Dear PoPville – You Might Want to Move Your Car


“Dear PoPville,

Not sure what can be done, but maybe someone knows the owner of this Toyota Corolla [Gold color with license plate starting DA] on Hobart St NW and can warn the owner. They are parked in an illegal spot and have received at least 6 or 7 $50 tickets!”

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  • The owner may be ill/dead. Perhaps the cops should do a welfare check on the registered owner.

  • I wonder if it was stolen and deposited here, or towed from a rush hour zone and traffic enforcement forgot to make a note of where it was towed to so it’s effectively missing (happened to a friend once).

  • Maybe stolen. A few years ago my old car was stolen and ended up accumulating a few hundred dollars worth of parking tickets and late fines for street sweeping, no parking zones, etc. mostly on the same block. Despite the police supposedly checking the DPW ticket database, it was never identified. Well, that is until it was used as a getaway car for a shoplifting at a Giant and left at the scene of the crime. I was able to get all the tickets dismissed, too.

  • Maybe they didn’t realize they were parked in an illegal spot and are out of town.

  • DC CapHill

    I recently saw a clearly abandoned Ford Explorer in front of my place partially blocking the bike lane, with about 2 weeks worth of tickets on it, and the door visibly ajar. I asked two separate parking authority people how many tickets was enough, and when they would finally call for a tow. They appeared to not understand what “enough” meant within the question, so I asked them what their responsibility to have it towed was. Again, a bit of a blank stare. Finally just called the Police, they came over, agreed with the “stolen” proposal and finally towed it.

    • I think Parking Enforcement officers are trained not to respond to any requests from citizens, no matter how reasonable, and they are all exceptionally skilled at following this training!

  • I have twice found other people’s stolen cars because of accumulated tickets. Call the police and give them the license. Though even when I did that once they did nothing. Finally, after it was broken into and rummaged through, I went through it myself, found an old dry cleaning receipt and tracked down the owner myself. It had been stolen 6 months before and insurance had already paid!

  • FWIW — I once got 6 tickets after a week of parking on Capital Hill, one block from the Supreme Court. My temp permit fell to the floor and wasn’t visible. I left my car there on a Sunday and returned to it the next weekend.

    I went to court, and they had a mercy and dismissed them. However, I was in a legal spot, and I did have a permit.

    • That’s really risky and not recommended. Even if you’re legally allowed to be there, we try to check on our car once every two or three days. Issues arise if someone put up the temporary no-parking signs. At that point, you’re illegally there and will be towed (has happened to us once before – we ended up getting a $35 ticket for violating the temporary No Parking sign, plus $150 tow fee, plus another $50 ticket for having our car dropped off in a metered zone – major suckage!)

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