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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Revel: Grad school will be done in two weeks!
    Rant: I have a LOT to do in the next two weeks.
    Rant/Revel/Realization: I’ve always said that after grad school was over, I’d seriously start trying to move back home. While that’s still the goal, the idea of job hunting and selling my condo and actually moving scares the crap out of me. But I guess it’s good to have the crap scared out of you every once in a while, eh? Keeps you on your toes…

    • Why does moving scare the crap out of you?

      Totally understand about job hunting though. That’s one of the most stressful things in life, especially when not currently employed and/or finishing school…

      • It’s really more the job hunting, which I’ve only had to do once before, and then the realization that if/when I get a job 700 miles away there will be a mad dash to pack and move and list my house all before my start date. Thankfully, I am employed now so it would be leaving one job for another. Unfortunately, I’m really not at a point in my career where I could move first and figure it out when I get there. I sort of feel like I’ll be like the cat who caught the canary and then had no idea what to actually do with it.
        While it’s easier to just stay put, the longer I’m in DC (12 years and counting) the more I realize I’m really just not meant to be here.

        • I’m job hunting back home and moving after six years in DC, so not nearly as long as you, but both the job hunt and the move scare me, too. I know DC isn’t the right place for me, but, at the same time, I still like my life here. What if I move and I don’t like my life after the move? What if I have trouble making friends (my family is mostly still there, but a lot of my friends have moved away themselves)? It’s tough to know you’re not in the right place for you, but also question if where you’re moving is the right place for you.

    • What’s your grad degree and where is home?

    • I just got a job back home and am in the process of moving across the country! It’s hard and a little stressful (and expensive!), but when I think about what’s at the other end, it makes it all worth it.

  • Rave: Pulp on 14th street. I went in there to buy a birthday card for a friend and found a funny magnet as well — I mentioned to the clerk that I was header to my friend’s birthday dinner and unbidden he wrapped the magnet in tissue paper and ribbon. Terrific customer service for a sale that was less than $10.

    • I love Pulp. It is the cutest store, they have stellar customer service and I always find something great there.

  • I’m working from home, and my cat is snoring. Dude needs to lose some weight or something.

    • My tiny little cat snores like a 500 lb man with asthma. It’s pretty funny actually. He makes the funniest noises just randomly. According to the vet, he’s got some adenoid issues. They can put him under and take it out, but he’s perfectly healthy and happy and it’s not worth the risk.

    • Emmaleigh504

      My cat snores and talks in her sleep. It’s adorable unless I’m trying to sleep. Then I wake her up.

  • epric002

    rant: UPS says they delivered 2 packages from PetCo yesterday which of course were not there when i got home. interestingly though, 2 other packages from different retailers were…
    rant: PetCo call center outsourced somewhere meant explaining this issue over and over again to someone with limited english skills who kept insisting that the packages were successfully delivered. oy.
    rant: not how i wanted to start my morning.
    rant: now i’m cranky and have nothing but rants.

    • Had a similar UPS problem with an order from Nike…other packages were delivered to my apartment building, but mine was the only one missing…had to speak with reps from both Nike and UPS multiple times to get it resolved…no fun indeed.

      • epric002

        blarg. i do not expect this to be easily resolved. did you dispute the charges with your bank/credit card company? PetCo told me they need 24-48 hours to “trace” my package and will get back to me after they do that. i can’t decide whether i should go ahead and dispute the charges now or wait and see what happens with this “trace”.

        • This just happened to me today. The item I am waiting for is a 38 pound queen sized headboard (so I find it unlikely that someone just took off with it down the street, but crazier things have happened). Tracking says it was delivered yesterday, but was not. Called the store this morning and they put a “trace” on the package with UPS. They said UPS has 3 business days to investigate and if it doesn’t turn up they will ship another one b/c it is insured. I’m holding off on calling my credit card company for now, but if I dont get some resolution by the end of the week I will dispute the charge.

          • epric002

            yeah, one of my items was 24lbs of dog food. UPS says it was delivered at 4:52 pm. my dog walker was there at 5:00 and brought my other 2 packages inside and confirmed that there were no other items when he was there. i’m doubting that it was actually delivered.

