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  • Any architectural/builder types out there who care to comment on why contemporary masonry doesn’t get as creative as this place? The arch/vault over the second story window is magnificent and doesn’t appear to require anything more than careful planning/cutting of the bricks. Are there just no craftsmen left anymore who know how to do this kind of simple yet stunning work?

    • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
      Developers want to maximize profit. Ordering specially cut bricks and taking time to create the design all cost money. Ain’t no one got time for that.

    • it was also easier when decorative bricks came as kits and were readily available at the time these rowhouses were constructed. Didn’t need a professional to draw anything up in most instances where the rounded corners or texture fill options could just be infilled amongst standard brick. When your facade is <20% of your exterior walls, it's easy to concentrate the budget there.

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