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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Job searching. Any leads in PR/Communications?

    Revel: Getting excited for Thanksgiving. As long as I’m not doing the turkey, I love cooking for everyone!

  • Revel: I’m loving my new PS4

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: I’m planning to photograph the comet ISON sometime this week. First time comet photography for me.
    Rant: Got to get up early and bike to some location.
    Rave: PoPville party
    Rant: Hurt myself trying to take a photo, the wound is almost healed but annoyingly itchy!

  • Rave: the move went really well! My pod was delivered a day late, which was stressful, but 6 people showed up to help, and my roommate who just moved out came to clean. We got everything into the pod in just under 90 minutes. We spent a little time reconfiguring and securing the last of it.
    Rave: while we all agree that I do have a lot of stuff, my organization and completeness made it a relative breeze (color coding ftw!). And everything fit with plenty of room to spare!
    Rave: sleeping on a leather sofa in my sister’s finished basement isn’t the most exciting thing ever, my niece waking me up the morning is the cutest thing.
    Rant: I think my cold has become a sinus infection.

  • Rant: Where’s JinDC?
    Rave: Where’s JinDC?

  • 8 units in my 30 unit building have Bedbugs. The management company is exterminating each unit, but is there any DC law to get them to do the entire building? They will just come back.

    Luckily I don’t have them, I just don’t want them and am preparing for the worst.

    • I hope you don’t get them either! I just had the heat treatment done this past weekend. Bed bug dog comes today to see if any remain and then the company sprays this week. It is a costly and exhausting process. The nursery rhyme we sang as kids will never mean the same thing to me again!

      • Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only one who sang that! Having been through the real thing twice now, I completely agree, I can’t even think about that rhyme without feeling pain. If only all it took was a a good shoe whacking!

        • Any tips/tricks/suggestions on the subject?

          • I’m just beginning the process really since I just had the heat treatment this weekend. Prep wasn’t horrible but definitely made me declutter and throw out a lot of stuff that I had accumulated and don’t really need. That part was liberating, really. The source of the infestation seems to have been the back of the couch and those suckers were toasted! People always come in and throw their coats on the back of my couch which I am now banning! Not sure if there are still bugs hiding in the cracks of the wall, etc. Guess that’s why the company comes back with spray and bug detecting dogs to make sure all bases are covered.

          • If you’re going the chemical route, it’s going to be very labor intensive and also very emotionally taxing. In order to prep well you should make a schedule, but be sure to have buffer time in it, because after laundering everything you own, vacuuming, moving furniture, taking down curtains, etc. you’ll be exhausted.
            Order huge ziplock bags on Amazon, the XL and XXL. Do not order the totes, they have mesh. If you’re bagging things to carry them to the laundry, use garbage bags, then throw them out after you’ve unloaded them. They’re contaminated after carrying the unwashed items. A note on washing though, you only have to dry things on high for an hour, you don’t *have* to wash. For gentle items I used Dryelle bags, but most things were fine just in the dryer.
            Familiarize yourself with the aseptic technique and attempt to apply it to your life (feel your brain imploding as you try). Basically, on the days of treatment I took all of my bedding and the clothing I had left out with me, in trash bags, to and laundromat, and washed and dried them (or just dried depending on the item) and brought them back in after the treatment that day. Know that you can’t be completely aseptic, because you know, people frown on your for taking your clothes off at the laundromat. So, what you wear the day of will go untreated, try to work it in the next time.
            If you are leaving clothing out to wear for the 4-6 weeks it takes, learn from me and don’t leave out favorites. That much washing and drying, even just drying, will take a toll on your clothes really quickly. Bag up the things you love in the initial “launder all the things” process. You will get sick of wearing the same 3 outfits in rotation, but it’s worth it. Think about upcoming weather, events, etc, when leaving this meager wardrobe. Also, leave out 1 towel, 1 hand towel, 1 bathmat, launder them the day of each treatment too.
            And just know that’s insane. They tell you to bag all fabric items and to move furniture away from the wall and to remove clutter. WTF?! That all makes clutter! But, just try your best. One last pro tip: thick items like pillows will stay warm for a while, don’t seal the plastic bag immediately after drying your pillows. It will trap condensation and your pillows will mold. I miss you handmade pillows!