        • Nike also did a trace and UPS called me a few times asking the same questions (did I check with neighbors? did I check outside again?). Nike ended up re-sending my order and I asked for it to be delivered to the UPS store near my house. That worked, and I didn’t have to dispute the charges with my credit card company. I’d wait for the trace and see what happens…

    • I’m not sure if this is the same in your case, but I know that UPS and FedEx (or at least one of them) sometimes hands off to USPS and calls that “delivered.” It might be another day or two til you actually get the item.

  • Rave: My new leaf blower! I actually like taking care of my leaves now. And it’s gas powered, so no batteries or extension chords to worry about.

    Rant: Still have to rake some to get the whole front yard clean.

  • I know there was a recent thread on favorite coffee brands, but I just got a new coffee maker, and I need advice! I don’t have a grinder or anything (I know, I know); just wondering where people go to buy their coffee.

    • My favourite in DC is Qualia, but Chinatown coffee has great beans as does M.E. Swings. All three places serve brewed coffee, so just try before you buy to find your favorite.

    • Qualia is my favorite. Filter is also good. If I need something cheaper, Trader Joe’s.

    • pablo .raw

      I missed that! I need to know.

    • I drink cheaper coffee during the week, but on the weekend I love picking up some Ceremony beans. We usually get them from Baked and Wired.

      When I lived on the other side of town, I used to get beans from Peregrine. God I miss Peregrine.

      • epric002

        +100 for peregrine. i love counter culture coffee- peregrine, sticky fingers, and the coupe (and probably tryst) all carry counter culture. la frontera is my all time fave.

      • You can get Ceremony Coffee beans at La Mano Coffee, just off of the Takoma Metro. I used to get their beans mailed to me, but now I just buy them locally.

    • Ground coffee from coffee shops is stupid expensive. Spend $15 on an electric grinder from Amazon and then get whole beans at Trader Joe’s. Way cheaper and really good quality beans.
      Fresh ground coffee makes a huge difference, IMO.

      • Thanks for the tip! Since it’s just me and I only make one large cup, I probably use about 3 tablespoons at a time. Is the grinder still worth the time and money in that case?

        • I’m in the same situation, and the grinder is absolutely worth it! Only takes a few seconds, and the taste is so much better. You don’t really need to clean it after every use unless you often switch between grinding coffee vs. spices– I clean my grinder with a stiff brush once a week.

        • Hrmm, 3 tablespoons seems like a lot to me. But maybe I just like mine weaker?
          I’d say the grinder is worth it. I usually grind enough coffee for two or three days store the leftovers in a ziploc bag in the freezer. But even grinding each day only adds – at most – 15 seconds to your prep. It’s super easy.
          I have an older version of this grinder. Have had it for over 5 years and it totally does the job just fine. You don’t need anything fancy.

          • To be honest, I have NO idea what I’m doing. The bag is not in english and I lost the chemex directions pretty much instantly, so I’m just kind of winging it. Luckily the filter box had instructions on how to fold it properly. I found some online instructions on how to make an ideal cup of coffee with the chemex, but they were using the bigger model. Maybe I should use less?

        • The grinder really makes a big difference in the way the coffee tastes and in how quickly your coffee goes bad. Get a burr grinder-it provides a much more even grind than the little cheap blade grinders.

        • You could also get something multi-use. I grind my coffee beans in the dry goods Vitamix. It was $100, but can be used for many other things too….

    • what kind of coffee maker did you get? i am in the market for a new drip coffee maker. love my french press but sometimes you need some more volume for houseguests and brunches…..

    • My favorite coffee in DC is ME Swings. You can buy their beans at the store on G and 17th St and they’ll grind them for you. Or you can buy a bag of of their ground beans at Whole Foods, not as fresh but still good.

    • Thanks everyone for the good tips! I clearly have a lot of coffee shops I need to try this week!

    • Whole Foods (their own 365 brand) or Trader Joes. They’re about the same price and decent quality coffee. Get a grinder, buy whole beans at either one, you’ll be fine.

    • Order Blue Bottle coffee beans/grinds online until they get a DC location.

