Faces Lounge Hoping to Open in Logan Circle in about Three Months

1414 14th Street, NW

A reader writes:

“1414 14th St. (Sav On Liquor) is boarded up with some construction permits in front (just since yesterday, I think). Do you know if Faces Lounge is still the plan?”

I stopped in and spoke with the owners last weekend and they confirmed the construction is for Faces Lounge which will be located in the basement. If all goes according to plan they hope to open in about three months. Updates when they get closer to opening.

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  • That’s nice, but I’m going to be deeply disappointed if The Faces aren’t there to perform for the grand opening party. At least Ronnie Wood. And it would be especially awesome if they could get Rod Stewart to come out and jam with them on this momentous occasion.

  • Faces is a great name for a drag bar in the 70s.

  • Who is the target clientele that for a lounge in the basement of a discount liquor store?

    • Given that Nine and Two Birds are already overly packed gay bars (well, Two Birds technically isn’t a gay bar but filled with gays) I’d say that Faces will be filled up with more gays. At least this gay will be there in hopes it stays loung-y and not get crammed to capacity like Nine.

      • …and here I thought in the year 2013 the gay community was light years past dark basement bars with a liquor store upstairs. Sorry to be a negative Nelly but the thought of this situation and the visuals in the pics just looks cheap, cheesy, low brow, and stanky- whether intended for Str8’s or Gay’s doesn’t seem relevant. This certainly looks/sounds like ten steps backward from the upward quality of the state of today’s 14th Street businesses.

  • What’s up with DC’s fascination with lounges? I’ve lived in SF, NY and BOS and none of them feature so many bars branded as such. In my experience in DC, it tends to mean a place that can’t choose between being a bar, a restaurant and a dance venue. Generally achieves none of them well and tends to attract the popped collar crowd.

    • DC and NY have essentailly the same scenes and same crowds. Boston is nothing but pubs and SF has boring bars. Their gay bars are like shades of the 70’s…no windows, hidden, and old creepies.


      • LOL to DC and NY having the same scenes and crowds. I love both places, but they couldn’t be more different. My question was simply: what’s up with DC having so many lounges? All you did was point out that other cities have different types of bars. Which was sort of my point.

  • saf

    Years ago, there was a bar in Brightwood called Faces.

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