Oof – Worst Way to Wake Up Vol. Two


Ugh this happened to a neighbor of mine a few years ago. A reader sends in this unfortunate scene from Kentucky and 13th Street, SE. All four wheels gone and balanced on bricks:


To make matters worse – looks like it was a visitor – from the right of the police have been called sign:


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  • thats awful

  • Wow – now THAT is an enterprising neighborhood!

  • At least there is a bit of good news for the owner; they didn’t tow it w/out wheels like they did the Audi s4 in 2008. I had just bought one of the last s4 wagons and lived in the neighborhood. I was a bit nervous my wagon would meet the same fate of ending up on blocks.

  • And someone with a vistor’s parking permit too. Welcome to the neighborhood!

    Do locking wheel nuts actually help in a situation like this? Aren’t they easily removed with a special tool without the key?

  • I live in this area and many years ago someone did that to me as well – except they didn’t jack it up. But they did leave the lug nuts.

  • So I assume folks do this because tires have some value once resold… But pardon my ignorant question, are they really that valuable on the second hand market to go through all this trouble? I mean, I’ve replaced flat tires before and they aren’t cheap, but I never understood why this was common practice.

    ps – sorry this happened to you

    • They’re stealing the rims, not the tires… (I mean yes, they took the tires too, but that’s not the point)

      • Exactly, its the rims they are after
        also you would be surprised how quickly 2-3 guys could do “all of that work”

        typically they can do something like this in less than 2-3 mins with the right tools

        you used to see this happen a whole lot when bigger flashy rims were more popular

      • Could be combo of both. My Pirelli’s cost me $395 EACH!!

  • People still do this? Aren’t there more lucrative, less labor intensive crimes out there now?

  • I saw this happen to a car in the Palisades. I was shocked of the neighborhood b/c its about as bucolic as it gets.
    This is why cars and bikes need rim locks.

  • Not to blame the victim here, but they probably left those rims and tires in plain sight.

  • I wonder if the guy from yesterday’s rant and revel showed up to laugh at the car owner

  • reminds me of National Lampoon’s Vacation…

    “can you tell me how to get to the expressway from here?”
    “F*** your momma!”
    “thank you very much!”

    “go down this road… f*** that, you don’t want to go that way… go down that road… you’ll see an El Torino with no wheels on it… now INSIDE that el torino is my cousin.. Jackie… he’ll tell you the way to go, you don’t want to know from me, man, this ain’t even my neighborhood… I’m from the south side of Chicago… here on vacation”

    BEST MOVIE.. forgive the errors in quoting

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