Planet Chocolate City Sign Gone from Georgia Ave

3225 Georgia Ave, NW

Just noticed the Planet Chocolate City sign has vanished from Georgia Ave:


The folks from Mothership say they hear condos are coming to the lot. Back in Feb. of 2012 I thought Chocolate City Beer should set up a pub here.

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  • Condos? What ‘lot’?

    • I think those are the other side above the post office and not so impressive strip mall on the Morton corner

      • There’s definitely a project slated for the lot with the strip mall and the post office, but from what PoPs said above, it sounded like the Mothership people told him that they’d heard there would be condos coming to the lot where Planet Chocolate City is/was. (I think it’s a corner lot.)

        • Hmm, wonder how that’s going to work/go down with the house behind Planet Chocolate City, with windows facing the street? Presumably condos would block those off?

          • I believe the house and the smaller Planet Chocolate City extension are part of the same property.
            A lot of the storefronts on this section of Georgia Avenue are extensions/additions to what were originally residential houses (presumably with front yards). Some of them may be wholly commercial now; others may be mixed-use.
            Further up Georgia Avenue, you can see some blocks with a combination of houses that still have yards (like the one where Qualia is) and others that have front additions (like the dry cleaners with the consignment shop above).

  • I knew it was inevitable, but that sign was great. I hope someone kept that sign and it didn’t just end up in pieces in a trash

  • Here is hoping that the transformation of Georgia Av swiftly continues!

  • I always wondered if it was a planet-sized city or a city-sized planet.

  • Does anyone know what is going in between DC Reynolds & the Lions Liquor Store on Georgia? I saw permits in the window and renovations taking place.

  • It’s a little off topic, but I checked out the new place at the corner of Georgia and Hobart. I recommend it if you’re looking for little neighborhood spot to grab a cheap drink and some bar food. It’s nothing fancy, but I really don’t need fancy in my corner bar. They had a happy hour deal of buy-one-get-one beers, and a combo of a beer, shot, and hotdog for $6.

    • What’s its name?

        • Yes, that’s the one. I couldn’t remember the name when I posted. The initial report was for “deli food”, and that is not at all what they’re serving. They’ve got wings, fries, hotdogs, hamburgers, fried chicken sandwich, etc.

          I probably wouldn’t go there specifically to eat dinner, but it’s good stuff to eat while you drink your reasonably priced beer. I had Devil’s Backbone Vienna Lager for $6 a pint, but it was BOGO for Happy Hour, so really $3 each.

          • I passed by yesterday and it looks kind of meh – definitely nice to have cheap beer in the hood, but they might need to step up their game in terms of ambience to attract customers, over Mothership and some of the 11th street offerings. Anyone know when the Hilltop on Sherman is going to finally open? They finally put in some of the windows, and its starting to look good, but its been in construction for ages!

          • Yes, it’s pretty shabby inside. I don’t think they’re ever going to be as nice as Mothership or 11th St places. If they make it until summer it’ll be fun to sit outside on the porch and drink cheap beer though.

            Last I heard Hilltop is supposed to open in January sometime. I guess I’ll believe that when I see it though. They’ve been very slow moving.

  • Is the new condo building across the street on Georgia and Lamont finished yet? Any retail/restaurant space in there?

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