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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Great date last night with a guy I’ve been seeing for several weeks now.
    Rant: Had an abnormal PAP, my doctor called me back in to have a colposcopy today. I’m absolutely terrified.

    • Medical tests and waiting for the results is awful. I hope that things go well for you!

    • I had a colpo a few years ago (2, actually) after an abnormal pap. I was absolutely terrified, and understand how you feel. If it helps, as much as I freaked out the procedure wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. Take some Advil beforehand and tonight have yourself a delicious comfort-food dinner, some tea/hot chocolate, and curl up with some TV or a book (unless you’re not going to work after the procedure, in which case start the comfort session whenever you can).

      Abnormal results happen often, and usually aren’t much to be worried about. In the event it is something serious, you’ve likely caught it very early in the game and it can be easily taken care of. Don’t do too much research online, it’ll needlessly scare you out of your mind. Remember that WebMD thinks that everything is cancer.

    • Easier said than done, but please do try to relax and take good care of yourself (mentally)–colposcopies and abnormal PAPs are surprisingly common, although not many people talk about it. When I was scheduled for mine, you wouldn’t believe how many women friends and acquaintances said “Oh yeah, I had to get one of those, too…I thought I was the only one!!” I even found out that a couple of friends had long been embarrassed/ashamed to talk about it because they feared others would assume that anything related to a colposcopy, abormal PAP, or HPV meant they’d been sleeping around. (Yes, HPV is sexually transmitted, but it is extremely common and not an indicator of promiscuity.) Like another commenter said, it’s good that even if the test results *do* show something, you’re catching it early. Everyone has a different pain threshold, but I also agree that the procedure wasn’t as bad as I’d feared it would be. (More uncomfortable than a PAP, but felt more like a “pinch” than painful, to me at least.)

      • Thank you so much for this reinforcement. I had a colposcopy a year ago due to abnormal pap/hpv, which has terrified me and been totally embarassing, particularly since other friends with the same diagnosis have not had a colo. And my MD just wants to “monitor” the abnormal cells, which infuriates me that there isn’t something proactive I can do. To the OP, I have a very low pain threshold and took a Valium beforehand and was fine – not much worse/longer than a regular pap.

    • Sending you good thoughts. I went thru similar health scare (didn’t involve a pap tho) and it turned out just abnormal test results.

    • Don’t be scared! As folks have said, they’re much more common than you think (I’ve had one). Take the day for yourself and be totally indulgent – movies, relaxing, stretchy pants… And remember that the most likely outcome is that it will clear up on its own and you’ll just have to have more frequent PAPs for the next couple years.

    • Thank you all for the well wishes! I feel a little better now reading your stories (though I am a worrier). It’s nice to know there are perfect strangers out there who care πŸ™‚

    • I have had this before, I was worried as well but it wasn’t that bad. The only thing that happened to me is that I tried to sit up too quickly and my blood pressure dropped, so just rest for a few minutes afterwards. I don’t remember it hurting. I had to get more frequent paps for about a year, but everything cleared up. Good luck, and good for you for getting the yearly in the first place.

    • Best of luck!
      I had a wild medical goose chase earlier this year and while I know my doctor wanted to do what’s best for me, he also admitted to me that he fought for a test because he didn’t want to be responsible if something really was wrong. It turns out nothing was wrong, I just had to spend time and worry over it. Hopefully the same is true for you.

    • epric002

      probably too late to this thread, but i too have had 2 colpos (years apart). and i was also terrified, ashamed, etc. and yes, i was also surprised by how many of my gfs had gone through the same thing and had never mentioned it. my 1st one was much worse than the 2nd- i imagine it all depends on what time of the month you have it done/where on the cervix the abnormal cells are. so i over-prepared for the 2nd one (had my husband go with me so he could drive afterwards, took the rest of the day off, etc.) but i had virtually no ill-effects from the 2nd one while i was pretty uncomfortable for a day or so after the 1st one. SO. it likely won’t be as bad as you think, but if you can, absolutely prepare to be lazy/comfortable afterwards and hopefully you won’t even need the down time. good luck!

  • Rant: Red Line meltdown again today. It took me 3 trains and a cab to arrive late to work.

    Rave: I slept really well last night without drinking!

