Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Petworth

722 Rock Creek Church Road Northwest

This rental is located at 722 Rock Creek Church Road, Northwest:


The listing says:

“A must see– this totally renovated two-story home with exposed brick wall, glistening hardwood floors throughout, 2 master bedrooms, 2 full baths w/ceramic tile, new kitchen w/granite counters, built-in microwave, 5 ceiling fans, intercom, security camera, deck, and much more! One block from the Georgia Avenue/Petworth Metro. Close to stores/restaurants. IT WON’T LAST LONG!!”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $2,750/Mo.

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  • This is a great narrative.

  • Interesting — I wonder if this condo occupies the top 2 floors of the house.
    The house is on the same alley as mine; I believe it’s a 3 stories above ground plus an English basement. I’m also wondering what the layout is like, and which rooms were combined/rearranged — if this house is like mine, it would originally have had two proper bedrooms on the second floor and two proper bedrooms on the third floor, plus one “den”-type room (small bedroom with no closet) on the second and third floor.

    • I’ve been inside this place when the whole building was for sale. The bedrooms/baths are on the third floor and the 2nd floor is a combined living/dining kitchen space. The picture with the three windows is the living room on the 2nd story.

      • Thanks for the info.
        I wonder how they created the second bath. One option would be to convert the third-floor small no-closet bedroom into a bath. (The existing bath would’ve been the one in back that looks out across the alley.) Or perhaps they combined the front bedroom and the small no-closet bedroom (also on the front of the house) and then carved out the second bathroom — and maybe additional closet space — between the front bedroom and the back bedroom.
        (Each bedroom originally had one closet and a “pass-through” to the other bedroom. In my house, the “pass-throughs” were closed off and became second closets in each of the back bedrooms.)

  • While i havent searcvhed for the rent prices in petworth for a long time (probably about 3-4 years ago when my girlfriend moved up there) this seems like its getting up there…

    • Yeah, in the past 2 years the prices have really shot up. I think this might be a bit on the high end, though, although I’m sure they’ll fill it eventually.

  • That would be a fair deal if it were closer to downtown or at least closer to Metro.

  • Am I the only one who would never pay anything near this to live here? I lived right around the corner from here recently, and the area is still very much in “transition”. Georgia Ave. is an interesting strip… Not to mention, even with the transition, you’re still far away from the established restaurant/bar areas.

    • Same. If I’m going to live in the ‘hood, I’m not going to pay $1375/bedroom to do it.

    • You’re down the block from the Metro. Chez Billy is around the corner and Looking Glass and DC Reynolds are 2 blocks away. Also, easy access to 11th st. strip.

      Metro access alone probably makes it close to worth it.

      • 3 bars and the metro being nearby do not make it worth it.

        There are plenty of places around the city in better locations (ie more amenities) if you’re looking in that price range.

        • I’d be interested to know where these locations are. I mean, you have new construction studios that start at $2000, so $2700 for a duplex 2BR on top of a metro doesn’t seem all that out of line.

          • I did a search on Craigslist for 2+ bedrooms $2850, with the text being specific neighborhoods (U Street, Logan, Petworth) then looked at the map view. There’s a lot.

            Also, the new construction on top of the metro in Petworth is advertising as less than this for a 2 bedroom.

          • @Petworth

            A 2+ BR search is not a good parameter. That would be <$1K/room for a 3BR…

          • How is that not a good criteria? If there are three bedrooms for $2850, wouldn’t that be proof that it’s over priced?

            (I don’t think there were, but still)

      • You’re forgetting to add the smokestack that is Sweet Mango to your list….

        That’s still $1,375/room to live off of Georgia Ave. Bad deal until the area is more developed, (e.g., when the pay day lenders, battered Boost Mobile stand, and vacant lots are gone) and the crime rate drops.

  • When did Petworth become more expensive than Capitol Hill? I rent a place almost, but not quite, as nice near Lincoln Park and I charge 2450. Given the feel of the neighborhood and that it has a lot fewer restaurants and other amenities (no Eastern Market, Barracks Row, H Street, historic district nice houses) I’m surprised it is more expensive. Not trying to dis Petworth but just wondering how places like that become more expensive than Capitol Hill.

    • Here’s my theory: Petworth and Park View have really taken off over the last few years due to the low interest rate environment. Between the low interest rates and the massive influx of flippers, this has pushed up asset prices in the area and the people buying need to hit their (inflated, IMO) PTI when renting out.
      Capitol Hill is a very established area and owners have owned their properties for much longer periods of time. They probably have a comparatively lower PTI, due to buying long ago and refinancing. When you have that low PTI, your rental prices remain “sticky.” You don’t care as much about maximizing profits through ever increasing rent; you place more emphasis on getting a good tenant who will be there for a long time and not make many demands on you. Also, places in Capitol Hill are older and more worn out, so you have the “newly renovated” factor playing a role with this property.
      I’d much rather take the better location in Capitol Hill over this place, even if your place is older and not in “new” condition.

      • I’d agree with that. Although, in this case, it’s two two-bedroom units. It was for sale for $680k (though there’s no formal sale record), so a mortgage/taxes would cost ~$3,000 per month for both units. So I think this person is just trying to squeeze every cent out of the place.

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