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  • Yuck. Murals can really inspire and make an area beautiful. And then there are this kind which seem inspired to disturb.

  • The one on the left is just weird and ugly, but I love the newest one.

  • neither do much for me.
    both are pretty uninspired, especially considering these artists other works.

    but i do think it’s far better than a blank building.

  • I’m not a fan of the Jasper Wong one. But I do really love the Dabs Myla piece… I live across the street and really like the simple composition of it. The other one does give me nightmares lol. My understanding is that this is the largest work that Dabs Myla have done.

  • Both remind me of Comedy Bang Bang.

  • I shake my head…from side to side, not up and down.

  • I think you are all being extremely critical and just need to let the artist do their thing. we’re lucky to be a part of such an interesting project and even if it doens’t tickle your fancy you should still be open to the beauty of how their minds work.

  • I just realized that the two on the left are playing cat’s cradle. Sorta funny.

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