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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: The construction from the African American museum blocked all but one lane going East on Constitution today, during rush hour. Is this a one-time incident, or do we need to be planning new routes to work?

    Rave: Warmer weather for the weekend!

    • It’s a small price to pay for the contribution that African Americans have made to this country historically… Hah… Now the construction at the O street market blocking lanes… There’s just no reason for that.

  • Anybody know where I can buy zucchini bread tomorrow? I’m not interested in making it myself, because I am lazy. Thanks!

  • Rant: Best Buy, in general, they are just terrible
    Rant: Giant- Christmas is 40 days away, how about some thanksgiving holiday baked goods. Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot those were only available the week before Halloween
    Rave: Friday

    • I used to work at Circuit city long ago… I miss the commission sales stores, employees generally had much more drive in helping customers to find stuff in stores and stuff that wouldn’t sell well got moved off shelves.

      Also in a commission sales store PS4s selling out would never happen because the stores would keep pressure on suppliers to keep items in stock. Back then, if a product was bad, the customer would return it, and that would kill the commission, so employees had an incentive to only sell reliable products. Also, as a commissioned employee, my checks used to be huge around the holidays, those were good times. Circuit City failed because they got rid of the commissions and employees lost their motivation.

      • I don’t know if the idea of a face-paced murder mystery starring mid-80s DC and hard-boiled employee of a commission-based electronics/sound shop (where many scenes are set –it’s not CC, even in disguise, but…). But, if you are, George Pellecanos’s “A Firing Offense” is the book for you.

        Not the best Pellecanos ever, but might be right in your wheelhouse.

      • Having finally started shopping for a flat-panel TV – I would gladly pay someone a commission to simply pick one out for me. I’ve looked at Costco & Best Buy – read up on cnet.com but there are just too damn many and they all look pretty much the same.

        • CostCo is your best option. They automatically extend the warranty and they seriously have the best deals on TVs.

        • Unless you’re some super viewer, you’re right, they all look the same. Check cnet or consumer reports for the ones to avoid or ones they strongly recommend, check if any are on sale, and just buy one.

        • I’ve found the guys at Graffiti Audio/Video to be extremely helpful, and they do set-ups. I’ve been very happy with purchases I’ve made there, especially since it’s been for things I know little about. I also tend to check Consumer’s Reports re: features and prices before I go shopping just to get my bearings a bit.

        • I bought a Sharp Aquos 60 inch 1080p smart TV earlier this year (for $1,400 at HH Gregg) after looking around a lot and I’m pleased with it. It’s best to get one with at least 240hz of resolution (the higher the resolution number the easier it is on your eyes to watch for longer periods). 3D is a waste of money, unless the TV comes with it. Wait until black Friday sales of Sharp TVs, the prices always go down a bit. I watch netflix and movies off of memory sticks or chromecast all the time and it’s great. Screw cable.

  • Rave: Happy Friday yall!

    Rant: been too busy on the job hunt to keep up with POP. :>( Shoddy IT recruiters mucking up the job finding process, trying to convince me to move to the midwest for a ?! No thx.

    Rave: Getting lots of good calls finally but all at the same time… Current employer has a new work location, I’m for sale only to the highest bidder. Money Talks… $$

    Rave: Next week off work. Lots of house work to catch up on and sleep.

  • Rant: Dating, it’s exhausting. The online thing is like a second job. Also, I don’t understand the ladies who write me back to say they’re not interested. I appreciate that they are trying to be courteous, but there’s really no need. Just ignore the email and I’ll get the hint.
    Rave: The dating pool. There are so many intelligent, attractive, and fun women here! I just can’t seem to find the right one.

    • I just enrolled in Match, much better than OK cupid, but the ideal of being rejected is just as bad as having to reject someone else. I still prefer hearing “no thanks” from women rather than nothing because if there’s no answer, it seems like she just hasn’t gotten around to seeing your message. The whole concept of being “judged/assessed by a few online pictures” puts me off from online dating though… I miss the old days where you’d get rejected in person.

      • Why do you like Match better? I was on OKC for a year and moved to Match because I thought it would be an improvement. However, I have been less than impressed with the matches that have been arriving in my inbox. The myriad optional questions you can answer on OKC seemed to give me better results.

        • I think that paying for Match makes it more exclusive and direct. The people that pay for match profiles are generally more serious and they don’t waste time. I got some really scary responses on OKC, and it seemed like most of the women on there were just interested in hookups… Also I got tired of having to answer a ton of questions for OKC, most of which imediately limited the women I was recommended.

