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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Pumpkin pecan oatmeal
    Rant: I don’t have a fireplace in my cubicle

  • Rave: Saw some snow flakes Saturday night (Rant: they did not stick)
    Rave: Today is my Friday
    Rave: Plenty of Bikeshare bikes available thanks to the beautiful weather

  • rant: didn’t manage to work up the cajones to break up with my bf this weekend.
    rave: only have one day of work this week!

    • Ummm, my girlfriend is from New Jersey and reads this blog!! If this is you, babe, I’m sorry I made those STD jokes in front of your parents.

      • HAHAHAH anyone who would make STD jokes in front of my extremely conservative parents would be a keeper. i’m pretty sure my (soon-to-be-ex) bf doesn’t read this site.

        • How long have you been dating this guy? It sounds like you’ve been mentally “checked out” of this relationship for a while. Are you doing Thanksgiving with him?!?
          I’d be too chicken to break up with someone during the holidays. It’s a crazy time of year.

          • about a year. we’re not spending thanksgiving together (both have families in different places) but it IS hard to break up with someone right around the holidays. i have been mentally checked out for a while, but was too lazy to do anything about it. but that’s doing both of us a disservice. also i don’t think he sees it coming. :/

          • “but that’s doing both of us a disservice” – So true. I made this mistake a few times (sigh).
            But yeah, life’s too short to be with someone that doesn’t passionately excite you. I guess it will be tough for him at first, but us men rebound pretty easily after a month or so. πŸ™‚

          • Staying in a relationship you don’t want to be in prevents both you and he from possibly meeting somebody else, don’t mean to be pedantic or anything but had I not stopped w/ my then-bf I wouldn’t have been available for my now-BF which is a much much much better match.

            You owe it to yourself and your future happiness πŸ™‚

          • But going through Christmas and New Year’s and Valentine’s Day would be pretty awful on both sides. If it were me, I’d have The Talk after Thanksgiving — before Christmas plans start getting, well, planned.

          • Just send him a text: “we need to talk”. He’ll get the hint, so he’ll be more mentally prepared, and you won’t be able to chicken out of it.

          • thanks for the kind words and judgment, Tom! i guess that makes two of us pathetic people — one who posts about their relationship, and another who comments on some random stranger’s posts.

          • justinbc

            Why does it matter what time of year? Unless you had some long standing holiday tradition that you would now be missing out on that details seems sort of irrelevant.

          • “But going through Christmas and New Year’s and Valentine’s Day would be pretty awful on both sides. If it were me, I’d have The Talk after Thanksgiving β€” before Christmas plans start getting, well, planned.”

            I think this is a great time of year to break up with someone. There are lots of distractions with the holidays, and you’re getting extra love from family (assuming you’re close with them) and spending more time with other people. Also, if he’s a Black Friday shopper, best to break up now before he buys your Christmas present.

          • Tom’s just bitter that he’s never had a relationship to talk about here. πŸ™‚

          • “Please break up with him asap – he’s way better off without you, a pathetic person who posts about her relationship in the PoP comments section, out of his life.”
            I sense some lasting emotional trauma here from a failed relationship. Don’t take it out on the OP.
            Don’t start with the name calling. Not cool, Tom. Relationships are difficult and feelings are not always clear cut. You can still love a person greatly yet have an inkling that they’re not the “right” partner for you, thus making a break up very difficult. Or perhaps hey boyfriend is going through other difficult issues (job loss, depression, family death, etc.) and Jerseygirl doesn’t want to add more misery to his life.
            There’s a lot of good reasons why it might not be “the right time’ to have this conversation.

          • Tom? We need to talk….

          • thanks for the advice… i hadn’t even been thinking about xmas, and that he might try to make plans or something… i was just trying to get through thanksgiving first!

