most wonderful neighbors and we hope we are just as neighborly in return!

          • justinbc

            I always talk to my neighbors every chance I get. One day we had a brand new 300 pound gas grill dropped off at our front gate, below the steps. Luckily the neighbor was walking by and offered to help me carry it to the back patio. It pays to be friendly.

  • Rave: New cycletrack on M street is finally being built. With a curb! A curb!

    Rant: Shooting last night in Trinidad. Obviously any kind of gun violence is bad, but what kind of idiot shoots a cop? A step backward for an area that has come so far.

    • Yeah, pretty awesome that it’s physically separated with a curb island, similar to what they have in Amsterdam. It’s going to be a real game changer. It seems that the DOT/DPW is experimenting with different types of bike lanes in DC, figuring out which works best. I hope the curb version is a runaway success and future bike lanes are built this way.

  • Rant: Flying lantern over my house last night in ColHts scared the crap out of me. Why people insist on doing dumb things they saw on pinterest out of sentimentality perplexes me but this isn’t Japan people. Cut that s#it out, someone’s house can get burned down!

    • lol that is too funny, in a nutz kind of way. I have come to understand that the human mind works much in the same way as the human eye. Some people have 20/20 and live a well balanced life. Some minds have myopia and only see how things affect them, not others. Some minds have hyperopia and are always looking at how things affect others. Some people have one of each eye and you never know what you are gonna get out of them. Some people seek corrective action for their eye issues (correlation = mind education) and are able to over come their natural impediments, while others are content living with them no matter how much of a problem it can be.

    • I have not been to Japan, are their houses impervious to fire?

      • No, but their fire is much smarter so it knows what not to burn.

      • Roofs on houses there are made out of ceramic tiles, tin or copper in areas where lanterns are set off. these lanterns are generally set off with small candles that run out soon after being let go. The lantern last night was huge and set off in a heavily wooded/residential area. Trees are dry now, and there are plenty of dry leaves everywhere, it’s irresponsible to do that in this type of area. A police officer I talked to about it said it was possibly a criminal offense to set off lanterns in an area like Columbia Heights if damage resulted.

        • For what it’s worth, I lived in Japan for a year and never saw any flying lanterns. (I’ve only seen them at a UK music festival.) Then again, maybe that was because I lived in Kyoto, which has a lot of old wooden buildings remaining and (if I remember correctly) a ban or partial ban on big fireworks.

  • Rant: Got a red light ticket while in a Car2go, and cannot challenge it. Car2go states that all tickets are final and cannot be challenged (I suppose so they don’t double). I understand it’s my fault and I take responsibility for it, but i should have the right to challenge any ticket, especially when Car2go charges me an additional $25 + tax after the $150 ticket.

    If I got a ticket while in a Car2go from a police officer, it would be a moving violation on me, no? And then I could challenge it if I felt it necessary.

  • Rave: Great dinner at Le Diplomate this week.
    Rant: Sick. First cold of the season. I don’t have time for this crap.
    Rave: Spent most of yesterday in bed resting and recovering.

  • Rant: People announcing their engagement by sending or posting a picture of the hand with the ring. I would much rather see a picture of the two people looking happy together, not a piece of jewelry. Is that really the part I’m supposed to be excited about for you?

    • Ha, too true. Then again, for some couples happiness fades but the diamond lasts forever….

    • I hate the materialism that comes attached with getting married.
      My girlfriend’s despised and shallow cousin actually cried when she got engaged this year because she thought the diamond was too small (1 carat, instead of 1.5 carat minimum). She actually made her fiance return the ring and then kicked in some of her own savings to upgrade to a bigger rock! Red flag, red flag! Her beau is in for a lifetime of pain and suffering, lol.

      • Wow, it’s pretty insane to have a minimum size your engagement ring must be and then make your fiancee return it when it doesn’t meet that requirement. I can understand maybe wanting to exchange it if it’s completely not your style – after all, you’re going to be wearing it for presumably a long time – but not simply because it is “too small.” Personally I’d rather an engagement be a mutual decision (rather than a surprise) and then the two of you can shop for each other’s rings together.

    • +1000! i don’t believe in supporting the diamond industry so found it hard to muster up any enthusiasm for my coworker when she recently got engaged and only wanted people to fawn over her ring. even though i’m excited for her and heartily congratulated her for the engagement, people looked at me like i was the grinch for not wanting to bother looking at her ring.

