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  • Hmm… I seem to recall this one being listed as for sale a few months ago? (I remember the photo with the toilet in the mirror…) Or was that a rental too. Not sure.

  • Is that a typo in the listing? 4 bedrooms in 650 sq ft? I guess all of those mirrors are strategically placed to make the space feel larger? Also, what is up with the couch facing the bathroom? Creepy!

  • Such a weird-ass place. And this price is insane, too. I remember the sale price a few months ago being unrealistically high.

  • I’ve always dreamt for a home where I could poop outside.

  • The words “I’m in a glass case of emotion” come immediately to mind.

  • Glass bricks can’t be very well insulated. Can you imagine how COLD that toilet seat must be in the dead of winter?

    And I hope that none of the neighbors have windows that overlook the glass roof of that bathroom, for their own sakes.

  • The location is great but who wants to use the bathroom in the back yard? Sounds like the whole room leaks based on comments from the GDON posting. I question the professional skills of this agent with the prices for both the listing and now the rental! It looks as if there is really only one ACTUAL bedroom (maybe two). Best wishes to the new tenants!!!

  • Does a bear shit in the woods?

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