    • No judgment–it’s tough breaking up with someone, and (don’t know your situation) all the more difficult if the other person is basically nice and decent (ie, it’s easier to break up with a total jerk). There is no “good” way to break up with someone, and while the break-er up-er can do things to mitigate and be more considerate of the person, in the moment, the dump-ee is still going to feel like crap no matter what. And then, the feeling-like-crap will fade over time, for both of you. Yes, we can all say “oh, you should do this or that, and if you don’t, you’re a terrible person!” re breaking up with someone, but let’s face it–we’ve probably all had relationships situations (be it romantic or friendship) where we got chicken or got awkward, and did not live up to our very best selves. Good luck.

      • I kind of feel like it’s better to be a cowardly jerk about it. Then the person will feel like maybe it was for the best!

    • I broke up with my gf last week. I mostly figured she would be relieved because I think we were both just languishing, and neither of us had to the guts to just call it out and do it. There’s no time of year that’s good to break up. Ya gotta figure your SO has a support system just like you do.

      Take a walk with him and do a check in and just say that you feel like things have fizzled and it would be better if you both moved on. Oh, I also practiced my little speech a few times. Good luck.

  • Rave – Had a fun and exhausting weekend.
    Rant – It is so cold at work. I’m seriously considering buying a Snuggie and wearing it at my desk to keep warm. This is ridiculous.
    Rant – Thanksgiving travel weather is not looking good. Traveling for Thanksgiving is always terrible, and now it will be even more terrible.

    • Do you work in my office? One of my coworkers has been wearing gloves at his desk this morning. Space heaters are everywhere.

    • If you’re going to buy something, get a heating pad for your chair. Less ridiculous looking than a snuggie, and less alarming to the fire hazard police than a space heater.

    • I can’t figure out if my office is frigid or I’m just permanently chilled from the half-hour walk here. I’m bundled up in a thick sweater, boots, long skirt, and tights, with a big scarf wrapped around my shoulders, and I’m considering pulling out a blanket. OTOH my coworkers (elderly men) seem fine in their thin cotton button-downs.

  • Rave: O St Giant. A huge game changer for which I am eternally grateful.
    Rant: They really need smaller carts in there – this ain’t a suburban market with generous aisles. Even on a Sunday morning trip when the place was empty, it was a little hard to navigate with those huge carts. They should focus a bit more on customer flow – it’s about promoting volume of sales at a place like this. Safeway @ 5th and Mass has this same problem – hopefully the Giant is new enough to make some adjustments early on.
    Rant: It needs a bikeshare station.
    Rave: Highly unexpected but very much welcome romantic flings.

    • Do they have parking underground yet and do they validate? I went to Whole Foods on Sunday and it was like a freaking war zone in there, peeps be cray-cray near da holiday.

      • i believe there is free 2 hour parking at the garage right across the street (on 8th). i walked and biked their on my two trips so am not 100% certain, but i did see signs for free parking.

      • yes, giant at o street has underground parking and validate for 2 hours free parking for giant customers – that said the ticket machine wasn’t working this weekend so it was free and clear. it’s way bigger than the WF at 14th and P street lot as well so you shouldn’t have to fight for a spot.

      • yes, the parking garage under the Giant is open! It is not administering tickets yet (it wasn’t on saturday) so you can just drive in and out. the parking entrance was on 9th st.

    • The Giant is literally too giant — too many aisles, and too poorly organized. The flow is horrid. They laid it out like a suburban Shoppers, but that only works when you have a huge surface lot out the front doors. A lot of people visiting this Giant will be parked in the below-ground lot, and when they try to bring their carts down via the elevator, a crush of other shoppers trying to do the same will make it a headache.

      Also, the food bar food stinks.

      On the plus side: we have a buttload of grocery options in this town now.

  • Rave: We had a successful Thanksgiving potluck with friends this weekend. Now the fridge is stocked with more wine and beer then before the party began.
    Rant: I have no idea how I’m going to fit all the ingredients for family Thanksgiving because of all the beer. Time for some creative fridge Tetris.
    Rave: Looking forward to hosting a quiet, chill Thanksgiving dinner with the in-laws. And I’m excited to try out a few new recipes.
    Rave: My sleeping bag down jacket that keeps me warm and toasty during the commute on cold days like today.

