Thanksgiving and Black Friday Holiday Hours for Stores in DC USA

14th Street between Irving and Park Rd, NW

The folks at DC USA also say:

“We also are planning our 6th annual tradition of hosting several excellent street performers – a juggler and fire eater who will entertain customers waiting in line on Thanksgiving night between 5 PM and 8 PM.”

Below are the full holiday hours:

2013 DC USA Store Hrs. Thanksgiving – Black Friday

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  • Please send a message to these retailers to allow their employees to have a work free Thanksgiving Day by NOT SHOPPING on Thursday.

    • Emmaleigh504

      +1 Especially since a lot of places don’t giver their employees a choice, it’s all hands on deck.

    • msmaryedith

      Are there any bigger chains that are NOT open on Thanksgiving? Because I’d prefer to take my business there for any shopping needs this holiday season and let them know that is why I’m choosing them over the others. If you shop on Thanksgiving, you’re denying someone less fortunate than you the opportunity to spend the day with their family. Period. You don’t need that “deal” that badly. Don’t be an asshole. Don’t shop on Thanksgiving.

      • I don’t like shopping on Thanksgiving or the day after because of the crowds, but when I worked retail I LOVED working holidays since I got paid double. There are workers who choose to work holidays in order to get extra pay don’t assume everyone was forced to work.

        • msmaryedith

          AP, I do get that some may want that, but I think the problem with big box stores is that they make it difficult for someone to refuse to work on those days without risking getting fired. Also, the fact that the stores are willing to pay double on those days just tells me they could certainly afford to be paying their employees better in general. Why not raise their salary to a respectable wage year-round, versus convincing them to come in for double-pay on one day?

          • I can only speak from personal experience, but I never felt forced to work a holiday (when I was hired I knew I would be asked to work holidays) and if I wanted one off I could trade with a co-worker. Big box stores can afford to pay employees better, but that is a dfferent discussion.

      • +1 I think Costco might be one such place, and I am going to Christmas shop there for this exact reason (among others).

      • justinbc

        Very few places in this country “force” people to work any day. If you don’t want to work there you can always find a job somewhere else, and if you can’t, then you agree to work by that employers expectations.

        • You can always find a job somewhere else? Maybe in whatever field you’re in you can, but for many people jobs don’t just fall off trees. Employers absolutely can force people to work on holidays or work longer hours for less pay because those employees know it’s not easy to find work and they can’t afford to take a six month hiatus while looking for a new job (which I imagine you could).

          • justinbc

            Yeah, that’s kind of my point. You can’t always just easily find another job, so you take the terms of your employment. If you know your employer is open on Thanksgiving, and you choose to work there anyway, that’s just one of the negative parts of the job.

    • Agreed. I will never ever go shopping on actual Thanksgiving or even Black Friday because I think it’s consumerism at its worst. You might be getting a “deal” but what you are wasting in time and energy to get it is ridiculous. Even if they were giving stuff away for free you couldn’t get me through the doors.

  • To each their own, and I can understand that for some people, either: a) shopping is fun and exciting (or at least, a worthwhile escape from family drama); or b) some of these deals may make it easier for people on a limited budget to buy their holiday gifts (emphasis on “some” of these deals–I’ve seen a lot of Black Friday so-called deals that are either not that much cheaper, or the reason they’re so cheap is because the stuff is total crap.) But for me personally…you couldn’t pay me to line up outside a store for Thanksgiving/Black Friday sales. I would rather just skip the craziness and not buy the stuff. (Or buy online…I admit, there are a couple of websites whose Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals I am eagerly anticipating!)

  • I already hate going to DCUSA. I can only imagine this place will be my personal hell-on-earth on Black Friday. You couldn’t pay me to walk through those doors.

  • You missed the point – it’s about the workers, not the shoppers.

  • Agree–don’t shop on Thursday. People shouldn’t have to work on the holiday.

    • justinbc

      Whether or not you shop there the employees will still be there.

      • Think bigger. If their Thanksgiving-day profits are slim this year (and their Black Friday profits should shoppers take their bargain-hunting elsewhere, as they should), they might re-consider being open on The Universal Family Holiday next year.
        I’d rather see them open on Christmas day than on Thanksgiving. Christmas is a religious holiday for one religion. Thanksgiving is for everyone.

      • So, do you go shopping on Thanksgiving? Because you seem to be in favor of stores being open then.

  • Not only don’t shop on Thursday, but maybe reinforce the message by throwing your Black Friday and Cyber Monday dollars to a company that wasn’t open on Thursday, and skip the Thanksgiving-grinches altogether.

  • Why is no vitriol reserved for DPW, which makes its leaf collectors collect leaves on Thanksgiving? At least the retail employees get to be indoors where it’s warm.

  • Threads like these really reinforce as to why I stopped celebrating holidays as soon as I lived on my own. I’d rather have a colonoscopy using a broken bottle than brave holiday shopping crowds or be subjected to family get-togethers.

    Years ago when I worked retail, I loved the holiday season as my commissions went through the roof.

  • (1) workers deserve a livable wage
    (2) working on Thanksgiving should be voluntary

    That said, I’m all in favor of stores..and restaurants (no one here has complained about them being open on Thanksgiving) being open 365 days a year. I think you good people need to realize that not everyone has family to spend the holidays with. This includes not just shoppers, but workers, too — many of whom come from diverse backgrounds and regions, and may not have their families here with them. Perhaps these workers are glad for the opportunity to earn extra money on holidays. I am very glad that the stores are open tonight. For people who are alone or without family, it’s great to have the option of retail therapy. And it eliminates the Black Friday insanity of people sleeping in their cars in parking lots to break down doors at 4:00am.

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