  • Rave: Won a battle against a large apartment complex when they were trying to charge my for “damages” that I KNOW I did not make after moving out.
    Rant: Brrrrrrrrr
    Revel/Rant/Rave??: Have decided I am living a too passive life and want to get out and do more things in the city. Anyone have a good blog (outside of PoP) or other source of info for all of the free or inexpensive events going on in the city?

  • Rant:Mid forties, crappy, unstable job with a bunch of younger coworkers who regard me as stupid because I prefer to speak only about work topics and non-offensive topics. Really sad and lonely.

    • andy

      Maybe engage more strongly with the world outside of work (social, volunteering, travel, anything) and you won’t feel as invested in the actions of your coworkers. I know it’s tough as you spend a lot of time with them but it could help you keep your cool as you remain above the fray. Minimize your emotional exposure and find happiness elsewhere.

      Also, while you might consider another job, few happen to foster the emotionally fulfilling environment you seem interested in. That is to say, you might be just as unhappy elsewhere. So think about finding happiness outside 40 hours a week as well as options for a change in your work life.

    • I can so relate, I have a bunch of much younger coworkers and they are the WORST. They’re all super perky, which makes me feel about 5 million years old. And if you’re not dishing about your personal life 24/7, they think you’re unfriendly and complain about you.

      • I have a mix of ages in my office, but I think the youngest now is 27 or 28. Thank you government hiring freeze! At least there is one upside to that (I kid- somewhat).

    • You need to work at my company– all my coworkers are at least 60 years old. For the most part I like it that way. I do volunteer work with people closer to my age, and while I admire their energy and enthusiasm I appreciate spending my 40 hours a week with guys that are more reserved and predictable.

  • Rave: Its already wednesday
    Rant: I have been seeing a few girls over the past few months. I would just say that I am ‘interested’ in them and want to see where things go. But at the same time maybe I am stretching myself too thin and I am not getting to know each one enough. Also with many of these girls I am having to take the initiative on setting up dates, which i guess is fine (I know lots of good places and can handle it) but at the same time makes me wonder if maybe they arent as interested? I
    Revel: Roommate’s birthday this weekend!

    • Query? : If you’re only “interested”, and “maybe stretching yourself too thin” — is it possible that this is apparent to your dates? I obviously can’t speak for them, but if I were dating someone who seemed very “busy” with his social life, and not terribly interested in getting to know me well, I would probable not take much initiative in moving things further either.

      • +1 You don’t sound very interested in these women, only mildly insulted that they aren’t making more of an effort to see you.

        • Yeah, I think it is kinda obvious what you need to do OP. If you really want to get to know them, you have to focus on one. You should by now at least know which one you have the most interest in. If not, then I’d say you have more to work on than getting to know any of them better.

          You’ve made it clear to them through your actions that you’re not serious, so why should they put in any effort?

          • My issue is that i dont really know what i want. And maybe im afraid to commit to seeing one seriously and then finding out i made the wrong choice. All the girls I am seeing are great in their own way, i guess since my last relationship blew up after 6 months for really no reason I am having trouble trusting again. But you are right i need to focus my attention.

            Anyways its just a rant.

    • special_k

      Since it’s been a few months, it sounds like it’s time to whittle down the few to one or two and see how things go from there.

    • Tip: referring to women as girls can lead to a lack of interest.

      • +1000000000000000

      • +100 But then I thought referring to his dates as “girls” means that there’s a good chance that he’s a “boy”, so I tailored my reply accordingly. (Biting my tongue all the way……)

        • Maybe this wasnt clear but i am very interest in a least two of them, my only issue is that i am the one who has to put in 90% of the work to make a date happen. And for me that is slightly concerning. I just wish it was a little more give and take?

          • Sigh. Le me try this again: You describe yourself as being “very interested in at least two of them”. Unless you’re happily screwing around and your dates are as well, most people want the sense that they are more important to you as individuals than being one of “at least two of them” that you are “interested” in. Perhaps you should assume that you are one of at least two “boys” that your dates are interested in. So why then, should they treat you like a priority? You’re clearly shopping around, so, lets assume that the “girls” you’ve been dating are as well.