    • justinbc

      Maybe they’re sensitive about their bodies?

    • epric002

      + a million. do i love pretty, shiny rings? yes! do i want to see it when i celebrate with you? yes! do i think it’s supremely tacky to post nothing BUT a shot of your ring? yes! a ring does not an engagement make. a wedding does not a marriage make.

    • If you like it, then you should put a ring on it.

  • Rant: sitting here trying to write the world’s most boring memo because rules require a memo where common sense should apply instead
    Rant: woke up on the wrong side this AM. Cranky. Anyone have a good joke?

    • I don’t know how funny this one is but it made me smile on the metro the other evening:

      Four year old girl to dad: Knock knock
      Dad: Who’s there?
      Girl: Anita
      Dad: Anita who?
      Girl: Anita hug

      She told it over and over again for several metro stops until finally saying, Dad, I really need a hug!!!

      So sweet.

    • What has 90 balls and screws with old ladies ……… bingo.

    • Did you hear about the mystery writer who was a Chubby Checker fan?

      All of his stories had Twist endings.

    • Why don’t kleptomanaics make puns? Because they always take things literally.

    • well your world’s most boring memo rant made me laugh! LOL Trying to imagine what idiocy you’re dealing with and what the memo says. HA!

      • Probably something to do with TPS Reports.

        • Omg! When I came in this morning (drove today) I saw a ton of office furniture in the underground parking garage! I was momentarily really concerned someone was getting moved down there. It’s just storage though.

      • Thanks for these jokes. The memo has only one paragraph so far but feeling much cheerier. Can’t out myself with too much detail. But maybe we can have a World’s Most Boring Memo contest. Like World’s Strongest Man, but for bureaucrats. “You have sixty seconds to cite all the CFR clauses memorized. Go!”

    • A man walked into a bar. It hurt.

    • Why are aardvarks always so healthy?………..They’re full of anty-bodies!

    • A piece of string walks into a bar, climbs up on the bar stool and orders a drink from the bartender.
      The bartender looks at the string and says, “We don’t serve your kind in this place.”
      The string gets up and walks outside.
      He ties himself into a knot, scuffs up the ends of himself and walks back into the bar.
      He climbs back up on a stool and says, “I’d like a drink please.”
      The bartender says, “Look! I told you before we don’t serve your type. You’re that same string who was in here earlier aren’t you?”
      The string says, “Nope! I’m a frayed knot.”

  • Mmm, Rasika! Reminds me I need to plan another trip there. It’s probably a good think it’s so hard to get reservations, otherwise I’d be busting my budget there WAY too often!

  • Rave: Found out yesterday that my bosses (one of those jobs where a lot of people get to tell me what to do, all nice, though) had found a way to keep me on past a February 28th expiration date, probably at least until January, 2017. Nice to be employed (though the contingency plan for cyber job-hunting from Provence had a lot going for it) but somehow even nicer to have people who you like and respect go to bat for you.

    Rave: Job prospect in Cali wants to move interview up from early January (after their TWO WEEK Christmas break) to next week, before said lengthy vacation.

    Rant: Prospect of leaving a truly incredible woman behind for a truly incredible job opportunity already much on my mind.

    • “Rant: Prospect of leaving a truly incredible woman behind for a truly incredible job opportunity already much on my mind.”
      Take her with you and turn her into a beach bunny! 😉

      • I don’t think she’s a “whither thou goest, I will go” type. Part of her appeal really. And, at 50+ we may be pushing the envelope for “beach bunny.” Beach cougar? (“Ginnie! Stay the hell away from that lifeguard! Besides, you told me graying temples are sexy!)

    • That’s great news, although that contingency plan sounds pretty awesome! 🙂 The BF and I were just talking about his new long-term goal/dream of setting things up financially and career-wise to be able to move to the south of France or Spain (somewhere by the sea) in 10 years or so and have a more relaxed life (not that my life is all that high-stress now–although his is–but it is definitely lacking the Mediterranean!) I know that there are a LOT of things that would need to fall into place (including our relationship needing to be more solid and committed), and I know from experience that life has plenty of ways of throwing a wrench into happy plans…so who knows. But in the meantime, it’s fun to dream about, at least!

