Red Line Metro Delays Up to 30 Minutes, Single Tracking Between Dupont and Van Ness – Update – Green Line Delays Too

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From WMATA at 8:05am:

“Red Line: Delays now up to 30 minutes due to track problem. Trains are single tracking btwn Dupont Circle & Van Ness.”

Update from WMATA:

“Branch Avenue-bound Green Line train offloading at College Park, doors. Next train directly behind. 8:24am”

A reader reports delays at the Petworth station.

Thanks to @wowindc for sending a shot of Gallery Place at 8:40am:


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  • I am soooo happy today is the day I chose to get my car inspected! I drove to work after, it’s faster to drive from there to Rockville than it is to metro from Columbia Heights. I even got in early.

    For once I beat you, Metro!!!

  • News said there was some problem at Eisenhower Ave on the yellow line and that there are “lingering delays”. Sounds like metro is a cluster today.

  • Interesting. I hopped the 7:58 Yellow Rush train at Petworth towards Huntington. No problems on my route, even got to work earlier than usual. The conducter did note several times that the Red line was delayed and warned the passengers to find another route. IDK that any other Yellow lines (or Green for that matter) had issues…maybe much later after I got on?

    • I was on the green line from Columbia Heights to Gallery Place around 8:30 AM. No problems at that time.

      • You must have just missed the madness then. At 0835 an out of service Green Line train rolled through U Street with the platform already pretty full. Then it took 7 minutes for a Yellow train to Franconia to arrive, which was, of course, completely full. Then another 4 for a Green to come again (that at first appeared as a no passenger train, of course). I don’t think it all recovered until a little after 0900.

  • The pic at the top of this post is brilliant.

  • And on the day I chose to telework. The metro God’s were good to me for once. Sorry to anyone who had to deal with that nightmare. Gross.

  • I arrived around 8:50am at Dupont and it was a complete disaster. The platform was jammed full and people (including me) were turning around and heading back out. It took me 45 minutes by bus to get to Federal Triangle.

  • I ended up going from NoMa, up to Fort Totten, then all the way down to L’Enfant Plaza because of today’s mess. Added a good number of stops and time to my commute.

  • Third day in a row that I just walk out of Gallery Place to Metro Center to transfer. I can hardly wait until Metro makes that a free option – since it’s a regular event.

    • I do it, too, but only when the Red Line is unexpectedly jacked. I can’t see Metro making this change because they must make so much money every time shit breaks. Also why I don’t ever expect them to allow free exit if you decide to bail from any other station when you encounter unacceptable delays.

      I’d settle for more effective control of the number of people allowed onto a packed platform. The last time the Red backed up at rush hour (last week, I think), a train pulled in just as I finished fighting my way the length of the platform and reached the escalator. I have no idea where the hell all the people trying to get off were supposed to go. It’s incredible that Metro allows such dangerous situations to develop.

  • great day to ride CaBi to work for the first time

  • I transfer at Chinatown to red from the green coming from Navy Yard since I work in Brookland. Today, I got the alert at 7:45 that trains on the red were delayed so I went up to Ft. Totten and transferred there. So glad I did because many of my coworkers had an hour commute this morning!

  • brookland_rez

    OMG, I usually ride my bike to work, but I had to drop it off for service yesterday so I took metro home and back to work today.

    I made it to Union Station and got off and caught a cab the rest of the way to work.

  • I heard about the metrorail mess from several sources before I left the house this morning so I went straight to Plan B (which does not require metrorail.) Only took about 5 minutes longer than Plan A. I highly recommend having a Plan B (if possible) and always checking multiple sources for commuting info before you leave the house.

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