    • If it stays cold – but not freezing – put the beer outside (if you have an outside space).

      • The alcohol in beer and wine lowers its freezing temperature. Most beers won’t freeze until the temp. hits 28. Wines can go lower. So it should be ok for the next few days to store outside.

    • Leave the booze outside – it’s cold enough! A hidden upside to the cold weather during the holidays πŸ˜‰

    • Well, it’s not supposed to get warmer than 42 degrees between now and the weekend, so the world is your fridge. And/or freezer.

    • Use a cooler for the beer?

    • Come on, if people are stealing strollers from yards they’ll definitely take some beer!

      • Ha — very good point! I would definitely stash it outside of we had any outdoor space. This is the downside of apartment living. But really, I just use this as another reason to tell my partner that when we eventually buy a house, I get a second fridge for entertaining purposes. πŸ™‚ I grew up in the restaurant business, so I’m used to excessive cold storage space for food.

    • Why not leave most of the beer out at room temp and just keep a few in the fridge for when you need them?

    • austindc

      Not sure if this would work, but I have had good luck storing beer in my stomach.

  • rant: feeling really burned out at work.
    rant: so much to do, so little time
    rave: i have a job
    rave: short week, family, and pumpkin pie
    rave: our new rescue dog. she defintiely helps turn these rough work days around (even though she’s starting to hvae a rough time in her crate at bedtime)

    • Congrats on the new addition!! πŸ™‚

    • epric002

      congrats on the new doggie! tell us about her? what seems to be the crate issue?

      • she’s a 9 month old hound mix. the first two weeks, she would go in at night and go right to sleep until we woke up for work. now she doesn’t want to come upstairs at bedtime after her walk and once she’s in her crate, she will just wimper for a good hour (this started saturday). she’s in the room with us so it’s tough to ignore, but i know that’s what she’s looking for. she doesn’t seem to make this much noise when we leave the house during the day. any suggestions?

        • Try giving her an old (unwashed) shirt of yours to sleep with – that might give her some comfort. And if you haven’t done this already, put a blanket or other cover over the top, sides and back of the crate to make it more cave-like.

        • This happened with my dog (also a hound!). When she was about a year old she started getting really ornery when we tried to take her upstairs to bed. So we just let her sleep downstairs. I don’t know why she liked that better, but it didn’t seem worth the energy to fight it.

        • epric002

          does she need to be shut in it at night? if so, is there something she loves (a stuffed kong, a rawhide, etc.) that she’ll happily go in for and will keep her busy/make her tired?

          • thank you for the comments! we have a sweatshirt of my boyfriends in there already, she loves it..but maybe it’s lost his smell. she has one toy she really loves, but could care less about it in the crate but i’m sure she couldn’t ignore a treat stuff kong, that’s a thought. i will also give the blanket/cave suggestion a try. we aren’t ready to leave her out at night. and i know she would just jump on our bed. she loves to cuddle and be right next to us. i think later down the road i would be ok with it, but right now i think it’s important she feels comfortable sleeping in there (in case we travel— like later this week) this is my first dog as an adult, so it’s a learning experience but i love every minute of it. each day we can see her confidence building πŸ™‚

          • epric002

            be patient and good luck! the more tired she is when she goes in, the better the chance that she’ll settle down and sleep. and if you haven’t tried it yet- canned pumpkin mixed with peanut butter and frozen in a kong will give me at least 20 minutes of quiet with my dogs- they LOVE it.

          • Question for you on the Kongs–do you put the peanut butter/pumpkin on the inside or just the outside? I feel like if I put it on the inside, they won’t be able to get to it? This is prob a dumb q, but I’m wondering.