  • RANT: As I get older (I’m 32), younger ladies seem to get more and more attracted to me. Totally out of the blue, I have GW and Georgetown undergrads shamelessly flirting with me and giving me the full court press. Where the hell where you ladies when I was your age?!? Daddy Issues, I suppose.
    RAVE: My problems could be much worse.

    • How does a 32 year old single guy feel about the full court press? I always wonder! (I’m 31 and female.)

      • I like forward women who say what they want and don’t beat around the bush. You want it? Go for it.
        Then again, my ego isn’t fragile (“You’re a successful woman who makes more money than me? SWEET”) and I’m not too attached to traditional gender roles (e.g. the guy must initiate everything).
        My (feminist) mama raised me right.

    • What’s “the full court press”? Pressing up against someone’s body?
      (Is this a basketball term??)

      • In this case, “full court press” means getting lots of text messages, asking to stay over at my place, wanting to go out for drinks (“after my class that gets out at 8pm?” – omg), and just generally throwing themselves at me without me having to put in any effort. And they’re not even gold-digging.

    • “I have GW and Georgetown undergrads shamelessly flirting with me” — My first thought? Goooooooooolllllllllddddddddd diggerrrrrrrssssssss! And hey, I have a degree from GW (not undergrad, though).

    • I think sometimes women just like to flirt with an attractive (Which, like all PoPulans, you inevitably are) male who they figure is mature enough not to try to shove them into a dark corner and grope them after a 10-minute conversation. Also, this is payback for all those years when the hot women were dating older guys and ignoring you (OK, maybe that was just me).

      • PoPulans, I like that word. Members of the PoPulace. Teehee.

      • Haha yes, this really is making up for lost time. Now I get to be the “older guy” having a casual fling with a way-too-young 21 year-old. College was actually kind of a dry spell for me. I was not very cool.

  • re: http://www.popville.com/2013/05/heads-up-scammer-around-thomas-and-scott-circles/ “Got a $20 for two $10s?” From the description, this sounds like the same guy who’s hit me up two days in a row on Georgia Ave in Petworth. I was thinking counterfeits, but I guess it’s even simpler than that.

  • Rant: Disappointing offerings at today’s CFC bake sale at my office. There were a LOT more baked goods at last year’s sale — I don’t think they publicized this one very well, and must have gotten fewer donations as a result.

  • epric002

    RAVE: two FELONY arrests for animal cruelty related to the pitbull found in SE in october with his neck slit. the poor guy’s name is mcfly, and he is on the road to recovery with bull terrier rescue of virginia.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Here’s the full press release:

      “DC residents Christopher Wayne Johnson (age 28) and Mark Donell Mosley (age 28) were arrested December 2, and arraigned yesterday, December 3, on felony animal cruelty charges after allegedly brutalizing a bull terrier named McFly.

      Two months ago, on October 2, the Washington Humane Society (WHS) was notified about a severely injured brindle and white, male, bull terrier type dog who had just been fought near 602 46th Place SE. Officers were not able to locate the dog until the morning of October 3, when a dog matching that description was found by WHS Officers alive, but in critical condition in the woods behind the address. The dog, McFly, had numerous bite wounds over his entire body as well as three lacerations across his neck consistent with an attempt to slit his throat.

      “What McFly was subjected to and endured was horrific, yet he was determined to survive,” stated WHS Senior Officer Dan D’Eramo, adding, “The fact that the U.S. Attorney’s Office is taking this on at a felony level is a testament to the severity of this atrocious act of animal abuse.”

      Johnson and Mosley have a preliminary hearing scheduled for December 10 at 9:00 am. Johnson is being held for violating terms of his probation for a previous animal cruelty charge related to dog fighting, and Mosley was released on bond. Both have been ordered not to own, possess or care for any animals in the interim.

      At the time surrounding McFly’s discovery, WHS Officers encountered one additional dog and two cats in the vicinity of the address who fell victim to animal cruelty. At this time, there is no evidence to suggest that the cases may be related. McFly is the only survivor of the early October attacks.

      Today, McFly is recovering from his wounds in the loving care of the Bull Terrier Rescue of Virginia. Any interested adopters may submit an adoption inquiry at http://www.btrva.org/adoption-inquiry. “

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