    • I appreciate that you don’t feel entitled to a response just for sending a message on an online dating site, but there are many more men who do not get the hint, send message after message, and then complain about being ignored. The women who write you back are just trying to cover all their bases and be courteous at the same time. Give them a break.

    • Seconding that it is exhausting. I also prefer not emailing/getting emailed if it’s a no, but I know that’s controversial. If we don’t email, we’re considered rude. If we do, we risk getting verbally abused by the guys who can’t take rejection gracefully. it’s kind of hard to know what to do.

      • That’s a fair point. Thanks.

      • Agree. I read a blog post from a friend who was corresponding briefly with a gent on an online dating site. She didn’t think it was going to be a good match and knew she was getting into a busy time at work, wrote a very graceful and direct response, and the guy wrote back with sentence after sentence of verbal abuse and disgusting vitriol. She was not offended, glad she dodged a bullet, but when I read his response, I resisted the urge to shake my computer.

        • I find that reaction really bizarre and troubling. The idea of a woman they don’t know exercising her right not to date them is really such a shock that they feel like raging out in the nastiest and most misogynistic ways they can think of is warranted? Rejection doesn’t feel great to anyone, but most sane adults manage to survive it without going ballistic. That sort of behavior says a lot about how they view women and what they would be like to date. And agreed, bullet dodged.

          • People do this in person, too. I once had a guy harassing me at a bar. I finally told him to leave me the eff alone, so he lit up his cell phone, looked me up and down, and said “you’re ugly anyway.” Well NOW I can see your charm!

          • Yup. A really skeevy guy tried to talk to me on the street once. I ignored him. He yelled: “bitch! you must be some kind of lesbian!” I’ve wondered at that combination of nastiness and narcissism that could believe that if I ignored his obvious charms then I must not be attracted to any men. Sheesh

    • You might take the hint, but not everyone will. Case in point: last month I received another text message from someone I went on ~6 dates with THREE YEARS AGO.

      • Ha! I went on one date with a guy. For the next several months he would just text me the name of a bar he was at. “Pub.” “Third Edition.” and so on. I ignored him. Finally I responded “I am just not interested.” And he responded “Find that hard to believe.” Right. I show interest by not speaking to you for months. Hard to get.

        • Ah no, you see “Find That Hard to Believe” is the new hipster speakeasy on 14th. They’re going for that whole prohibition vibe.

        • OMG i think i dated either him or his twin brother. after i broke up with him (twice in person and once over the phone, because he didn’t get it) he STILL texted me where he was going all the time. hahaha. I finally just blocked his number!

    • Agreed, it’s so exhausting, I’m shelving it for now because I don’t need that stress during the holidays. I know it’s worked for some people but I’m tired of hearing about it. It’s like those “people with kids don’t know” posts… YES WE DO KNOW. Because people with kids never pass up telling people without about it.

  • Rant: pre-surgery prep is stressing me out. Surgery is Jan. 6, I’ll be out of town for two weeks at the end of December, and the tests can’t be done until two weeks before surgery. So I’ll have three days to try to squeeze everything in, or get it done in my hometown and hope the results get where they need to be. Also, dealing with the hospital is maddening – I’ve had to make so many phone calls and speak to so many people who don’t seem to have a clue.
    Rave: it’s Friday!

    • Which hospital? I may be in the same boat soon, and I’m looking for a good hospital and surgeon. I’m hearing INOVA Fairfax is good (their departments rate well- esp. the one I need)- maybe worth driving out of the city for it.

      • GW. I like my doctor, and some of the admin personnel are very nice and helpful. Others? Don’t even get me started (like the woman who cared more about making the point that she was a secretary and not a nurse than about actually answering my question).

        • My girlfriend’s seen a lot of specialists from various departments at GW and been underwhelmed. A lot of them are very arrogant and surprisingly not well informed about their area of specialization.

          • Most GW docs are associated with MFA, which is different from GW Hosptial. MFA docs are a crapshoot from what I’ve gathered. I’ve seen both an ENT doc and oncologist. Both were great.Their staff though? Eh, can be difficult sometimes.

            As for GW hospital, super friendly employees. Food sucks (yes, fits the stereotype) and if you get surgery done, I recommend getting in as early as possible. Later you go, the more likely you’ll be waiting around for awhile.

      • Good: GWUH, Fairfax, Virginia hospital Center. I’ve heard good things about Sibley and Suburban but can’t say firsthand.
        Bad: Washington Hospital Center, Holy Cross, Mount Vernon.