          • epric002

            inside! they have to work to get it out- that’s what keeps them occupied. if you’ve never given your dog(s) a kong with treats before, start out with yummy things that are easy to get out (kibble, pieces of hot dog) and gradually make it harder for them to get the treats out. you can google stuffing ideas- you can even use low sodium chicken broth in the summer to make kongsicles. we had to “teach” our rescue how to use them but now she’s perfectly able to tackle a kong stuffed with PB and pumpkin and frozen solid.

          • we’ll have to give that combo a try!

          • i would pre-stuff kongs with peanut butter and store them in the freezer — cuts down on the mess, keeps a bunch ready for when i needed one, and kept my pup occupied longer!

    • We got our new rescue dog this weekend as well! Yay! I ended up crashing on the sofa near the crate her first night to stop her from whining (I know, I’m a softy). But I placed a blanket over her crate the second night and it was like a different dog was sleeping there.

    • We tried crate training for basically one night. She cried even though she was right next to our bed. Into the bed she came and she remains. She is quite a bed-hog now but I’d never kick her out. It got pretty rough when I was hugely pregnant though.

  • Rant: I’m moving tomorrow – and worried about the weather. πŸ™
    Rave: Wonderful friends who have helped me with some of the hard parts.

    • I’m unloading my pod tomorrow, I’m worried too! I’m going to pick up mattress bags for my mattress and box spring. Even though they’re already in the pod, they’ll be the last thing out, so there will be plenty of space to put them on.
      I’m thinking about calling my movers to see if they have any tips or can be flexible on the start time. It’s supposed to be the worst tomorrow night.

  • Question for the commentariat – I am going to a friend’s house for thanksgiving dinner. She is secular Jewish. Should I do or bring anything for Hanukkah ?

    • Can never hurt to bring some chocolates. Whole Foods has some very good cholcoate gelt.

    • I’d probably just ask!

      • Yeah, but of course the host is going to say “No, no, no, no! Don’t bring anything!”
        Sometimes you need to just bring something nice without the host knowing. They are already stressed and don’t need to think about anything else πŸ˜‰

        • I figured it was just a nice gesture to ask, since most non-Jews don’t even realize Hanukkah falls on the same day this year.

          • I was listening to Howard Stern last week and they did a “Man on the Street” interview segment. They told random folks on the streets of NYC that “The Jews have decided to cancel Thanksgiving and turn it into Hanukkah.”
            The reactions were cringe worthy yet also hilarious. There’s a whole lotta animosity out there – oy.

    • Munchies — for sure! Holiday chocolates or cookies would be a sweet thought.

  • rave: DC noodles is open!!!
    rant: sounds like all of this thanksgiving precipitation is going to be rain…

  • Rant: I haven’t received a single issue of the Economist in 4 months since I moved into my new apartment. The Econ says they are sending them and USPS says there is nothing they can do to ensure they get to me. This is frustrating.
    Rave: Everything else.

    • Same thing happened to my Economist when we moved. Turned out the change of address didn’t kick in for several weeks and the issues continued to get delivered to the old address. The people who bought our house held them for us. The new address will eventually catch up to you.

    • The Economist is notorious for its inability to deal with any subscriber change. I’ve heard from so many people that their address was never updated, magazines were arriving ridiculously late after an address change (when all other mailers had figured it out), their billing info kept reverting to old expired cards, etc.

  • mtpgal

    Rave: My new phone from Republic Wireless should get here tomorrow! Here’s hoping the service is adequate so I can cancel my $92/month Verizon plan and move on over to a $25/month RW plan. Now if I can just research Hulu/Amazon/Netflix and figure out how to kill off Comcast I’ll be a happy lady.

    • If you don’t want to completely cut the cord, check out RCN (I promise, I don’t work for them!) They’re the preferred provider in my new building, so i gave them a shot. Great packages, great rates, great customer service, pretty much the polar opposite of comcast.

