Good Deal or Not? “end-unit porchfront w/ 3 exposures” edition

1617 East Capitol Street Southeast

This house is located at 1617 East Capitol Street, Southeast:


The listing says:

“Charming vintage end-unit porchfront w/ 3 exposures, 2-car garage & full bsmt, combines stylish & green updates~granite, stainless, Energy Star, thermopane, SpacePak– w/ great orig architectural details~inlaid hdwd flrs, arts & crafts staircase & balustrade, transoms & moldings, plus party-size gardens*3 blks to Lincoln Pk, 4 to metro*Home warranty included*”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2 bath is going for $729,000.

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  • A little close to Eastern High School for my liking. Probably a bit over priced imo. Not a bad place overall, but you’re starting to get close to some rougher areas (NE of you) when you get that far over on East Capitol.

    The seller is “chasing the market down”, I would like agents to list the place properly the first time around. Although I guess you can’t blame them for giving the seller whatever list price they want just to get a listing.

    • We live on East Cap btwn 18 and 19th, and its far from rough, and Eastern has a negligible affect. You have to go North of C, NE before the area feels any less safe than around Lincoln Park. All the H Street development has really changed the area.

  • Pluses: 2 car garage is a huge plus. I like that they totally owned the basement as a living space and not a potential rental (though that needs some serious staging…).

    Minuses: Near Eastern. That kitchen layout looks horrendous (Standalone stove? Really?)

    It will totally sell for that price.

  • Good Deal: I think not

    imo its a bit much to be that far east

  • I dont see why Eastern HS would be a factor. Do a google earth or street view – this is an awesome area. New apartments across the street and other developments. The Anacostia bike trail and Kingman are nearby – besides Linc Park. Near Metro and the bus line – everything in the Linc Park area is under contract in a week.

  • My guess is that they settle somewhere around $715-720K, but with some sort of seller subsidy (probably a combination of funds for (1.) issues turned up at inspection and (2.) closing costs for the buyer).
    However, when I hear “3 exposures!” all I think about is double the amount of brick and window work that will need to be done.

  • I wouldn’t want to be this close to Eastern myself either.

  • Too close to Eastern? You clearly haven’t been to visit this neighborhood in the last 5 years. I live across the street from the high school and have never had a problem the kids. The administration is responsive, the grounds are well kept, and there are tennis and basket ball courts available for community use. The biggest nuisance we have “this far east” are the marathon runners who finish at RFK and then leave their paper cups, granola bar wrappers, and solar blankets all over the place.

    • No idea if the place is a good deal or not, but wanted to agree…I’ve lived a few blocks away for about three years now. I’ve never once had a problem with EHS being nearby.

  • justinbc

    Very cute place, I think it’s a bit overpriced though. Nothing wrong with it as a house, this location this far east just rarely fetches these prices (for now).

  • Does it come with the cats? 🙂

    • Heh heh!
      I liked the cat cameos, but I was surprised they didn’t try to get photos sans cats — if I were allergic to cats, I’d be looking at the photos and wondering what intensity of cleaning I’d need to do to get rid of any remaining cat dander.
      (Disclaimer: I’m not allergic, I love cats, and I don’t know how intensely a place has to be cleaned to make it OK for someone who’s allergic. I guess it would likely depend on the strength of the allergy too…)

  • Based on what we paid last year for a block south and west, I think they’ve inched down into the right price territory. Usable basement like that is rare over here–that isn’t a rental. Eastern may not be a problem, but there are youth issues–remember the man who got smacked with a pipe just a week or so ago a block away. I love our new neighborhood but do wish it had fewer (no!) such random violence and thefts. We’re far from a rough area but we’re not the upper NW. I like the house itself–though the kitchen is not a huge selling point, I agree. Can rent it out for the Olympics too 🙂

  • This will go at over asking price (not by much but over). Some of these comments by people who don’t know this area crack me up.

    ++ on the comment about those freaking skinny ass’ed runners who come here and leave there trash all over the road and sidewalks

    • justinbc

      I know this area very well and I can assure it that it will not. The fact that it’s been on the market for 47 days and has already had 2 price drops should clue you in to that.

      • LOL. I love it when the delusion local cheerleaders are frothing at the mouth at the mere possibility of a gain in their home values.
        The basic facts you laid out are Econ 101.

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