    • Emmaleigh504

      French Market Coffee city roast with chicory is the best, don’t listen to those other people ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I buy bird friendly coffee from Whole Foods on P-Street. As far as I know, it’s the only place in the city that sells coffee that meets the Smithsonian’s Bird Friendly certification.

      • Bird friendly? I’ve never heard of that.

        • Back in the day, most coffee was grown in the shade of the rainforest. But farmers figured out they could increase their yield by clear cutting the rainforest and growing coffee in the sun…so they did this. They clear cut millions of acres of rainforests to grow coffee…When they do this, they take away the habitat of thousands of species, including the insect eating birds and bats. Without these birds and bats, their dependence on pesticides grow. Basically, these conventional coffee farming practices have severe impacts on local ecosystems.

          Certified bird friendly coffee is coffee that is grown organically, in the shade, in a manner that helps protect the waterways, reduces erosion, and helps promote biodiversity. The certification also ensures many benefits to the farmers and their staff. Since it’s sponsored by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, it also goes towards their research and conservation program.

          • epric002

            what’s the difference b/n shade grown and bird safe?

          • The bird safe certified coffees have more environmental (and social justice) characteristics that promote bird habitat than just being shade-grown. So they have other plantings that promote bird diversity or control erosion, provide ongoing education for farmers, etc. Check out the Smithsonian’s webpage, it has good info if you’re interested.

          • Thanks for the information! I did a quick google search, and it sounds like counter culture coffee is shade grown. Even if it doesn’t have that particular seal, would it be considered bird safe?

          • This sounds like a Portlandia episode.

    • I can’t believe no one voted for Misha’s Coffee in Old Town. The Best Coffee Ever! They roast the beans onsite and you can grind at home or have them ground for you.

      • Probably because they close so early (or at least they used to when I lived there). Heard they were great but it was impossible to get there when they were open, even when I worked in the area.

  • Rave: Went to play with the dog I’m adopting last night! My husband is in love with her and he swore he wasn’t into dogs. Ha ha.
    Rant: The adoption process is taking a loooong time. I know the rescue agencies want to ensure that dogs end up in good homes and have limited resources to work with, but I imagine they lose a lot of interested families this way.
    Rave: Anything worth having is worth waiting for

    • I own a rescue I adopted two years ago and I volunteer for a rescue organization. It’s definitely worth the wait. Congrats on the adoption. Dogs rock!

    • epric002

      congrats! who are you adopting from/what kind of dog?

    • Best of luck with the adoption! I’ve found dogs have a tricky way of sneaking into a lot of unsuspecting people’s hearts. And they do it so quickly!

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Hmm. Which rescue? Most are trending towards same-day adoption whenever possible (part of the No Kill equation).

    • Since they are trying to weed out people who may give up on the dogs once the going gets tough, anyone who drops out of a lengthy application process probably doesn’t fit the criteria of a good owner anyway.

    • Congratulations!
      I volunteer for a local dog rescue. It’s an all-volunteer organization and there’s just no way they could do same-day adoptions. They try really hard to move things along, but meeting a dog requires the foster parent and adopter to coordinate schedules, references must be called, a home visit must be conducted, again requiring the coordination of schedules… I think most people who want to devote the next few years to caring for a dog are fine spending a few weeks working with a rescue and choosing the right dog for them.

      • Meh,

        We got ours from WARL. We met her and fell in love. We already have a very well adjusted beagle at home, who they got to meet. The home visit and all of the was certainly unnecessary (and was foregone) in our case, and we took her home that night. Two years later, we still love our two beagles!

      • Yes, exactly. I adopted my first dog from Washington Humane Society five years ago, and they basically handed her over to me the day after I submitted an application. After that, I fostered for Homeward Trails a few times before I adopted my second dog (who was my foster). They send a volunteer to do a home check (usually not the foster parent, but in some cases it is). Then once approved the adopter has to coordinate a time with the foster for a meet-up and then the handoff (which usually occur on separate days) so it can take longer.
        There are definite advantages to adopting from a rescue since the dog has been living in a home environment, likely with other animals/children etc. The foster parent also serves as a resource to help transition the dog into the new home. Not that I’d discourage adopting from the shelter- there are many wonderful dogs waiting for a home!

        • Absolutely. I definitely wasn’t saying one avenue is better than the other, just trying to explain why it can be a slower process.

