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Recycle used cooking oil:

“After a quick search of the DPW website, I can’t find any rules allowing / prohibiting recycling or trashing used cooking oil, either in residential pickup or at Ft Totten. I have a couple of gallons left over from frying a turkey, and I won’t use it again till next year, at which time it will no longer be good. Does anyone know where I can get rid of it?”

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  • We had this problem last year and found that the Fort Totten Transfer Station will accept it on the first Saturday of the month.

    • The Fort Totten transfer station is exceptionally well run. They supposedly recycle the cooking oil.

      • I’m actually looking forward to my trip there this Saturday. The boyfriend even asked if he could come. The place made a real impression on us the one other time we’ve been.

        • justinbc

          They are without a doubt the friendliest and most helpful government employees I’ve ever encountered. We make trips there about once a month.

        • Huh? Maybe I am missing something but how does a transfer station make an impression on you that you volunteer to go? Are you so excited that you see competent government employees that you feel the need to see them again?

  • I usually just put it in a tupperware container and trash it.

  • People are refining the stuff into biodiesel that you can use to fuel your car. Google Beltway Biodiesel or DC Biodiesel and contact them, they might be able to take it off your hands.

  • Juat ask the restaurants in your neighborhood what they do with theirs…

  • I have a friend who collects vegetable oil to use in her biodiesel car. She has 3 rules:

    “The only stipulations are: 1) there can’t be any water in it 2) It can’t be rancid 3) I’ll pick up a minimum of a gallon, or else I’m burning more fuel to get there than I’m getting.”

    Could put you guys in touch.

  • Just ask the restaurants in your neighborhood what they do with theirs…

  • not sure if they do residential…

  • There’s a cooking oil bin where you can dump your oil at W & 14th NW in the gas station parking lot on the SW corner. It’s on the W side by the Fast Gourmet.

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