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 I am so happy I switched to RCN. I wish I had done it way before.

      • I’ll second the rec for RCN. I’ve had them for 4 years, and have not lost service ever and the few times I’ve needed it, their customer service is great (repair guys actual arrive during the scheduled window, they’ve been willing to make deals when intro promos run out, etc.).

      • gotryit

        +3 for RCN, coming off Comcast. Everything I wanted, for a reasonable price, and no Comcast stupidity / drama

      • RANT: I can’t get RCN in my building πŸ™

        • Ugh, I can’t RCN or Fios either. How is it again that large cable companies don’t have monopolies? I wish I had some kind of choice.

          At this point I’m thinking about getting very basic Comcast internet that comes with like 10 tv channels and on demand. That should cover almost all of my TV needs except for HGTV and Caps games. For Caps games apparently you can get NHL Gamecenter from a scrambled location and not have any blackouts, but I’m not sure that’s the best plan.

          • I’m pretty sure you can’t get only 10 channels. I managed to get down to the smallest package of 100 after insisting that I never watch TV and would gladly get rid of cable entirely if it were cost effective.

          • You’re right, they call it the 10+ channel plan, but there are like 80-100 channels. I don’t get why they would advertise less than there are, that seems bad for business.

          • Comcast for internet only is $45/month and then they jack it up to something like $57.99 after that. Then you need to call, threaten to leave, and they lower the rate back to $45. It’s so stupid. It’s my only option, aside from slow-ass Verizon DSL. We have no options in my rental building.
            I hate DC sometimes.

          • epric002

            just called RCN and i can’t get it either πŸ™

          • “I hate DC sometimes.”
            Hate to break it to you, but the Comcast monopoly isn’t just a DC thing.

          • I have had the Comcast “Limited Basic” aka 10+ plan for a long time. It is only regular network channels, local government channels, and a few wacky education channels – no regular cable channels at all. I don’t watch live tv often, but it really is only a few channels, probably less than 20. It runs around $15/month. When I first switched down to the Limited Basic from regular Basic, they forgot to turn off a lot of the cable channels, so I actually got ~50 channels for two years until they noticed.

      • Is it normal to lose service with other providers? I’ve had Comcast for 3 years and it’s yet to happen. Would love a less expensive option, but I need a landline too and $150/month (with unnecessary cable TV thrown in) seems to be the cheapest I can get anywhere.

      • mtpgal

        I’d love to get RCN as I loved them when I lived in an apt., but sadly it’s not an option. πŸ™

      • Another +1 for RCN. Had them in my old apt., but Comcast was the only option when I moved into my condo. RCN finally added service to my bldg and they are so much cheaper than Comcast that I went from having cable to not having cable back to having cable.

  • epric002

    rant: the GAO report we are coordinating on. are they obtuse or intentionally ignorant?! oy.
    rave: snapped out of my seasonal depression/spousal annoyance and was incredibly productive this weekend. got the house mostly cleaned, laundry is under control, even did some baking, which is sooooo not me. b/n that and some girlfriend time, everything is peachy keen. other than the effing GAO. πŸ˜›

  • Rant: My computer is buggy. It’s also old, so it may be time to get a new one.
    Rant: Shopping for a new computer – so many options…

  • Rave: Italian market/sandwich shop coming to 7th Street SE! Hoping it’s similar to Litteri’s.

  • RANT: The Anne Arundul driver who killed a cyclist is getting off on all charges and only faces traffic tickets. A jury will never convict another driver of killing a cyclist, IMHO.

    • In reading the report, I’m surprised cars are allowed to pass on a part of the road that they can’t see oncoming traffic coming around the bend. Seems like there should’ve been a double line there. Either way, that’s a very unfortunate and sad event.