    • +1 for rescues! the two week waiting period i had for my shelter dog were the LOOOOOOOOOOONGEST two weeks of my life. but so worth it!!

  • gotryit

    Rant: stress is building up – work and outisde of work – too much to do and not enough time
    Rave: at least I have heat in the house now

  • Rant: the Amtrak derailment in Baltimore last night made our train 3 hours late, so we didn’t arrive in DC until well after Metro closed. The line for cabs was insane, naturally. We decided to walk to Chinatown and try our luck catching a cab or bus there. 5 empty cabs passed us without even slowing down (likely headed for the bonanza at Union Station).
    Rave: Roger from Silver Cab picked us up at 6th and H. Nice guy, good driver, had all legally required cab accoutrements. He got us home just before 2 AM.
    Rant: Work started 5.5 hours later.
    Rave: Luckily my boss let me work from home!

    • Ugh, that is the worst. Have you tried the Hailo or My Taxi apps? They make getting a cab in situations like that one so much easier.

    • Been there, done that! It sucks. I find it easier to just wait on the taxi line. I usually spend the same amount of time waiting on the line than I do trying to get a cab somewhere else or waiting for Uber.

  • First World Rant – All of my favorite food trucks are near my job today, forcing me to make tough lunch decisions.
    Rave – My stitches are healing and finally starting feeling better! Only two more days until I get them removed.

  • Rant: Trying to sell a house in this market. I switched from trying to rent it out to trying to sell it because the agent said inventory is low, but people are buying, so its only a matter of time. Now stuck with two payments. Sheesh.
    Revel: At least I have a job and savings.

    • epric002

      what neighborhood are you having trouble selling in?

      • Ft. Totten, 2br near the metro. But it’s a coop and people don’t understand coops. They see the monthly coop fee, but don’t understand that in addition to all utilities, it also pays for all your property taxes and the underlying mortgage, both of which are tax deductible and help offset that cost.

        I agree it should sell itself – other places in the price range are either much further from metro or much smaller. But I think the “sellers market” is for people that can unload to investors. I’m not sure if people are looking to buy places they actually want to live in.

        • There are lots of buyers in the market looking for a place to actually live in. I’m guessing it’s the coop that’s making it harder to sell. In addition to people potentially not understanding them, I thought I remembered from when I was looking at condos and coops a few years ago that it’s harder to get financing for a coop as well. Is that true?

          • I don’t believe that is true, but for most (if not all?) coops, the other residents have to approve the sale. An extra step or two is required for a coop.

          • There are fewer lenders who finance coops, yes. Not every bank does share loans, but there are enough big banks, and banks that cater to coops like National Cooperative Bank, that there is still some selection. Financing may be 0.375% more for a coop than the cheapest mortgage.

          • Thanks @Larchie. That sounds like what I was remembering. Good luck selling your place!

          • Anon 1:53, the board (not all residents) needs to approve the sale. Yes it’s an extra step to meet with the board, but can easily be done while the other financing is being approved. Boards are bound by the usual fair housing laws barring discrimination by race or other protected class, so the review looks at finances, employment and previous residential history, (the same things a mortgage lender would look at). Ultimately this kind of screening is in the interest of the buyer in that it helps ensure that all members can keep paying the bills, assuming that the buyer also is financially stable.

            I guess I can’t speak for all coops, but in my experience if a buyer has decent credit and job stability, the meeting is more of a formality.

          • epric002

            yeah, i seem to recall recently reading an article about buying/selling coops but i can’t remember where/can’t find it…

        • In your ad, you should state that taxes, utilities, and underlying mortgage for building are all included in the fee. And then state how much the tax write-off was on your 2012 taxes. That might get you more interest.

    • Inventory is flying. I’m not sure what you’re priced at but this is absolutely a seller’s market.

    • Seriously. Your agent is doing something wrong. Fire her.

      • Agreed. Even if your agent is doing NOTHING, your home should pretty much sell itself by virtue of being in the MLS.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      It’s a bad time of year. I put my Dupont condo on the market around Halloween (in 2011) and it didn’t move until after the holidays. Then I got a very nice offer. Still cracks me up because it was a newly wed couple moving into my less than 600 sq ft with a big dog. About nine months later, they had a baby. Quite a crowd!