        • Viriginia Hospital Center is definitely good. GWUH? Well I really like the employees there (super friendly) but it is not the most efficient place in the world.

          And I didn’t find Washington Hospital Center to be bad, but I’ve only had one experience there. Has a decent rep though.

          • anonymouse_dianne

            Hah! I had a lumpectomy and radiation at Washington Hospital Center – Cancer Institute via Kaiser. All my doctors were excellent. The radiation techs were superb – I got to see them every day for 33 visits. The last treatment they rang a bell and gave me a certificate of appreciation. <3

          • I liked VHC a lot. GWUH can be really good, but you need to know which provider you’re working with. There are good and not so good docs there like there are everywhere.

            I’d heard good things about WHC, which made my experience there all the more disappointing.
            -The staff preparing me for the surgery ignored me when I told them several times that I’m allergic to most commercial preparations of epinephrine (that is a problem, since epi is administered as part of general anesthesia.) Since the wrong kind of epi can give me a severe anaphylactic reaction, their ignoring my allergy could have killed me. Not exactly confidence-inducing.
            -Despite my following up several times with the billing department, coordinating calls between them and my insurance company, and all but processing the claim myself, WHC still failed to process my claim properly. This resulted in my insurance rejecting the claim repeatedly. I got panic attack-inducing bills from WHC billing me for the total cost of the surgery. After two years of this nonsense, my insurance company closed the case without paying the bill, because WHC failed to straighten things out within the allowed time frame.

            My entire experience with WHC was noteworthy only because of the indifference with which I was treated and the Keystone Kops level of incompetence exhibited at every turn. I would never go back there, and I would never recommend that anyone else go there.

        • I like Sibley. Went to their pain clinic – staff was great from front desk to docs. And it’s easy to get to, easy parking.

        • I’ve had a couple small things at Sibley–they were great. Same with Virginia Hospital Center.

        • saf

          I had thyroid stuff done at WHC. They were amazingly good.

    • Thanks for the info, everyone!

  • Rave: the former super of my building, who still lives there, saw me with moving stuff and wished me well and gave me a hug. He’s such a sweetheart. The place really went downhill when he stopped working for it.
    Rave: even though my signs were torn down yesterday, this morning no one was parked in the spots reserved for my POD!
    Rave: my bf, he’s the best. He’s really good at handling my high stress freak outs, which thankfully are few and far between, but have upticked in frequency thanks to moving and buying.
    Rant: this cold stinks and my back is already tired from packing. I predict near death after the move tomorrow.
    Revel: soon I can stop harping on moving! It’s getting old.

    • I’m moving in less than two weeks…. Can you help me harp and fret once you’ve finished with your move? πŸ˜‰ I’m just getting started!

      • Yes I can! I would be happy to return the favor.
        And I can also extend the fun, this is just moving out. It’s going to be almost 2 weeks before I move in.

        • Thank you! I’m at the OMG how will I ever manage to stuff my whole life in cardboard boxes whining phase! Grin. And already dreading the: ” what if the movers don’t show up” And the: ” I just gave everything I own to complete strangers with a truck” phases. Those fears are totally irrational…….right? Nervously lol. This is my first REAL move – so I appreciate your commiseration! πŸ™‚

          • My worry is always whether people will ignore my emergency no parking signs and if I have more stuff than everyone else.
            It will all fit in boxes (as long as you have enough). If I were done earlier I’d offer mine.

    • You just bought an apartment, right? Maybe it would be helpful to focus your energy on the excitement of becoming a homeowner rather than the pain of the move. It’s just a means to a very exciting end, after all. Good luck!

      • Thanks! I am in the process of buying a place. I am definitely trying to keep my eyes on the prize, but it’s tough for me, as a worrier, to not get caught up in the small stuff. I appreciate the positive vibes!

  • Rave: Great job that I love!
    Rant: Colleague who thinks that the first 15 minutes of the day, when I am obviously trying to sort through emails that came in overnight, is the time to stop by and chat. Her rationale: it’s not 8:00 O’Clock yet so we don’t have to do any work!
    Rant: cold coming on.
    Rave: It’s Friday and I can curl up in front of the TV all weekend!

  • epric002

    rave: essentially got offered a new job yesterday.
    rant: they forgot that i’m a contractor and the position is currently only available for civilians.
    rant: they said they’d try to get the position broadened, but i’m not optimistic. stupid federal hiring process.
    rave: it’s still flattering to be asked.

