Busboys and Poets Coming to Brookland in Fall 2014


The big Brookland announcements keep on coming:

“The Bozzuto Group, a Greenbelt, MD-based real estate services company, today announced that renowned dining establishment Busboys and Poets will join Monroe Street Market’s exciting list of tenants. Monroe Street Market is a multi-phase, mixed-use development located on five city blocks in Washington, D.C., adjacent to the Brookland-CUA Metro station.

Scheduled to open Fall 2014, the 7,400 square foot restaurant will be located in Monroe Street Market’s Cornerstone building. The eatery will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner service, as well as a full bar, and will offer a fresh, handmade menu, complete with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. A children’s menu will also be available.

The Monroe Street Market address will be the sixth Washington, DC-area location for Busboys and Poets, with others located at 14th Street and V Street NW, 5th Street and K Street NW, Arlington, Hyattsville, and a Takoma venue coming Spring 2014. Each establishment showcases art work from local, national, and international artists, and hosts weekly events and performances.”

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  • So glad! Seems like the right place for B&P given the art/dance/etc. in the area.

  • brookland will be great someday.

    • True it will be, but it won’t be because of Busboys and Poets, or any other establishments of mediocrity.

      • agreed. bus boys is over rated.

        • Yeah what’s up with the hate? I like it, go to the U St one about twice a month. Definitely a good option in any DC neighborhood.

      • if lots of people like it, how is that over rated? many people like it, many don’t.
        it’s a fantastic place to bring a diverse group of people. it’s a great place to sit and work all day. its a good place for people with weird dietary restrictions. it’s a great place for book readings, poetry, and other live events. there’s no other place like it in DC. ( is there?)

        so yeah, the food is bland. no place is perfect.

        but no, i wasn’t saying that brookland will be great only because of a BB&P. it’s the sum of many things.

        • “it’s a great place to sit and work all day.”

          It’s also a great place to leech wifi for hours while nursing one cup of coffee and pretending to be a writer.

          • we can always count on you for negativity.
            if they discouraged it, i wouldn’t do it.
            also, not everyone that works on the computer is a writer.

    • Brookland is great now! Commercial interests are only now beginning to realize it.

  • Can I get some ketchup for my handmade menu? It’s a little tough to cut. Can I get a steak knife, too?

  • I think the food at Busboys is pretty good for the basics– The sandwiches, pizza, hummos, the catfish, the breakfast, drinks and coffee, etc. I have never had anything that was just mediocre. And they’ve created a uniquely comfortably community space to boot and made that profitable! How many can say that?

  • While I am thrilled to see everything going into this complex, I am really confused why nothing is going into the building adjacent to the ParkView metro????

    • I have the same thoughts/envy. All of you Busboys & Poets haters, I think those of us in Park View/southern Petworth would gladly take your allegedly “mediocre” establishment!

    • It’s not THAT confusing when you think about it. There’s a college campus right next to this development, and while there’s not as much residential density as in Petworth/Park View, household income is probably higher, and crime lower.

  • B&Ps? Enough with the chain restaurants, please.

  • I would really like to see a Five guys open up there instead of potbellys!!!

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