  • Day 4 of this godawful headache. It feels sinus related, but no congestion. Just pain. Tips?? I’m miserable.

    • epric002

      if you’ve tried OTC meds of varying kinds (ibuprofen, acetaminophen, aspirin) including allergy meds and caffeine & it’s not going away, i’d see a doctor.

      • I’m afraid they’ll think I’m a drug seeker. I only EVER go to a doctor when I’m in pain.

        Anyone know what the tipping point is? At what point do they start giving you the side-eye? I average 2-3 visits per year for pain-related things and get my 20 pills each time. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy them, but I don’t go just for that!

        • epric002

          have you tried different kinds of OTCs already? if so, and you won’t go to the doctor after 4 days of a headache, then i don’t know what to tell you. i’m pretty sure most people tend to visit doctors when they’re in pain.

          • Yes, I have. Advil & tylenol, and proper decongestant (the kind you have to sign for) even though I’m not actually congested, just desperate.
            I did call my dr’s office. They may or may not get back to me today. ๐Ÿ™

          • epric002

            try an allergy pill in the meantime. zyrtec has worked for me in the past even when i had no allergy symptoms. good luck.

          • I highly doubt they’ll think you’re a drug seeker. They may even be able to give you a regular prescription to help prevent the headaches. Even though it feels sinus related, it’s possible it’s not, so they may be able to figure out what causing the headaches as well. Taking over the counter pain relievers regularly has a tendency to dull their effectiveness over time, so if this is an ongoing problem for you, I’d definitely recommend seeing a doctor.

          • Emmaleigh504

            +1 on the allergy pill in combo with the advil/tylenol and caffeine. I take 1 benedryl with a certain kind of really bad headache and it gives it that extra kick to knock it out. And go see your doctor! If they think you are drug seeking they will ask you weird questions and give you a lecture, but they will probably just try to figure out what’s wrong so they can help you.

    • Not to scare you, but please at least call your doctor’s office and speak with a nurse. I had a similar issue and it turned out to be something serious. If you have sinus issues and stuff, it’s probably nothing. Still, better safe than sorry!

    • It’s like Day 8 for me. Some days are better than others, but today is really bad. Coffee helps.

    • If it feels sinus-related, I’d suggest mucinex. It might clear it up.

    • Go get a massage! Changes in weather, combo of mucinex and a non drowsy allergy pill

    • Do you have food allergies? I get headaches that OTC meds won’t cure if my gluten reactions are particularly bad (I have an intolerance, not Celiac’s, so if sometimes I react if I eat it, sometimes I don’t). But headaches are one of my symptoms.

      My dr once gave a barbituate/caffiene RX pill that’s *supposed* to help bad tension/migraine headaches but I find it mostly ineffective. I do usually use the off-the-shelf migraine meds for my headaches though. Seems more effective. (Excedrin Migraine, Tylenon Migraine, etc).

  • Is a studio worth buying?

    • With a studio it’s all about location, location, location. In Dupont? Yeah. After a few years, you could buy elsewhere and rent it out to a rich student for good money, giving yourself a nice stream of income.
      If I was buying in a more marginal area (think Petworth, CoHi, or in NE) I think it’s worth it to upgrade to the 1BR. You’re spending borrowed money, so you might as well get something that’s more comfortable than a studio.

    • Depends on if you want to be a landlord in 2-3 years when you tire of it. If the rental income you will get at that time, exceeds your PITI, then it is worth it.

  • skj84

    Rave: Day of the Doctor on Saturday! I power watched Doctor Who this summer and am so excited to br caught up for the 50th anniversary. Does anyone know of any watch parties?

    Rant: Got very angry at someone on the phone yesterday. I had a business call and was sitting outside. I hate getting angry in public. It looks tacky.

  • KSB

    Rant: Gearing up for DCPS/Charter School application sh*tstorm ’14! Can’t decide if my frustration is solely having made my bed (by buying a house in DC with an infant 4 years ago) and now having to lie in it (by having a rising Kindergartner without a viable school option) or if I’m over-hyping my own sense of personal responsibility and I’m truly not crazy to want decent (and not cut-throat competitive) schools relatively close by. I think it’s a combination of the two…
    Rave: Being a hopeless optimist. Feel like it’ll all work out in the end.

