Dear PoPville – New Hair Salon Opens in Shaw/Truxton Circle

1543 New Jersey Ave NW via [email protected]__im__adam

“Dear PoPville,

Le Fini opened at NJ Ave & Q, NW. It’s a new salon, multi-cultural, multi-age, multi-gender…they do EVERYONE’s hair. Was nicely impressed by my visit with my daughter yesterday.”

Well it’s not a beer garden but this is a nice improvement to the strip!

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  • That is a very disappointing/depressing little group of shops. I wish someone would put something worthwhile over there.

  • I believe the “gargage door” window coverings are coming off next week. That’ll help cheer up at least that part of it.

  • They took a similar space, actually a less attractive former auto shop, and turned it into the Harlem Tavern (Google before / after photos) . Ther is room to accomate a nice restaraunt / beer garden and a hair shop.

  • someone better warn them… this thing is putting people out of business left and right.

  • Alright! One down, two to go!

  • I had an appointment there a couple of weeks ago, right after the salon opened. The inside is modern with pops of color and it’s immaculate. The garage doors are coming off soon.

    Le Fini is a new salon but the owner Victoria has been doing hair for years. (I’ve gone to her for the last year and a half.) She does do everyone’s hair, and she does it well. (And no, I don’t work there!)

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