Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill

719 F Street Northeast

This rental is located at 719 F Street, Northeast:


The listing says:

“NOT like any other rental you’ve seen, on Capitol Hill or anywhere in the City! Brand new gut conversion of historic retail space to wide-open loft residence: Polished concrete, exp brick,granite counters and open bar. Mezzanine BR suite with skylight, full bath, and wall of glass. Intimate patio. 7 blks to Union Station. Call builder/owner to visit!”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1.5 bath is going for $2,150/Mo.

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  • What’s the point of having 1.5 baths in a studio apartment?

    • psst. 1 br.

    • This place would be great for entertaining. A half bath keeps people out of your bedroom upstairs. You can never have enough bathrooms, IMO.

      • Great for entertaining? Where will you fit your guests? The living room in tiny and space is wasted with half walls. Where would the tv go?

        • Yeah, because EVERYONE needs a TV and has one these days.

        • Wall mounted TV, if you really need one. The space is fine for entertaining a group of friends for a dinner party. You also have a backyard to hang out in. No, you won’t have room to host a political fundraiser. But this is more than enough space to have people over for dinner, drinks, or a movie night.

        • people somehow manage. don’t worry about it.

  • LOVE THIS. Really good deal. Private outdoor space, tons of light, very nice renovation, laundry, 1.5 BA. This beats a condo rental by a mile.

  • I can’t really tell from the pictures, but it looks like there’s no railing or half-wall around the “mezzanine bedroom,” which would automatically rule it out for me (as a clumsy person). The raised dining room/kitchen area seems like it creates some wasted space where the step is, and I don’t really care for the mismatched kitchen cabinets – I think the white ones on top look better than the dark ones on the bottom. Also, it looks like the forgot to renovate the bathroom….or ran out of money.

    • I agree on all those points. What is with this mismatched cabinets fad? It makes it look like you just couldn’t make up your mind what color to go with so threw them both in there.
      As far as the loft area, there is definitely no railing, and that is definitely against code. I’d totally end up breaking my neck.

  • This is pretty cool and I like the neighborhood. Too bad it’s well outside my budget!

  • justinbc

    I bike by this area all the time, would have never guessed they were renting out residential property in this strip. It’s a nice area. I think in spite of the odd layout that will definitely turn off some buyers it’s still a pretty decent deal.

  • I actually am in the market and saw this rental online yesterday. On one hand, it’s a very unique space and the materials look great for a rental. The location is great and I think it would be a fine place for entertaining (on a small scale). On the other hand, at that price I feel like I am more inclined to opt for one of the large luxury buildings with similar sized units. But I’m an amenities junkie. Someone will love this place.

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