  • Rant: Co-worker complains everyday about Obamacare/Obama. Any given day he comes to work with an attituded based on whats being reported about Obama care.
    Rave: Said co-worker doesn’t engage me in conversatin because he feels I voted for Obama(I did).
    Rant: Same co-worker tracks his stay at home wife all day long by tracking software on his Iphone.
    Rave: It’s the weekend I get to escape co-worker.

    • epric002

      o_0 your coworker sounds cuckoo.

    • What?!?! He tracks his wife? Super creepy.

      • My co-worker tracks her fiance using the Find Friends app on the iPhone. It was a condition of her agreeing to marry him.
        But he’s kind of a scumbag.

      • Yes- I’m guessing Iphone’s having some tracking capability if you share a family plan? that show’s the location of the phone on maps? Yes indeed creepy, but I honestly feels he thinks it’s OK/normal.

        • You can track any of your friends as long as they agree to be tracked, it’s not limited to sharing a plan. Totally creepy, though I imagine if I had teenagers with iphones I’d make them turn that feature on.

          • My mom and dad do the tracking thing. Occasionally my dad will check it, say, if my mom went to the grocery store and he wants to see if she left before calling to ask her to pick something up. I don’t think he’s obsessively watching her every movement though.

            My girlfriend and I also have it, but she doesn’t have an iPhone (it’s installed on her iPad but that usually doesn’t travel with her) so it’s less useful. There have been a few occasions where I would have liked it because I needed to know where she was and she wasn’t picking up.

          • Why do you need to know right then and there where she is and why she isn’t picking up? This is not healthy.

          • My husband added it to my phone – for safety reasons. He takes long motorcycle rides sometimes on weekends and wants me to be able to locate him if something happens.

          • I can’t think of a specific example, but just logistical reasons. Like I might need the car/would like to eat dinner/am trying to make other plans and want to know if she’s left the office yet. Or it’s 11pm and I haven’t heard from her all day and want to get some clue as to what’s going on (like if I see her at her mom’s house I can sleep peacefully knowing she didn’t get into a car accident). How is that unhealthy?

          • gotryit

            I’d do the same for logistical reasons, but only with her full knowledge and consent. Just like we have access to eachother’s email accounts if we want.

          • I used to do that with the now defunct thing google had. It actually was useful once, when my then-bf had been hit by a car and was in the hospital. He hadn’t responded to a few calls and I think we had planned to talk that night or something, it was a long time ago. I didn’t check it very often though, that would have felt creepy.
            Overall though, it really wasn’t that useful at other times and I have no interest in doing it now with my current bf.

          • It is with her consent. It was actually her idea to install the app in the first place (and like I said, it really does her more good than me because I’m more apt to carry my Apple device with me). We’re both bad at answering our phones (me because I never hear it ring, she because she tends to get roped into really long conversations or is driving or taking a deep nap). We also trust each other so it never bothers me if she knows where I am or what boring activity I’m up to. πŸ™‚

      • Tell him not to bother. Obama and the NSA are already tracking her and making sure she’s okay.

    • He tracks his wife?!? That is extremely creepy.

    • Wow. I’d hate to find out what he would do if his wife isn’t where she “should” be. I hope she’s ok.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Almost done Christmas shopping (I have a very small group to shop for).
    Rave: It’s going to be a very Rhino Christmas.
    Rave: Bring on Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday)!
    Rhino Facts: Great One Horned Rhinoceroses (aka Indian Rhinoceroses) bite as a defense or attack instead of using their horns like other rhinoceroses.

  • Rant: The boy friend moved out.
    Rave: Solitude

  • Rave: Long, exhausting work conference over. Sleeping all weekend.
    Rave: Submitted an application to adopt a dog! It was love at first sight. He’s bowlegged and really cuddly. Though I’m still nervous about being a good dog-mom, I think this guy is the cats pajamas.
    No rants today.

    • houseintherear

      Congratulations! Hope the adoption works out for you!

    • epric002

      congrats! tell us more about the dog? πŸ™‚

    • Congrats! I posted earlier this week about adopting a rescue this past Saturday. I’m completely in love and so ready to get out of work to spend the weekend with her. Her dad works half days on Fridays, so I missed my lunchtime walk today!

      • Thank you! I also really hope it works out and we’ll be the ones to bring him home! He can’t do stairs, so it’s actually better that I live in a first floor apartment so I hope that element shines in the application!