          • And yes, becoming a bedbug preparedness consultant has crossed my mind.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Went to Merrifield Garden Center yesterday to scope out the bulb selection and wound up walking out with 5 butterfly bushes at 75% off thanks to after-season sale.
    Rant: Digging out the huge patch of yard to plant aforementioned bushes has left me more stiff than anticipated this morning.
    Rave: Nice heavy rain last night should help them settle in nicely.

    • Did they have dwarf butterfly bushes available? We’ve wanted to pick some up, but don’t have too much cash to throw around on landscaping at the moment. 75% off sounds like we might be able to swing it.

  • Half rant: Anyone have a great local card shop, preferably in NW? I have been really disappointed my last few trips to Pulp. I used to always find cool cards there. The last few times I have ended up buying something just because I needed a card, but not really liking what I found.

    • Chocolate Moose on L Street and CT Ave has funny cards. If you’re looking for something more serious there’s an old school stationary and card store called Copenhaver on CT Ave, near N Street. Or check out Paper Source in Georgetown.

      • Thanks! Your comment reminded me that I’m pretty sure the hat boutique there on Connecticut carries nice cards. I do like Paper Source but am trying to patronize locally as much as possible.

      • Seconding the Chocolate Moose and Paper Source suggestions. I’ve also had luck at Papyrus (in Georgetown and Union Station.)

    • World Market has great cards. Covet in Arlington has a small, but fantastic selection that turns over frequently (a bit of a walk from the metro, though). Trohv (very small card section, but funny) and Now and Then in Takoma Park. Maybe Chocolate Moose (I haven’t been there in quite awhile). I buy a lot of cards off of Etsy, too.

    • austindc

      I go to Tabletop in Dupont. They have fun cards and some classy ones for serious stuff. It’s a small selection, but I always find something.

    • I always find funny cards at Tschiffley (sp?) Pharmacy in Dupont. Not a HUGE selection, but some good ones. Also books a million has some funny/pretty ones from time to time.

    • Copenhaver on CT Ave south of Dupont Circle looks from the outside like it will just have personal engraving and printing, but they have individual cards, too.

    • I like the cards at politics and prose, transcendence-perfection-bliss, and world market.

    • saf

      Wake Up Little Susie in Cleveland Park has good cards.

    • There’s a vendor at the weekend flea market at Eastern Market (in the parking lot section) that sells great cards at incredibly low prices. Her family imports them from the UK and it’s a beautiful and unique section. Most are $1-1.50 but good quality. And if you don’t have luck there you can always check out Groovy (which is better if you’re buying for someone with a sarcastic sense of humor).

  • Rant: Can’t find anywhere to donate gently used men’s professional clothing (tons of business shirts that look new and a few suits that don’t fit anymore). Anyone know if a good cause? One that will preferably pick them up?

  • Rave: Love this time of year.
    Rave: Great lumberjack ride on Saturday. Such good vibes.
    Rant: My body thinks this time of year is the winter eating season, so it’s switched into eat ALL the food mode. There’s something to be said for wearing tights throughout winter- they keep you honest about your weight.

  • Headache! Waking me up in the wee hours of the morning the last few days. Folks were talking last week about headaches due to the change in barometric pressure. What’s that like? A heat/ pressure sensation around the eyes, by any chance?

  • Rave: My new French press pot is awesome. Way bigger than my old one and it has no glass parts for me to break.
    Rave: Weekend shopping trip went unexpectedly well. Everything I wanted was there, most of it was on sale, and I’ll be set for a while. Spent more than I wanted to, but I’ll make it up in the long run.
    Rave: Thanksgiving planning. So many good possibilities, so hard to narrow down which recipes to make.

  • Rave: Unexpectedly great weekend with a guy I really like!
    Rant: Its Monday.
    Rave: I have so much to be grateful for.

  • Super Rave: Friends and family in IL and IN are safe. No property damage and they never even lost power. Praying for all of those that weren’t so lucky though. So scary that to have that big of a storm that close to Chicago and this late in the year.

  • skj84

    Rave: My party was awesome! Everyone who RSVP’D showed up, My menu was well received and we all had a great time. So relived.

    Rant: Super tired this morning between the planning, cooking, and hosting I’m wiped. Plus I drank way too much coffee yesterday and I couldn’t sleep. Not to mention that freak storm woke me up.