          • Curious – I get that i assume they are seeing other people too but they are not giving me much to work with. Obviously if they asked me to go out i would say yes in a heart beat. I have a little trouble putting myself out there and being the one ‘taking charge’ all the time. I feel like if we have had a few good dates things should be more mutual then they are, but maybe thats just because i am not top priority. ANyways i guess it doesnt matter! just a rant πŸ™‚

          • Example: I’m a “girl”. Boy A clearly likes me as a human being, we have fun together, and enjoy each other on multiple levels. When we date, we discuss things that we’re interested in, and make plans to get together again. Boy B is into dating, and he’s involved with several “girls”. He has trust issues , and views me as a possible “wrong choice” — but wants to have fun with me and wants me to initiate things for us to do together while he’s deciding which one of the multiple girls he’s dating he might possibly be “interested” in — whatever that means. Hmmm.
            I could be very wrong about this — but I think you’ve sought feedback here before, just not anonymously. Did you take any of it to heart?

          • Yes i have been on here and i did take the advice to heart. Its just a place to rant not necessairly seeking a definitive answer.

            I think you are a little off in the analysis. I am boy A, but i think its unrealistic for boy A (who is awesome guy, great job, fun LOL) to wait around and hope that girl #1 is the one. He then goes out with another girl (this does not mean he is sleeping with all these girls or ANY of them yet). Especially if girl #1 is not as reciptive in trying to set up another date…but then again its hard as a young professional everyone is busy which i understand but i would 100% make the time to see girl #1 again.

          • This is late in the day — but thanks for clarifying. I’m going to assume that your self-assessments are accurate. So, one more question — have you been clear with your dates that you’d LOVE it if they initiated? I’m asking, because there’s a lot of variability — Some girls think that planing is the boy’s job, and sometimes they think so because of negative reactions they’ve gotten from guys. So, I’d say on your next date/contact, whatever, be charmingly upfront about how you enjoy planning stuff, but it really makes you feel good when the girl takes the initiative as well, and when they don’t, it makes you feel that they’re not interested. I agree with Marcus Aurelius — except that I think you should be very clear re: how much you’d welcome it if your date would plan things too.
            It may be just a “rant” — but if it matters enough to you to put it out there, it matters enough to throw back some options and opinions. Hope this is helpful. If not, take it with many grains of salt.

    • andy

      where is jack5 on all of these crucial issues?

    • 1) On stretching yourself too thin – The way to get to know someone is to spend time with them. If you can manage to date “many” women at the same time over the course of a few months and spend enough time with each one to get to know her on a meaningful level, more power to you. Many people would find that hard to do. Dating one person is difficult enough. If you want to keep things casual with everyone, date as many women as you want. But if you want something serious with one person, you should limit the size of your pool.

      2) On taking the initiative – Being the only person in your couple who makes plans gets old. Here’s an easy way to see how interested these women are in you. At the end of the next date, say you had a great time and look forward to getting together again. And tell her (or each of them) to give you a call (or email). If you never hear from her (or them) again, she wasn’t (or they weren’t) that into you.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Jackasses who don’t remove there bags from their arms when they sit next to me on metro, so their bags falls on me. I do not want to hold your stupid bag! Not even for a second.
    Rant: metro this morning
    Rant: can’t get a signal for my phone at work, so no NPR to distract me.
    Rant: 3 damn meetings. I don’t get paid enough for 3 meetings in 1 day!
    Rant: today sucks ass.

  • Rave: Looks like Thanksgiving will be a huge clusterf**k in the best possible sense with 12 or 15 or maybe more people — tribe members from various branches, or maybe “family” as an aging hippie would use the word — coming together in riotous confusion, excellent food and way too much wine. Just like the the good old days — and maybe the first “good” holiday since the bad days last year.
    Rant: Since I’m not lead cook, looks like we’ll have to eat turkey.
    Rave: Jostling among control-freak cooks, owners of newly-renovated homes and domiciliar chauvinists over who will host. I have the best dining room, but the oven is broken. On the other hand that would eliminate turkey as a threat — maybe I’ll throw my hat into the ring after all.

    • I love big Thanksgivings, but the organization can be a nightmare. Especially with competing hosts! My favorite year was when a sibling who has a tiny dining room and at the time had no dining table insisted that they were hosting. Ummm, no, we’re going to have Thanksgiving somewhere that actually has places for us to all sit, thanks.

    • I’m thinking of something other than turkey as the meat dish for Thanksgiving this year, but I’m coming up uninspired in selecting something. Suggestions, Irving? πŸ™‚

    • Try and look at it glass half full and that you’re spending it with friends and family. My holidays are never cheery and usually spent alone so I envy folks who get to spend them surrounded by loved ones.