    • Rent a cheap studio in the nicer parts of NW that put you inbound for a good school? The rent will be cheaper than private school.

      • KSB

        But then I’d have to travel to NW every day! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I dunno — this is your kid’s education! I’d think it would be worth it, despite the hassle.
          (FWIW, I say this as someone with no kids and no plans to have any.)

          • KSB

            It’s tough – I have a hard time justifying having to leave the house at 7:00 am to drive 30-45 minutes across town for Kindergarten. And then not getting home until 6:30-7:00 pm each night would take its toll pretty quickly. We have great charters nearby but they’re virtually impossible to get into (save one, which is my glimmer of hope.) I’m merely venting – it’s not breaking news that DCPS needs work and I’m pleased to see that it’s happening. Just a slow process and I’m feeling whiny…

    • what is your neighborhood school?

  • Rave: Gave my 3-weeks notice at work last week!!
    Rave: This beautiful weather!

    Rant: Current boss–who’s a nutjob–is being a pr**k about it. Lied to colleagues about my notice period, refusing to pay out my vacation (I’ve taken zero days this year, bc was saving up for Christmas, so I should have 12 days paid out), and just trashing me to allllll of my clients and colleagues, and to me. This is the same boss who a few months ago took it upon himself to come into the office on a Sunday to move all of our offices around–including going through all of our desk drawers and personal areas, then *commenting on what we kept in the office*.

    Rave: Did I mention I’m LEAVING that boss behind forever?
    Rave: No more working in an office filled with cameras and microphones so NutsBoss can keep an eye and ear on us at all times!
    Rave: Current colleagues are awesome–I will miss working with these folks so much (w the exception of the boss, who is, did I mention, crazy).

    Rave: Starting amazing new job the week after Thanksgiving–where I will *double my salary*!!! One more relevant my-boss-is-nuts story: When a manager was abruptly fired at a client’s workplace a few months ago, my boss told him over the phone: “Well, at least you know what you’ve been paying her, so you know she doesn’t have the financial means to drag you into court.” When I learned that THAT was the attitude behind his ludicrously-low salaries, I started looking. AND FOUND SOMETHING GREAT!! Rave, rave, rave.

    • Gotta ask after that rant – where do you work?

    • Woah, you totally need to spill the beans on where you work. This is insane (and may possible violate some labor laws or your employment contract).
      BTW – hi neighbor! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I work at a small law firm. The work itself is *amazing*, but it’s bc the boss is so nuts that he’s never been able to keep anyone for more than a few years. New associates get amazing, high-level stuff we wouldn’t see in TEN years at a more functional firm. It’s all about trade-offs! But now I’ve done my time and I’m going somewhere I can’t wait to start. Even if my new office is dysfunctional, it will seem like heaven compared to this past year. Rave! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rant: Neighbor in a condo building who hasn’t picked up his Blue Apron box for days and its beginning to stink up the whole mailroom.

  • Question for the group: While I’m not really religious and therefore don’t have a church I attend here in the city, I always like to make a point of going once or twice around Christmas for the music and ritual – it’s a nice nostalgia trip. Does anyone have a recommendation of a church with particularly stand out Christmas music services? An open/welcoming place would be best, especially because I’d like to attend the service and leave without a ton of interaction (I know that sounds terribly anti-social!)

    Any other Christmas music events in general I should be aware of in the city? Thanks in advance for your ideas and please don’t jump down my throat for the Christmas question before Thanksgiving happens! I just like to be prepared ๐Ÿ™‚

    • National Cathedral does it up right, and there are lots of tourists, so you wouldn’t be the only unfamiliar face in the crowd.

      • Just note that for the Christmas Eve service, you need to get (free) tickets in advance off of the national cathedral website. But it is a good service. Also get to the church EARLY – there will be a line to get in.

      • Second the Cathedral. They have alot of REALLY good musical programs leading up to Christmas, and it’s not really a church per se, so you won’t have anyone coming up to you and asking if you want to join the congregation. Plus, it’s huge, so there are always lots of seats available.