    • Freak storm? in DC, or do you live somewhere else?

      • There was a freak storm last night. The strong wind woke me up too. Might have been easier for me to hear though because I had the window open (stupid.) Thankfully, I woke up in time to close it.

      • skj84

        I’m in Bethesda. It happend around 2:30am. Big winds and strong rain. It lasted about an hour.

        • Weird. I knew it had rained at some point overnight but was not aware of any storm from my bed in Petworth.

        • Yup. I was working late last night in my home office and it was a VERY strong storm. I live in the U Street area and the rain and winds were very intense.

  • Finally made it to Menomale, had been wanting to go and the Friday pizza discussion spurred us to action. Very very good–HOWEVER, we had two pizzas, a beer, and a teeny tiny martini and with tip it was $79. Call me crazy, and I”m sure someone will, but that is an absurd amount of money for what we had.

  • Rant: People who don’t recycle. Especially people my age or younger.
    I guess I can kinda understand if older people don’t recycle, but I was so thoroughly inculcated into the recycling habit in high school and college (early to mid-1990s) that I am perplexed when I see people younger than I am who aren’t recycling.
    I don’t think of myself as an environmentalist, but recycling is SO EASY. Why do people not do it??

    • Actually older people — those of us with Depression-era parents — probably recycle as a matter of course. We often buy fewer new things in the first place, so our cars and clothes and electronics last until they’re no longer usable. We give away things, we have garage sales. And we recognize that sometimes spending gallons of water and soap to rinse out the peanut butter jar so we can recycle it might not be the best use of resources.

  • Because some forms of recyling (i.e., paper) are actually worse for the environment than just letting it go to the trash. Recyling may make you feel good about yourself, but not all of it is logical or good for the environment when you factor in energy needed to recycle, etc…

    • These are good points… but I don’t think the people I’m thinking of are making a calculated choice about its being better for the environment _not_ to recycle XYZ. Like, they throw out aluminum cans, and my understanding was that it’s cheaper (and probably more environmentally friendly) to recycle aluminum than to mine bauxite.

      • I can sort of see why people can’t be bothered in their homes, but I admit to being totally befuddled when there’s an array of different openings in the same can (often with shapes coding for what goes into that slot) and people can’t be bothered to choose the right slot. I am 99.99% sure that it is not because they’ve done the full life cycle analysis of the environmental costs of recycling vs mining fresh materials.

  • Rave: met a great guy this weekend
    Rant: don’t have his number
    Rave: BUT we have mutual friends, so there’s hope(?)

    Rave: running in Shaw/Bloomingdale this morning was beautiful
    Rant: wish the leaves were less wet and more crunchy though

    Rant: really wish I could go home for Thanksgiving, or at least go to someone else’s home that I would feel welcome in

  • Rant- an assault happened saturday on the 400 block of lamont nw and the police wouldn’t answer even the most basic questions. All we know is that there is a bloodstained sidewalk.

    • gotryit

      Sometimes they’re tight lipped because they’re onto someone and don’t want to show their hand. You can hope it’s that.

  • Revel: IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!
    Rave: Had an awesome weekend celebrating it with friends (karaoke, dancing, and murder mystery)
    Rant: Can’t go home for Thanksgiving to celebrate birthday with family this year (which we have always done in the past) 🙁

  • Rave: Finally moved from Silver Spring to Navy Yard on Saturday
    Rant: I only got about 3 hours of sleep that night so it was a looooooong day
    Rave: Walking to Ted’s Bulletin on Barracks Row for brunch the next morning was cake
    Rave: Woke up at 6 this morning and got an hour’s bike ride up the Potomac before work!

  • Rave: MPD “abuse of power” thread. You can’t make this stuff up!

  • Rave: Gorgeous weather today! Sat out at lunch in the sun. I just don’t want it to get cold again…
    Rave: Wonderful guy I’ve been dating for a couple months now. Had a great weekend together – very happy. 🙂
    Rant: The anxiety that comes with a new relationship (oh god am I going to mess it up/is he going to lose interest/etc etc etc). Damn it brain, shut up!
    Rave: Last week of work before I take off all next week for Thanksgiving. Longest vacation since last Christmas, hooray~

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