Reader Shares Details of Mugging Last Night and Props to the Cops for Making a Quick Arrest – Update – Suspects Released


“Dear PoPville,

My husband was just mugged on 17th street, just south of kalorama [8:45pm Wed. night]. The police have apprehended suspects.

They didn’t injure him but threatened him with a knife, which my husband didn’t see.

What’s strange is that they were sitting on my neighbor’s front porch, and we just thought that they were the basement tenants.

My husband said a friendly hello, and the first guy grabbed him. Once he was under constraint, the other two popped up out of the basement steps and went through his pockets, taking his iphone and all of his cash.”

MPD writes:

“At approximately 9:00 PM this evening a victim was robbed of his cell phone in the 2300 block of 17th Street, Northwest.

Nearby officers who were conducting a robbery operation immediately stopped the 3 subjects who committed the robbery.

The victim’s cell phone was recovered from one of the suspects.”

Update from the OP:

“Update on this story as of 11:00 am this morning:

Authorities were unable to press charges against the suspects because the police searched them prematurely.”

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  • Thats nuts

  • What’s a “robbery operation”

  • Was the nearby robbery operation what was happening at Euclid and Ontario last night, with all the police and the circling helicopter? Or was something else going on there?

    • Yeah, I was wondering what was going on last night with the circling helicopter.

      I guess I just missed the operation at Euclid and Ontario. Was walking down Euclid from Adams Morgan a little after 8 PM.

    • There was a helicopter circling closer to downtown. That was for the Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony.

  • Kinda sucks that these punks know where you live.

    • Precisely

    • When I got home invaded, the gunman took my drivers license from my wallet and said “don’t call the cops, I know where you live.”

      • If you were home invaded, didn’t they already know where you lived?

        • I assume he was going for the dramatic gesture, which actually failed because I couldn’t tell what he took out of my wallet until later (after I talked to the cops) when I was in the Apple Store and couldn’t get my phone replaced without my driver’s license. I’d offered to give him the code for my ATM card but he’d announced “I GOT what I need.” I had assumed he was talking about he cash.
          Realizing that he’d made such a big production out of taking the license and telling me he had my home address and I’d missed the whole production (It was dark. My glasses were on the nightstand) was maybe the only funny thing about that day.

  • So, between this, the shooting on Delafield and the congresswoman getting attacked near Eastern Market: what is going on!?! I thought the cold weather was supposed to have everyone back inside.

  • I saw a bunch of cops flying the wrong way up the street — glad to know they caught the buggars.

    The city needs to clean up a lot of the overgrowth and add more lighting on this block. Adding some regular patrolling would also help. The amount of crime in the last 6 – 7 months is really alarming.

  • Cops had guns drawn on someone hiding atop the front steps of a house on the NW corner of Euclid and Ontario. Same guys?

    • What is going on in this area lately? There was robbery at Ontario and Lanier two nights ago and now this one. They are all group robberies. I live in the area and can’t remember the summer months being as bad as the past few weeks. The cops need to maintain a presence on the side streets between Columbia and U.

  • amazing how much crime takes place in this area…considering how nice it is/is becoming. That particular stretch is a little sketchy with those public housing buildings. I go through there a few times a week and mentor at the school right there, and have never felt ‘sketched out’. Guess its just wrong place at the wrong time.

  • They should post pics of the perpetrators – public shame old school style.

  • We need more aggressive/ invasive policing. There is no other way to prevent these violent criminals from victimizing law-abiding people.

    • Actually if you took a step back you would realize there are many numerous ways to address this without cops. Other ways that are more beneficial to all of society and much more beneficial and moral than punitive incarceration.

      • I agree with T. We need more cops and more aggressive investigations/enforcement. The police force and crime in this city is laughable – until people get hurt that is!

        I must say, for mayor, I’ll be voting strictly on the candidates position on crime. Gray and Bowser haven’t shown me that they will be tough enough on assaults. I’ll be interested what the other candidates have to say.

      • gotryit

        Stick AND carrot, Idaho Ave. BOTH, and we do plenty of carrot in DC – time for more stick.

  • The “mugging game”

  • Glad your husband is okay. Pretty scary considering the time of the mugging – many of us in the neighborhood walk that route in the evening coming home from work or Harris Teeter.

  • “Authorities were unable to press charges against the suspects because the police searched them prematurely.”

    Nice going, guys.

  • Well now, this puts the onus back on the victim then as the suspects were their neighbors. Are the police going to at least park an empty car in front of their house. With all of the knock-out punches and muggings, there doesn’t appear to be enough cops walking the streets.

  • Just to clarify, the perpetrators were NOT our neighbors. They were just hiding in our neighbor’s basement. The homeowner was absolutely mortified. Nice guy. Named Dave.

  • I live on the 1700 block of Euclid and was leaving at 7:15 pm Wednesday biking west on Euclid toward Ontario. I heard loud teenage male shouting and looked around, and there was a group of boys overtaking a pedestrian on the sidewalk on the south side of the street. Seems like they were hassling him. I slowed down and thought about seeing what was going on or calling the cops, but it just didn’t seem like they were doing anything beyond being annoying. Then a 12-14 year-old jumped out in front of my bike in the middle of the street. I thought, “If I swerve, I might fall off, and if I slow down, he might rob me.” So I just kept going straight at him until he jumped out of my way. Motherfucking kids aren’t gonna hassle me on my block.

  • Point is, maybe it was the same dudes.

  • Unable to press charges??? That is ridiculous. Very sorry to hear about the mugging, and now this. Did the cops give you any idea if they would pursue anything against these guys? Was your husband able to track/recover his phone?

  • I responded to a craigslist ad for a tiny 1br basement apartment a few days ago on this block. The place was overpriced, so I turned it down. Very glad I did!

    Actually, I’ve just remembered that this is 3 blocks from where I was attacked last year. And two blocks from where I was nearly hit and threatened by a fat old lady last week (funny stuff:

  • Victim here – couple updates. First, turns out they will be able to prosecute the two adults but not the juvenile – apparently one office handles adults and one juveniles, but the standards of evidence are different or something. The bigger issue is that the fact they found MY phone on one of them will likely be ruled inadmissible evidence due to a “premature search.” Tried to see if my screenshot of my phone walking off on would work but no dice. One guy did drop a shoe when he jumped a fence, and it matched his other. They’re checking for any CCTV footage from a nearby apartment or something. Apparently there’s a couple cameras that would have caught them that had been pulled down due to construction and/or have crappy resolution.

    I’m not sure what this “robbery operation” was about. It did seem like a quick and large turnout (I saw at least 5 cars, couple vans, and a helicopter plus a bunch of plain clothes cops walking around) but I didn’t hear any sirens until I called.

    I’ve heard every opinion about what should be done, how to be safe, etc. For the record, I don’t walk around with my headphones in or my face in my phone – it was all in my pocket. I saw the first guy sitting on the step before he grabbed me (not the other 2 hiding in the basement stairwell) so I could have/should have turned around or crossed the street. Definitely did tonight, and it feels sickening to walk around your neighborhood suspecting every single person of being a mugger. Better street lights would have helped, but really the problem was I was alone on a tucked away street – simple as that. My advice – don’t hesitate to call 911 if you see someone you don’t recognize hanging around and looking suspicious. And know your neighbors. Take care of each other.

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