  • rave : Just saw a pileated woodpecker!
    Rant: flocks of sparrows depleting my feeder.

    • Nice rave! I saw one for the first time along the C&O canal. They are so cool looking, and huge!

    • I second your rant – all I seem to get at my feeders are LBBs (little brown birds). I guess brown birds have to eat too!
      This is a huge contrast to my parent’s farm an hour away where the feeders attract chickadees, tufted titmice, nuthatches, goldfinches, blue jays, blue birds, woodpeckers and more.

      • I get most of the others too. There’s a pair of white nuthatches there now, and I get lots of titmice and chickadees. The goldfinches only show up when the flowers going to seed in the late summer. But the LBB’ a just won’t stop!

  • skj84

    Rave: Hosting my first grown up party this weekend. Very excited.

    Rant: So much to get done.Very little time to prepare. And I’m afraid no one will come. Which happened last time I planned a party.

    • Ugh, I’m sorry. Did you have people RSVP then bail at the last minute? That’s the worst.

      • epric002

        true! i’m hosting an open house next month and even though we have a lot of RSVPs, i’m worried we’ll purchase for that number and end up with a lot of cancellations/no-shows. soo annoying.

      • skj84

        Yeah. That’s pretty much what happened. The only people to show were my best friend and her fiancee. Scarring. I’ve always been concinecous about honering RSVPS since.

  • Rant: on hold for over a half hour to get a routine prescription refilled. really CVS? isn’t filling prescriptions part of your core business?
    Rave: weather this weekend…planning another few days outdoors!

    • Probably the pharmacist or pharm tech that answered your call had to attend to customers at the register at the same time. I used to do that job and there are like a million things to do at once.

      • Agree. It’s not much consolation if you’re the one waiting but just because they’re not filling *your* prescription doesn’t mean they aren’t filling prescriptions.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      You can refill your prescription on line with CVS. I did this with my diabetic cat’s insulin and syringes. They even let you know when its ready to pick up.

      • i normally use their automated system, but am traveling for the next month, and needed this Rx filled early. their system kept rejecting it because my insurance said it was too early for a refill, and there was no option to just tell them that i wanted to pay out of pocket for an early refill using their automated system.
        i know the techs can get busy helping other customers, but it was a 1/2 hour wait on the phone tree to even talk to a human, who answered by “hello thank you for calling CVS can you please hold?” and then immediately put me on hold for another 20 minutes. I’ve never seen a line so long that you had to wait for almost an hour before anyone would talk to you in person at that location. plus, i called right when they opened so i can’t imagine there was actually a line of 10 people waiting already.

  • Rave: Picked up keys and parking stuff for new apartment this morning.
    Rave: Walked to Buzz Bakery and enjoyed the moment
    Rant: I should not have had a tall Americano as I normally don’t drink coffee
    Rave: Only 24 minutes door to door to office from new place, sans traffic of course. Takes me 19 min door to door from old place from Silver Spring
    Rant/Rave: Moving tomorrow and I haven’t packed a thing

  • Rave: The suburban douchebag who assaulted my wife on her bike a couple of months ago was charged with simple assault and destruction of property. He accepted a plea bargain that involves community service, but at least he was convicted of something.

    Rant: I am now wrestling with the ethical dilemma of heading up to Bethesda and beating him to a pulp, as I have his name and address from the court documents. While it would be counterproductive and would result in me being arrested, my protective husband instinct is telling me that any man who would attack a woman needs more of a lesson than community service. Unfortunately, my rational side may win out on this one.

    • Why do you care so much about what happens to your wife? That is not healthy.

    • Was this the incident on Q St in Georgetown? I’m glad to hear that at least something happened to the guy (whether it was this incident or another).
      But don’t escalate things! Break the cycle!

      • It was the Q St incident. My rational side will likely win out, but, viscerally, I would seriously enjoy teaching this guy lesson. I’ve got 6″ and probably 30# on him, plus I’m 20 years younger and bike almost every day, so it wouldn’t be particularly fair, nor would it be constructive.

        • what was the “Q Street Incident”? Link please?

          • Yeah, can the OP tell us what happened? Was your wife badly injured? What was destroyed? Spill the details.

          • I posted it in Rants n’ Revels a couple of months ago. In short, my wife was biking down Q around 30th St when a driver swerved around her and then slammed on his brakes to find a parking spot. She unleashed a verbal fusillade upon him and he then exited his car and knocked her off her bike and started screaming at her. Some awesome folks intervened, called the cops, and then held the driver until the cops arrived. The cops arrested the dickwad and actually charged him, which was a huge surprise.