    • gotryit

      + super rant
      I’m finding myself at a loss for words for my frustration increasingly frequently

      • The law needs to be changed to be more explicit. It’s too vague and leaves too much discretion to the prosecutor and police.
        It also sounds like the driver’s family are major power brokers in Anne Arundal, politically well-connected, and have the money to get the best local attorneys. The prosecutor could have filed charges, but instead went to the grand jury to determine the charge. Of course, grand juries are going to let the driver off the hook as they could imagine themselves in the same situation.
        If I was the Cunningham family, I’d be picketing on the sidewalk outside the DeCesaris family house on Thanksgiving day. There’s no reason why they deserve to have a happy Thanksgiving dinner.

        • “There’s no reason why they deserve to have a happy Thanksgiving dinner.”
          Wouldn’t they be having a terrible Thanksgiving dinner anyway, with the knowledge that they were responsible for another human’s death?

    • This pisses me off too. What was the grand jury thinking? I don’t think that they’re setting any precedent for future cases though. And yes, the driver’s FB comment that she wants to forget what happened is particularly galling.

      • “What was the grand jury thinking?”
        Here’s what they were thinking – “Oh shit, I could have been this driver.”
        A “jury of your peers” don’t identify with bank robbers or murderers, so it’s easy to file the charges and move forward with the case. Everyone in Anne Arundal identifies with another driver and probably felt worse for the driver than the killed cyclist. I’m sure there was plenty of victim blaming in the jury room.

  • Rave: An old HS acquaintance came into town last week. We had a blast. I had forgotten what it was like to be around someone where I just felt like myself and felt like someone found me attractive and fun. We had a flirty awesome time.

    Rant: He’s went home and now I’m left with being old responsible me. Have to figure out how to bottle up whatever he brought out in me and find it again. Hard to do when most of the people you hang out with are work friends so there are lines of appropriateness, but I AM going to manage it. I miss the old me.

  • justinbc

    Rant: The cold. It’s one of the few things I genuinely dislike about DC (after moving here from NC). Luckily the last 2 winters were especially mild, compared with the 4 I experienced here prior to that, but this one is shaping up to be a beast.

  • KSB

    Rant: The deep-in-your-bones, soul-crushing exhaustion of late pregnancy. Seems to hit earlier and earlier with each bun in the oven.
    Rave: There’s a baby a-coming! Just need to get through the next 6-7 weeks.
    Double Rave: Seeing the holidays through the eyes of little ones. Insanely cheesy, yes, but amazing nonetheless! My young daughters are OVER THE MOON with excitement for Christmas this year and it’s completely contagious πŸ™‚

    • I don’t remember the late stages of pregnancy being overly exhausting (I was a rare person that didn’t have many problems sleeping when I was pregnant…maybe had something to do with extremely early wake up times for work). That said, that was my first pregnancy, I can’t imagine being pregnant while having to take care of my son. Having to keep up your energy for the sake of your kids sounds insanely difficult!

      • KSB

        Makes me realize that I was exactly this pregnant with my first (33 weeks) when I got married! Definitely wasn’t experiencing this level of tiredness at that point but, man, it’s definitely gotten more intense with each pregnancy. Perhaps my body is heading right back into “sleep deprived” mode and my muscle memory is just stronger after having been through it a few times πŸ™‚

  • Rave: Zoo Zoom 8K at the Baltimore Zoo! Good workout, and something a little different than the average race.
    Rant: -5 points for no rhinos or zebras (assume they were inside b/c it was too cold and/or too early in the morning); wind chills in the teens; had to give up and walk up a couple of the monster hills.
    Rave: +10 points for running past cheetahs and penguins, and for my leg warmers that turned my running capris into running “tights” (which I’d never bothered to buy in the past, thinking “Not necessary, it hardly ever gets that cold here!” Harumph.). And for the Smartwool headband that kept my ears toasty; two great purchase between that and the leg warmers. On balance, Zoo Zoom comes out ahead, and I think I’ll add it to my roster of holiday season traditions.
    (Related: Pre-New Year’s resolution: get serious in 2014 about doing some hill training on Harvard St. and on 16th btw U and Euclid.)