      Woops, sorry… saw that you listed it as a rave. πŸ™‚

      • Dude(ette), come on by. We’ll set a place.

        • saf

          I will make the same offer – I have no blood relatives coming, but it will be a large group of unrelated but still family, and we are open to adding more!

      • Not intended as a judgment if you like your solo holidays, but if you would prefer to have company perhaps join a community celebration or volunteer event?

    • saf

      Perhaps it is time to fix the oven.

    • I’ll call (or see? I don’t really play poker) your 15 and raise you 7! I have at least 22 for dinner, with 13 staying at my house for 4 nights – (3 soldier nephews finally all home!) My tips – buy 2 12 lb. turkeys. Brine them. Cook one a few days ahead, cut up and have ready to just re-heat. Make stuffing 2-3 days ahead. Lots of things to make ahead – or have people bring – or buy ready made – or just do the hell without.

  • Rant: I’m definitely coming down with something. This seems to be the winter for low-grade bugs. I’m worried about the frequency, but happy they aren’t hitting me harder.
    Rave: Since I just got sick a few weeks ago, my house is fully stocked with medicine, Airborne, cough drops, etc. I even had a little to-go bag packed for my purse.
    Rant/Rave: political crap at work is still an issue. I’m just keeping my head down and concentrating on my work, so hopefully I can stay out of the crossfire.

  • Rant: Lost my phone in the woods last week, went looking for it this weekend and it’s nowhere to be found. I needed a phone-sniffing dog – too many leaves the phone could’ve been under.
    Rant: Needing to buy a new phone. Do you love your (Android) phone?

  • I wish the sound of coworkers slurping coffee and crunching on food did not drive me absolutely nuts!!

    • The sound of people eating literally makes me do the little head tick with a “blurgh” face. I always feel bad because it’s not their fault (unless they’re chewing with their mouth open…gross) but yeah, I feel ya.

      • It’s the worst on days like today where I have a slight headache. I can barely focus, even with headphones turned up to maximum volume, and I’m sure my blood pressure is through the roof.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: The Hall of Human Origins at the Museum of Natural History. Pretty amazing.
    Rant: Red line. Again.

    • Do you go to the Museum of Natural History often, and if so, can you recommend a less-crowded time? I would love to really spend some time there and in the American History museum, but every time I’ve tried on a weekend, both museums are insanely crowded pits of misery, which I guess is to be expected. (I’ve thought about taking a “staycation” day from my 9-5, but I don’t want to blow a vacation day only to have the museums turn out to be jam-packed with field-tripping kids during the week.)

      • Those museums will always be crowded, but go right when they open in the morning and it isn’t so bad. Even on weekends you’ll usually have about an hour before the crowds send you packing. Then go the the Freer/Sackler, where there are never more than 3 people despite the really great exhibits!

        • Or Thanksgiving Day if you’re around.

        • Thanks, I’m never in town on Thanksgiving, but I’ll have to try going right at opening some weekend! I love the Freer and Sackler…whenever I do a museum-hop, those two are usually where I flee as soon as I realize I was an idiot for: a) wanting to wander around the Mall in mid-July; and/or b) thinking there was a chance the American or Natural history museums might not be a sardine can.

      • pablo .raw

        I usually go on weekends when I go, this time I went on Veteran’s day; it was not empty but it was tolerable. My favorite part was the cameras that take a photo of you to show you how you would look as a neanderthal and then e-mail you the photo. My facebook friends know that by now πŸ˜€

  • Rant: Young employee crying in my office earlier this week when I took him off a project he really wanted to work on because I thought his prep work had been subpar and he wasn’t ready for it. Wanted to know what else he could possibly do, so disappointed, wants me to know he’s passionate about the work. I talked about work quality and making sure he understands material, showing effort, etc., and about working on special projects being a reward, not an automatic next step. Two days later, he turns in a project that is 80% copy-and-paste from other sources. How do I get through to him that he needs to do his own work? This is a kid who got good grades and awards in school, so I’m sure he thinks I have unrealistic and impossible expectations.

    • Is it possible that he genuinely does not know what it means to “do his own work?” From your description, he seems highly motivated and, I’m guessing, willing to put in the work. It’s quite possible that your expectations are requiring skills that he’s never been taught — despite his grades and awards in school. Can you –or someone — take the time to walk him through the process? It’s likely that this has been frustrating on both sides — especially if he has no clue what he doesn’t know.

