Looks Like Dupont North Potbelly Closed for Good

1635 Connecticut Ave, NW

Back in October we noted Potbelly had closed for renovation in north Dupont. Thanks to all who sent emails. One reader notes:

“I know there was mention about renovations being done at the Potbelly’s just north of Dupont. However, they’ve since taken down all the awnings and signage.

I think this renovation is more like the Chinatown affair, i.e. Potbelly’s is out and a whole new restaurant is in.

I hope not, cuz I really liked the Dupont Potbelly.”

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  • Somewhat unrelated, but has anyone noticed the overall quality of PB sandwiches declining? I used to love them back in 2005-08, then went a long period of time without eating one . I ate one the other day and it was not the same as I remembered them. It kinda looked the same, but something was definitely off. Just an observation.

    • I guess there is a chance that their quality control has changed in the last 5-8 years. There is also a chance that your tastes have changed.

    • jburka

      They’ve made minor changes as they’ve expanded their menu — for instance, they swapped out the american cheese and replaced it with cheddar (I love a good cheddar, but there are certain foods where american is the perfect cheese). I’ve noticed that the giardiniera has more peppers and fewer pieces of olive and cauliflower over the years. But overall, I’ve found them to be remarkably consistent through the years.

      I’ve only been to the Dupont North shop a few times, and itt always seemed somewhat poorly laid out for that use.

  • Yeah, I also noticed this Twitter reply from Potbelly a little while back. That was a good use of the space. I’m hoping another decent fast/casual type of restaurant takes the place.

  • The location has been removed from the Potbelly website, and, for what it’s worth, is marked as “CLOSED” on the all-knowing, all-seeing Yelp.

  • I am hoping for Pret A Manger.

  • I feel like they did this just to make me appreciate them. It’s working.

  • I remember there being something on the door a while back that said that they renovations were going to take longer than normal (probably found something problematic). IIRC, they said they wouldn’t be open again until 2014.

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