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  • i walked over to right proper brewery (from 14th st) along florida….a lot of new developments coming in….reminds me of 14th street a lot. Looks like the massive apartment/condos are coming eastward. There were two that were really close to one another, should be great news for the area.

    • just a bummer they’ll be priced at $1,500+ / room, but perhaps that’ll take some pressure off the rent hikes in the not-up-and-coming hoods.

      • If the city continues to grow, and the economy continue to (relatively) prosper, developments like these will not ease pressure, they will serve as a stepping stone for increased pressure outward. There is evidence that this is the case.
        If the city slows its population growth, and supply outstrips demand, then perhaps the abundance of units will decrease pressure on outlying areas. There is evidence that this is the case.

        • if the city continues to grow and prosper, and building like this are not built, the pressure outward will eb even more intense. Most DC nabes gentried with rowhouse renovation first – apt buildings dont increase the pressure. They DO asborb some of the demand.

  • I’ve always considered that little stretch between 7th/Georgia and 9th to be U Street for some reason, but hot darn, I checked Google Maps and it sure is still Florida Avenue. That’s a twisty little street once it goes west of Georgia. This development is huge for that side of the strip. I imagine the properties across the street will be re-developed soon too.

  • supply and demand is still really a thing?

  • I am a 20-something and i live just off 14th and U and we pay $1,125 (per person – 2 br 1 bath) for a very nice condo in an older building. Obviously any new building rent will be higher initially – but i feel like once these newer buildings start to age (and their lack of character) will make them cheaper options then say an older row house, and also easier to get a place…lets be honest going to open houses on craigslist is a shitty way to find a place.

  • I wonder what happened to the Bling King at the flea market now that this is a hole in the ground?

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