      • I was about to post something similar. Maybe showing him examples of the kind of product you’re looking for could help. Or showing him someone else’s subpar work that got edited/improved to be what you’re looking for. It might be easier for him to be objective about the differences between acceptable/not acceptable work on something that he didn’t produce himself.

      • Agree with this. If he’s got the motivation and the basic skills then he probably doesn’t understand what’s expected of him. He may just need training whether it’s formal training or just someone guiding him him along. Not sure what a “project” consists of at your work but if you know the quality is falling short then you should be getting involved before the “project” is “done” – that way you give him a chance to succeed before it’s too late.

    • Or he’s always skated by, copying and pasting the whole time. You’re probably the first person who has required him to think for himself. Keep giving him sound advice and constructive criticism and he’ll thank you for it later.

    • Thanks, all. We’re both frustrated by the situation – he’s been here a year and a half and I simply can’t think of any more ways to approach this. Any other tips would be appreciated. I do like the idea of showing him someone else’s edited work, as while he does see a lot of final product, he doesn’t necessarily see it with edits.

      I always have him work on drafts with me before they go anywhere else, and give him extensive feedback. He makes some thoughtful changes, but where he can’t figure it out, rather than ask or research he just throws word vomit at the page. This happens especially when he doesn’t understand a concept — he doesn’t make an effort to understand it, he just throws together a lot of other peoples’ sentences in a way that doesn’t quite make sense.

      • If you’ve tried different approaches and nothing seems to be working, it may be time to start the process of letting him go. You don’t want dead weight on your team, especially if he doesn’t make any effort to get better. Depending on the organization, start documenting his shortcomings so you have a solid case and minimize any backlash. Start it early, as this could drag on for a while if he contests it…

      • I think Another had a great idea — it’s often MUCH easier to understand the steps in the process with someone else’s project. Is there anyone else that that you could pull into this — so that he’s not in a position where his inadequacies are front and center with his boss (which might be a concern if he doesn’t ask for, or doesn’t know when he needs to ask for help. )
        I think Daniel is being overly harsh — but then, I don’t know what your industry is. I will say that I’ve done writing tutoring — teaching people the process of planning and outlining and researching a paper, as well as learning to critique and edit their own work. If these aren’t “basic skills” for you — it takes a lot of time as well as clear examples and instruction to “get it”. Does your organization have writing workshops — which could explore the rules of writing and critiquing? If not, could you send him to one? That might allow your employee to focus on the skills that he needs to acquire. And, if this really is a bad fit for him, as Daniel has said, it’s one more piece of doing everything you can to support his skill development — before concluding that this job and his skills are not a good match.

  • Rave: my thoughtful boyfriend got us tickets to the Caps game last night. He knew I was too mentally spent to weight in on the logistics and he wanted to give me a break from packing.
    Tiny rant: I had already packed my jersey, though you don’t need a jersey to be a fan.
    Rave: I just went to an ergonomics lecture at work! Hopefully the consultant will have time to come see me today while she’s on site. I definitely have problems with my set up that result in a lot of shoulder pain.
    Rave: There are some services in this city that are exemplary, such as the dump and my destination this morning, the Half St Inspection Station.

    • I hear all of these complaints about DC DMV, but I don’t get it. The Inspection Station is great. Even when I’ve shown up and there’s a ginormous line, those guys keep things moving along.

      • I agree, the DC DMV is very good. Have any of you gone to a DMV in VA? Total mess. Took me 12 visits, each around 2-3 hours in duration, just to do a simple license and registration state change.

        • Or New Jersey. They have one inspection station per county in a place where counties are huge and everyone has to drive everywhere. You have to budget the entire day to the project.

          • I recall the NJ DMV getting an overhaul and being very good (probably a little better than DC), though this was back in 2005 right before I left. But I’m confused by your statement about everyone having to drive everywhere. Isn’t that true of most states? NJ has quite a few urban areas, and I think the public transit infrastructure in the northern part is quite good. My car-less sister recently bought a SFH within walking distance of restaurants and retail and the train to NYC, for under $200k. I can’t imagine someone in NoVA being able to do that because there simply isn’t enough housing stock in non-car-dependent areas.