    • gotryit

      If you do it with a car, then there are no consequences. (sarcasm, mostly)

    • I wouldn’t do that. The legal bills add up. Take your wife on a nice vacation instead of dropping cash on court fees, attorneys, etc.
      Instead, I would create a website and outline the charges and what he actually did to your wife. It’s not libel, because it’s all true. Then spend a little money to make it’s the first thing that pops up on Google via Adsense placement. If he’s living in Bethesda, then he’s probably a well paid professional and his reputation is probably very important..
      Revenge is a dish best served digitally.

      • Whoa!!!! You are GOOD!!!

      • This is an awesome idea!

      • This is a terrific idea. Very true on the legal bills.

        The website is an AMAZING idea. Whenever he is googled, it will be the first to show up. Tremendous, and will cost him a lot over the long-term. If you keep paying for it, it will never go away. After a few months, I would send him certified letter, letting him know you intend to file civil suit, and saying you would be willing to discuss settlement, including a permanent gag order (including removal of the site.)

        I agree, as satisfying as it would be to get even, its not worth it, and there are better ways to do it.

        • Yeah, it’s a pretty good plan. Of course, I’d consult with an attorney first on this before taking this action to ensure that you’re within your rights to do this and that you’re not breaking any laws.
          Still, I think it’s a good way to show this guy that there are consequences to his actions. The settlement aspect you mention is quite interesting, but again I’d run it by the attorney. It seems to be getting close to extortion.

    • Now that there is a criminal conviction on record, bring a civil suit against him. I’m sure there are plenty of lawyers that will take the case for a cut of any settlement. Don’t resort to violence just to prove you are a man… just make sure your wife is OK both mentally and physically.

      And there are other more subtle ways to get even.

    • How about your wife filing her own civil suit? She should take charge of her own vengeance.

    • So violence solves violence. Good plan…please have kids or more kids.

  • Rave: Tucking into a delicious homemade pot pie! It’s huge and filling and somehow only 315 calories. πŸ™‚

  • Follow-up to yesterday’s makeup rave: I have a feeling there might be an Urban Decay Naked palette in my holiday stocking! (I asked my sister if she likes the one she owns, and she was like “Yes but, uh….don’t buy one, ok?!?”)
    Bit of a rant, bit of a rave: It’s time to scope out H-Mart, and this is one situation when it would be really useful to have a car…but, on the other hand, I’ve decided to spin my planned bus/metro trek to the ‘burbs as an “adventure!” (I know Zipcar and Car2Go exist, but I am too cheap to join either, and I would hardly ever use them, anyway, so…WMATA it is! In any case, it can’t be as onerous as using public transportation to get to/from the College Park IKEA, which I have also done.)

    • How do you do IKEA trips using public transit? I salute your organizational/transportational prowess.

      • I can’t really recommend public transit to IKEA (and this is coming from a huge transit nerd!), as it requires taking the Green line to College Park (or maybe it was Greenbelt…but I think it was College Park) and then taking one of the Metrobus lines from the CP station to IKEA. Enough of a haul as it is, but made worse by the fact that the bus only runs every 30 or 60 minutes or something, so you *really* have to time it with NextBus and hang out inside IKEA until 5-10 minutes prior to arrival, unless you want to stand by the side of a mega-boulevard for an hour. Then, of course, you have to be careful not to buy too much stuff…I got a TV stand that was about 30-40lbs, which is pretty much my limit for transit-hauling (and it was something only available in-store, not for online order). If you’re ordering a bunch of large pieces in-store and getting delivery, then carrying home on the bus is less of an issue. But yes, taking WMATA to IKEA is mildly insane. (In my defense, I’ve never owned a car and have lived my entire adult life here and in New York, where it’s almost a point of pride how much crap one can haul onto the subway with them…so getting by with just public transit is kind of second nature by now.)

        • I once went shopping and brought back an ironing boards– among other things — on a water taxi. And I was actually surprised that other people were surprised by this. It’s nice to know I’m not alone! lol

  • RAVE: Super special sexy times scheduled for tomorrow evening. WOWZA. πŸ˜€

  • Rant/rave: Finally abandoning the Southwest Safeway for good (except must-have-on-your-way-home-from-work items) and trying out Harris Teeter. I have a car, there is no reason to continue to subject myself to that Safeway!

  • No personal experience with this – but given how pervasive our bike theft problem is thought some of you might be interested:


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