Moroni and Brothers Pizza Closes on Georgia Ave, “I Got in Trouble”


Thanks to all who sent the sad word of Moroni and Brothers Pizza closing at 4811 Georgia Ave, NW. Moroni and Brothers opened up back in 2007 and for a while had some of the best pizza in town. There is now a very sad voice mail when you call them – saying they’ve closed for they don’t know how long and something about getting in trouble. Moroni was definitely a pioneer and while they strayed a bit from the original focus on Neapolitan pizza – they will be missed by many. Hopefully, they’ll be able to reopen at some point and return to their original glory. You can still see their delicious pizza menu here.

From happier times in 2008:


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  • I hope they didn’t get in trouble with the mob. Those guys will take your thumbs.

  • I went last year and found the pizza to be pretty mediocre. However, they were pioneers in trying to revitalize that strip, so it is sad to see them close down.

  • Wonder if it has anything to do with the condos going up across the street.

  • OH NO this is terrible news! We signed the contract on our house 2 blocks away while sitting in Moroni Bros 1.5 yrs ago. I’ve gone there at least once a month since then, sometimes as often as once a week. The pizza is great and the staff is fantastic and friendly. I hope they’re OK and reopen. Does anyone know if there’s anything we can do to help?

  • jim_ed

    This stinks. Moroni still has great pizza and the people that run it are awesome. We had noticed that recently they seemed to have given up on turning it into ‘Club Moroni’ on the weekends, and were back to just being a restaurant. Ugh.

  • this is really terrible news…not good for that strip either – first Fusion, now Moroni Bros. I loved their PIzza.

  • This is very unfortunate news, and a severe blow to that block. Best of luck to the Moronis. Hopefully they can get out of this trouble they’re in.

  • Man… that is a crazy voicemail. Sounds like someone’s got a gun to his head or something.

  • Good riddance. Some of the worst pizza we’ve ever had.

  • Horrible, horrible news. This was some of the best delivery pizza in town. And best pizza in general! Our elected officials need to do more to help and protect these small businesses. That strip has lost too many businesses lately. Shameful.

    • what exactly would the government do to “protect” these businesses?

      • I’m guessing what the Anon above means is things like improved access to capital (like low-interest loans), technical assistance (workshops, mentoring, or one-on-one consulting on various aspects of running small business); and on the “protect” side of things, perhaps improved police patrols, in the case of commercial corridors that have been plagued by break-ins and whatnot. Lots of government small business assistance programs *do* exist, but often it’s either not enough to meet the demand or it’s not targeted enough (for example, the official SBA definition for a restaurant to be considered a “small business” is $7M in annual revenue–which is actually a lot compared to the average mom and pop joint). Having said all that, without knowing what kind of “trouble” the owners are in, it’s impossible to know if these types of services would have helped.

  • This is very sad. Hope you work things out and are able to reopen. And what, Fusion closed too?? This was such a great little business strip–I’m sad to see these businesses go.

  • this is such a bummer.

  • Kind of disturbing… why would a business admit they were in trouble? Are they in some scary situation where they need help but can’t reveal details?

  • I love this place and I hope this is just temporary. Has anyone walked by it and can report what they saw? I’m wondering if there are any signs on the door with more information (either from the owner or the city).

    • The sign I saw last night simply said “closed.” No added information.

    • Mostly it’s just dark with the curtains closed, but I walked by the other day and the lights were on and someone was inside. I couldn’t see too well, but it looked like the dough mixer was in the middle of the space and there were boxes full of liquor and supplies. Not sure what that means, but it definitely looked like they were packing to leave.

  • Hmm. There were a few Groupon/Living Social deals for Moroni Brothers over the last month. I even bought one, since it’s my favorite pizza joint. Wonder if they were having money troubles. (And what does happen to those of us who bought a one of those deals for someplace that goes out of business? Haven’t had that occur before.)

  • I’m sad to see them go as a true pioneer for Petworth’s restaurant scene but the food there was mediocre at best. The last time I ordered pick up from them, they charged me $22 for a flank steak meal that was listed as $16 on the menu–it was completely inedible, tough as nails. The pizza we got was meh at best. I tried them when they first opened, wasn’t impressed but thought I would give them another shot. Hopefully we get a decent restaurant in it’s place.

  • Dang it! I’d heard good things about the place, but hadn’t yet gotten around to checking it out. I guess now I won’t get a chance to.

  • Moroni and Brothers got in trouble with the land lord. Apparently they had a 7 year lease agreement and the owner of the building is refusing to renew the lease. The owner of the building in where Moroni and Brothers is located is also the owner of the building right next to it. (In between Fusion and Moroni). He is trying to sell both buildings. It’s sad to see Moroni and Brothers close. But I’m sure they will reopen. After all, it’s not how or how low you fall, it’s how you get up and how far you can go.

    • Too bad, I loved this place. Maybe they can find another location farther south in Petworth, Parkview or near the new Salt & Pepper Grill in 14th. I hope they will re-open as we will continue to buy their pizza!

      Helpful hint. It didn’t bother us per se, but go for a more family friendly atmosphere. Less club music. Also, if they were able to deliver during the weekday, I’m sure it would significantly increase business. Best of luck!

      • saf

        Huh. I always found it too loud because there were kids running all over, yelling, and playing the tv at top volume.

        Obviously we went at different times.

  • I used to like this place and recommend it to everyone, but in the past year they lost my business completely. After several mediocre meals, the final straw was when I went in with our infant daughter at 5:00pm and they had club music on full blast. Since we were the only people there, we asked them to turn it down. It took me asking them 5 times (we’re still the only ones there) before it was at an acceptable level. I got the feeling that families weren’t welcome there any more.

  • I’ve been meaning to call health dept on them, but apparently someone got to them first.

    My husband and I have been regular customer of theirs for a year. However, in August, my husband reported to the manager that there were no towels in the Men’s bathroom. The manager said they didn’t have any towels.

    In November, we were back, and my husband reported the Men’s room had NO SOAP AND NO TOWELS. He reported to the manager who said they didn’t have any. When it was brought to his attention that this is a health dept issue and most likely against regulations, he got ticked off. We left and never went back.

    Who wants to eat food prepared by employees who cannot wash and dry their hands? That’s gross!

    They deserve to be closed down.

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