  • Two day long hangovers… the mid-thirties are unkind to my liver!

  • Gorgeous photo!

  • RANT: My whole office is sick. Seriously, it’s like a plague house in here. And none of us are sick enough to justify a sick day, but just under the weather enough to feel miserable.
    RAVE: Three day week. If I can just get through 2 and 1/2 more days, I’m home free.
    RAVE: The pharmacist at the Walgreens at Chinatown was so nice and so helpful. I’m feeling much better already thanks to her advice (Ibofuren for a sore throat because of swelling- who knew? ). More proof that horrible old CVS needs to go away already.
    RAVE: I’m not travelling and I’m not cooking this year.

    • I’ve filled several prescriptions at that Walgreens and have really been quite pleased with the quick service and their staff. I’ll definitely walk up to Chinatown rather than filling prescriptions at the CVS by the Archives-even if CVS is closer to work.

  • Rant: heat pump. I miss radiators and being warm. Any ideas on how to winter-proof my apartment?
    Rave: New giant. Even with checkout being crowded it was fantastic to have regular groceries in walking distance. I’ll miss having music in the produce section now that the grand opening is over though.

    • If your windows are at all drafty, I highly recommend putting up the kits of clear plastic that they sell at hardware stores. They can work miracles and are not as noticeable as I thought they would be.

      • Yes to the plastic windows – I used these for a few years and it made a huge difference. 3M brand is much better than Frost King (Frost King tape fails)

        • I’d try them on rear-facing windows first. My neighbors have them on the front of their house, and they are sooooo ugly.

          • I think you’re thinking of something different. I believe DC_Chica and Monroe are talking about insulation kits – it’s basically like putting cling wrap over the insides of your windows. You can’t even see it from outside.

          • the shrinky dink ones (the ones you heat with a hairdryer) don’t look too bad, and make a huge difference.

          • They wouldn’t be visible from outside – they’re secured to the inside of the window and then “shrunk” using a blowdryer so the plastic is taut and see=through.

          • No, that’s what I’m talking about and you can totally see it from outside. It looks like someone stuck Saran Wrap to the windows.

          • If you can see them from the outside then the plastic film wasn’t put on correctly.

  • Rave: on a much-needed mini-vacation to see my sister in Vegas
    Rant: will probably be seeing her jerkface soon-to-be-ex this afternoon when he drops off my nephews
    Rave/rant: can’t wait until the whole family is together for christmas in Santa Fe. I wish I could fast-forward between now and then! A lot of work and studying for finals need to be done over the next month…

  • I’m new to the area – but does any one know why the area on NW Upshur right off of Rock Creek Church next to the Hitching Post is still vacant? It seems like there is the potential for some decent neighborhood retail, but it’s vacant for the most part. Anyone know why it’s still vacant?

  • Rave: I’m gearing up to combat possible holiday-related depression over the next two months. I’ve loaded up social engagements, many outside my comfort zone. I pretty much never say no to anything my friends are up for. And I’ve continued the bike riding, even during these sub-freezing temps.
    Rave: Sense of accomplishment but not wussying out and riding yesterday. Good gloves and a balaclava make all the difference.
    Rave: Got invited to a Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, I had already kind of written the day off.

  • Rant: Really negative interaction with a colleague at work today has left me in a bad mood.
    Query: Does anyone know a good place in DC or a close-in suburb to get a receiver repaired?

  • Rant: Between this abysmal winter weather and my craptacular job, I’m so demotivated that even sex is a chore. All I want to do is sleep, bike, and drink.
    Rant: I thought I was going to be able ignore the holidays again this year and avoid any family interaction, but my SO’s family guilted us into visiting them for Crapsgiving, and my folks decided to visit from overseas for the first time in a few years. Please kill me…
    Rant: I can’t think of a damned thing to rave or revel about. I think I’ll get to drinking early today.

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