    • Lots of us only go at Christmas. I’ll admit it. In fact the priests always joke at Mass that they’ll see us at Easter. In my experience too, a lot of non-religous or not-of-that-religion people go to church because they’re visiting family or for the music/traditon/etc so a lot of services tend to be more God is good, be good to each other and less hellfire and brimstone. Long story short, don’t worry too much about not being a member around this time of year.

    • KSB

      I think the Basilica on Michigan Ave does beautiful services at Christmastime.

    • Not church-related, but as far as other Christmas music events, I like to head over the National Christmas Tree every year and listen to whatever choir happens to be singing that night. The Willard also has Christmas music performed by various choirs, etc. in its lobby every year, so it can be fun to stop by both.

      And, to add to those who recommended the National Cathedral, in addition to mass, they also have a few concerts there each year. I went to their performance of Handel’s Messiah last year and it was spectuacular. I think it was about $25.

    • I will put a plug in for my parish church, which is St. Paul’s (Episcopal) at K and 24th. The music is spectacular, we have a professional choir, and at Christmas it’s always stunning, the church is beautifully decorated. St Paul’s is “high church” practice, so the liturgy is very formal and old fashioned, but in many ways that means you don’t get a ton of “interaction” and you won’t be assaulted by church ladies trying to get you to sign up for things

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Learned that giant 1 bedroom temp apartment I was in while my apartment had work done is actually considered a studio.
    Rave: They have trouble renting it because of noise, but I figured out how to live with that.
    Rave: Later this week I’ll be asking what the price of the apartment is and I might just move to a bigger unit.
    Rant: Conflicted because my rent is super cheap for the location (yay rent control), do I want to spend more when I am perfectly happy in my tiny apartment?

    • Let me know where you live – I need a new place (either a big studio or a 1BR)! And rent control is nice ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Emmaleigh504

        It’s a Bernstein Management building. Any of their buildings is a good building to move into. Mine happens to be in Adams Morgan. But I have friends in their building all over town, they are a great company. (they do not pay me to sing their praises, I just love them.)
        Tell the apartment manager Emily sent you, so she will give me the dishwasher I keep asking for ๐Ÿ˜‰ (some units have dishwashers, just not mine)

        • I think I figured out which building you’re in. ๐Ÿ˜‰
          Those studios have great floorplans!

          • Emmaleigh504

            The floor plans on the website do not match all the units. They all have different designs. It’s a great building ๐Ÿ™‚ [Stalkers I live on the 12th floor, stay far far away from the 15th floor!]

          • Oh, my roommate just moved there. We had a nice apartment in a crappy building with bad management and she was looking for a better situation, looks like she found it.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Hope she likes it as much as I do!

        • Also, how are the rent increases? How much do they go up for you on an annual basis?

          • Emmaleigh504

            My increases have been less that what they are able to charge. The highest they can increase is I think 10% and I’ve never had an increase close to that, even after they did all the remodeling and upgrades to the building.

  • Rant: My roommate has scabies. We both treated ourselves last night with the medicated lotion (although I do not have any symptoms), now to quarantine the furniture and do a million loads of laundry. Sigh.
    Rave: It’s sunny outside and my dentist appointment went well – no cavities!

    • I had no idea people actually still got scabies…

      • Yep, I’ve had scabies…well, about 10 years ago by now. Although this was before bedbug panic, and not that I wish for either, but these days, I would take scabies over bedbugs any day–way easier to get rid of. Re the million loads of laundry, if you don’t have to wear/use all that stuff immediately, my doctor had told me it’s not necessary to wash everything, as long as you put the stuff in a garbage back or something and leave it for a week or so, since the scabies will die without a living host (unlike bedbugs). That medicated lotion sucks, though. Ugh. Good luck!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I got Scabies from Lollapalooza when I was in high school. I don’t remember having to do anything but smear the cream all over me and not shower for a couple of days. The not showering part was the worst.

  • Rave: home buying process is progressing, I had my walk through today and I’m getting excited.
    Rant: how does a brand new hot water heater not work? We flagged it at the inspection, they said they fixed it, but it’s not fixed. It had best be fixed in a week.
    Rave: I need to come in at noon more often, I am pumped today!

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