          • It’s probably true that people in most states have to drive everywhere, but that isn’t relevant to describing the situation at NJ’s DMV. You have a state with lots of cars and very few inspection station bays. That creates massive lines that don’t move.
            I lived there until 2010 and the DMV had gotten worse in my last few years as they consolidated but did not expand DMV locations.

  • Rant: Anti-vaccine people. Excluding medical conditions that prevent people from getting them, it is the only “choice” that I have no problem shaming and “bullying” people over, openly. GAAAAH.

    Rave: Uggs are sweaters for my feet.

    • I feel OK with shaming anyone under 40 who chooses to smoke cigarettes. I’m over 40 and some of my earliest memories are of learning how bad cigarettes are for you, so if someone is under 40 I know they didn’t start smoking before they found out how bad it is. And just like foregoing vaccines, it’s a personal choice that does in fact affect other people.

      • does it affect those who have also been vaccinated?

        • Do you mean if not getting a vaccine affects those who got vaccinated? Yes, yes it does. Vaccines are not 100% effective, so it is possible to get a vaccine but then still get the disease. If enough people are unvaccinated, the disease will circulate and some people who got vaccinated (along with those who can’t for medical reasons or b/c they are too young) will get the disease. Vaccine programs rely on “herd immunity” which only works if a large enough % of the population receives the vaccine.

          • but there are many strains of the flu, right? how many flu vaccines should one get?

          • There was only one vaccine each year, which was trivalent (has three strains) until this year. Now there is a quardavalent vaccine, which will hopefully help the effectiveness rate.

      • I quit smoking long ago, but if you’d have tried to “shame” me for smoking back when I enjoyed it, I would have blown Marlboro smoke directly into your face. If someone is trapped in a confined space with a smoker, lay on. Otherwise, let us be humble enough to leave others their vices.
        (This goes for the bicycle helmet puritans, too).

    • I just got over my fear of the flu vaccine. I’d gotten it a few times in the past, and felt so sick afterward– fever, fatigue, chills, that had me bedridden for a week or two. So much worse than the flu (which I haven’t had since I was a kid). For 7 years I was too afraid to get it. But I finally bit the bullet and got one last week, and no side effects! πŸ™‚

    • gotryit

      +a lot to that rant – I have nearby family members that don’t get the vaccine because “it makes me sick every time”. AAAH! NO IT DOESN’T!! Try science?

      • I’m sorry, but I’ve gotten sick several times right after getting a flu shot, and never get sick otherwise. Seems like it can’t just be a coincidence. Just because it doesn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it’s not a valid concern. That said, if you can choose when to get the flu shot you can simply choose a week when you can afford to be sick. That’s what I do.

        • gotryit

          I also feel symptoms, but feeling sick is different than being infected. Because the flu shot is a dead virus – it is not infecting you. That feeling is your immune system response to the dead virus, but it can’t be transmitted to elderly people or children. So yeah, it doesn’t feel great, but it’s preventing the virus from spreading.

          • I know, and that’s why I finally got it this year. But you can’t blame people for not wanting to be out sick and unable to do anything for 2 weeks.

          • gotryit

            It’s a selfish cop-out. Reducing the prevalence of a virus does benefit people who are more severely affected by an infection than the young and healthy people that can afford to deal with a flu infection.

          • Yeah, but not all young and healthy people have sick paid sick days and can afford to deal with the effects of a flu shot either.

          • Also, it takes about 2 weeks from the time of the shot to develop immunity. If you came into contact with something else just before or after the shot then you would indeed be sick in the right time frame, but you might believe it’s from the shot because it’s not like you can see the virus infecting you.

          • I wonder if during those 2 weeks your system is already weakened from fighting the shot and therefore more susceptible to succumbing to the flu.

        • The flu vaccine stimulates your immune system to make it produce antibodies. This causes some flu-like symptoms that are noticeable. But they are rarely as bad as full-blown flu.

        • Yeah, there is a very likely chance that coincidence is indeed exactly what it is.

        • If you have a history of negative reactions to the flu vaccine, you can also talk with your doctor about getting two half doses. Doctors do this regularly for people with weak immune systems (including elderly people). Typically they would give you a half dose and then, a second half dose a while after (I can’t recall how much time is in between the two doses).

          • Huh, interesting. The funny thing is, I think I have a strong immune system because most years I don’t even get a runny nose. I wonder if the full dose is just too much for a smaller adult. My partner and I are both 110-120 pound women and we don’t respond well to it at all.

