Rito Loco Food Truck Opening a Brick and Mortar Burrito Restaurant in Shaw this April

606 Florida Avenue, NW

Thanks to a neighbor for sending word that they received a letter about a meeting to discuss the Rito Loco burrito food truck who are planning on opening a restaurant in the former Reese’s barbershop space next to Bistro/Kafe Bohem near the Howard Theatre. I also emailed one of the owners who confirmed they signed a lease Oct. 1st and plan on opening mid-April. And they will continue to run their food truck as well.

Their website says:

“Welcome to the world of Rito Loco. A unique and creative burrito company. We use nothing but the freshest ingredients to fuel our homemade recipes. Everything is made from scratch and with love. Secret family recipes have been passed on for years and cultivated into the BEST BURRITO’s in D.C. We offer flavors from around the world that will excite your mouth and create a higher standard for the local burrito lover.”

You can see their food truck menu here.

Any fans of the food truck?

Updates as construction progresses.

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  • ahh, thanks. i was wondering what was going to happen there. this is a good thing.

  • justinbc

    I’ve been pleased with a couple of their burritos, and the guys who run the truck seem really nice. Good for them.

  • looking forward to it! only had their quesadillas but they were excellent. kudos to them

  • Let’s hope they have margaritas, too! Could use a place to get a pitcher, then stumble the block home.

  • Rito Loco is delicious (mmmmmm rib rito) and the owners are great guys. Wishing them tremendous success!

  • I am really excited that they are opening a restaurant. Now, I’ll know exactly where to go to get my burrito versus having to find out their food trucks route for the day. I love Rito Loco’s burritos! Everything they make is delicious and I believe I have tried everything. The owners are really good guys. They take care of their customers and they even have helped the homeless. I wish them the best of luck and look forward to continue supporting them.

  • So glad there are Mexican dining options on the way to the Shaw/Bloomingdale area. One of the few things missing here.

    • I think the folks from 1905 are still opening a restaurant right at 1st and RI NW. Haven’t heard about where in the pipeline they are though.

  • These burritos are AMAZING!!!

  • Thanks for so much such support and positive feedback!!! We’ve been working hard everyday to bring our passion of pleasing our customers to DC. We look forward to continuing to build upon that desire….Look for us to open in April 2014!!!! We’ll be headed to South Florida for the winter, and we can’t wait to come back to our store opening!!! Wishing you the best and happy holidays…

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