Urban8 Condos Pop Up on 11th between Park and Lamont Finished and For Sale

3325 11th Street, NW

The big pop up on the two row houses near El Chucho is finished and for sale. You can see some photos of the inside here. The Listing says:

“Columbia Heights newest 8 unit boutique condo building. Quality construction. SS appliances, granite counters, solid hickory h/w floors, private outdoor space and custom marble tile & Grohe fixtures in baths. Located on 11th St NW, steps from entertainment, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, parks, 24 hour groceries and mass transit. Pet friendly. Parking $39k.”

This 1 bed/1 bath is listed at $409,000 ($144 monthly fee.)


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  • i thought i was going to find this tolerable but i really don’t like the finished product. the grey color and flatness blend in poorly with the block. it looks unfinished. and i particularly dislike the metal sign/awning.

  • epric002

    i’ve never seen purse hooks under a bar in someone’s home…

  • Owning a place around the corner, I say WOOOOO!

    As a rational person, however, this seems pricy.

  • This condo looks hideous and cheap AND looks out of sync with our urban oasis.

    Message to builder: 1. Bring this crap of a product to the suburbs; 2. Please make yourself known so that nobody buys any future crap that you produce. If you are going to produce such crap on the outside, I can only imagine how YOU MOST LIKELY CUT CORNERS THROUGHOUT THE INSIDE, WHERE YOU CAN’T SEE, BEHIND THE WALLS.

  • justinbc

    If the building is complete why the hell are they showing a rendering in their photos? Just include an ACTUAL photo.

  • Am I missing something or is there really no trim on the interior of the windows? They look horribly cheap that way.

  • Primer gray, vinyl siding, sheet metal, AND hard wood exterior? Stay classy, DC.

  • … what exactly am I looking at?

  • I think they did a nice job. The simplicity of this pop-up respects the massing of the neighborhood and the details are basic and echo the original construction in scale and pattern. Because of it’s nature as a simple box, the use of more forward thinking and sustainable materials (wood & recycled aluminum panels) as an aesthetic can be pulled off. I bet the insulation value of the wall is much higher than anything around it and the buyer will have lower heating costs. This building is a good neighbor.

  • Absolutely hideous. This must be a mistake.

  • Was ready to buy, but the old iPod connector was a deal breaker for me.

  • I bought my 3 bedroom 2 bath house around the corner for $340,000. Glad I got in when I did.

  • There is no way they will get that amount of money for these things. And I’m not being negative, I own a place around there too. That’s just over the top ridiculous. A friend of mine just bought a whole 4BR 3BA house a block from the P-Worth metro for under 750k.

  • Seems to me that “Anonymous” doth spend too much time here trashing a lovely new addition to the neighborhood. What’s your agenda dude?

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