      • Well, science evolves. I have a relative who was one of the first wave of people to try statins. She complained to her– excellent — doctor about leg pains, and he assured and reassured her that this had nothing to do with the statin medication. A few years later, leg pains became a known side-effect and a contraindication for taking statin medication. I’m not saying this to join the anti-vaccine folks, but to point out that many side-effects of treatment may impact only a particular demographic or a small number of people. (Okay, jumping down off of my bandwagon now….)

      • I think there’s a fine point to be made about the definition of “sick.” The flu vaccine doesn’t give you the flu, though a lot of people who don’t feel well after claim that they got the flu from the flu shot. However, mounting an immune response does take some effort and can make you feel run down. I like to think of it in the sense that you can’t get something for nothing. Your immune system needs to take what it has been given and work to produce antibodies. That’s not energy free.

        I get the flu shot every year. I recognize a lot of the down falls, mainly with the need to predict popular strains in advance due to the long production time, and I got the flu last year (confirmed by my doc), but that doesn’t stop me from getting it.

        • I don’t think most people care it’s the flu or not. Having a high fever and needing to sleep all the time is not enjoyable. I suspect your immune response to the flu shot is not as bad as other people’s. How many days of work do you need to take off for it, typically?

        • You’re right, people have different responses and I agree that most people don’t care what their sick feeling response is actually called. I was trying to address the misinformation that is frequently spread about the flu shot giving people the flu.

          I’m pretty lucky, I can’t remember having to take any time off because of recent flu shots. I have, however, gotten slammed pretty hard by the flu twice in the past 5 years, once without the shot and once with.

          This CDC FAQ and the one above it are good explanations for not feeling well after getting the shot, unfortunately they don’t include any stats on the incidence of adverse side effects.

    • I never get the flu vaccine because I am young and healthy and there are other people who need it more than I do.

      • My computer isn’t cooperating with the link so I can’t read the full article, but a coworker (my age, otherwise healthy with a totally normal immune system) got whooping cough a few years ago, and it was no joke. The diagnosis totally floored us, having assumed that whooping cough was some quaint disease that people got in, like, the 1930s. She had violent coughing fits, missed a ton of work, and even when she returned, it took months for her to get back to 100%, health/energy-wise. (I think they make a adult booster for the whooping cough vaccine now, but as my co-worker’s doctor told her, most people either don’t know that or don’t think it’s necessary because they believe whooping cough was extinct.)

        • My sister got whooping cough when we were teenagers. Coughed so hard she broke her own rib with her lungs from the inside. That disease is no joke!!

    • If you’re threatening herd immunity and helping to bring long-extinct childhood diseases back into rotation, I am completely fine with judging the hell out of you. Especially if your motivation is poorly thought-out rants from Jenny McCarthy.

    • anywhere i can get a free flu shot?

    • anywhere i can get a free flu shot?

  • Rave: Soup weather (and new dutch oven)
    Rant: Tripped yesterday and fell bad – I think I bruised a rib
    Rave: I was not on Red Line today!

  • Rant: 7:30AM meetings. Ugh, just painful. Really no one wants to meet that early!!!
    Rave: Starbucks

  • Rant: Red Line kerfuffle this morning. Again. I left the house at 8:30 and didn’t get to the Hill until 5 to 10 for a 10:00 meeting. I am so pissed.
    Rant: The doorman at the Woodley Park Marriot. When the cab line is about 25 deep, don’t just stand there and gape. Get on the phone and call some cab companies. Or at the very least, be pleasant to the people waiting there and freaking out about making their flights. Or try to group people together to share cabs.
    Rave: The lovely people that let me share their cab once we finally got one.

  • Monday, I picked up a Green line train at the Gallery Place metro stop. A gentleman holding a white walking stick (used by the visually impaired) wearing a bucket hat with a scarf wrapped around his eyes boarded the train. At some point between the Gallery Place and Shaw stops he put a bag/hood/sack with a rudimentary drawing of a face over his head. Did anyone else see this person? If so, what in the hell was going on?

    Curiously yours.

  • RAVE: I decided to telecommute today (I never do this). Between the cold weather, metro calamities, and other crapiness, Mercury is definitely in retrograde!

    RAVE: Telecommuting allows me to partake in booty calls during the day. ‘Twas glorious to be on the clock while ON the job. πŸ˜€

  • valentina

    Rant: No one to have booty calls with.

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