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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Winter is coming! I love this weather.

  • houseintherear

    rant: I am just so completely broke. Pets are expensive, car is expensive but necessary for work, house is expensive… I’m drowning.

    rave: pets are healthy, I am healthy, family and friends are healthy and helpful.

    • I’m feeling the same way. Just spent $115 on car repairs yesterday and I need to buy dog food yet again!

    • Solidarity brotha! (or sista). Does misery loving company help? It’s temporary, we’ll get through it, blah blah blah. all cliches but all true! In a way, if cash flow is our biggest problem, let’s just consider ourselves blessed today. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • houseintherear

        You are so right. I wish it would get better right now with a $10,000 anonymous donor check, but for now I’ll be grateful for what I have. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Yeah, and I’m still a homeowner with plenty of savings so I have nothing to really complain about. I just hate being hit with a lot of expenses at once and my girlfriend is not willing to help much (even though she needs/uses the car way more than I do).

    • It is the worst feeling when all of your money is accounted for before you even get it. I try to comfort myself that at least my bases are covered-I have a roof over my head, food on the table, etc. But sometimes I really want to be able to do more than just pay rent and bills, you know?

  • epric002

    rant: i think i lost my work BB. i don’t even use the POS- how did i lose it?!
    rant: too many neglected dogs in this city. and it’s getting really cold.
    rant: obsessing over the neglected dogs.
    rave: good friends visiting this week/apartment hunting for the upcoming move here. yay!

    • rant: too many neglected humans in this city. and itโ€™s getting really cold.

      • I think I can find those neglected humans some cheap meat and furs to wear. Just don’t ask where they came from.

      • This seems like an appropriate place to plug the District’s hypothermia line: 1-800-535-7252. If you see someone outside who looks cold (or in the summer who looks too hot) you can call them and they’ll send someone out. Not everyone who sleeps outside wants to go to a shelter, but they have trained people to talk with the homeless and transport folks to shelters, provide blankets and hot drinks, call an ambulance if needed, etc.

        It takes 2 seconds to put the number in your phone and not much more than that to make a call.

  • rant: House was broken into early Monday morning.
    rave: They didn’t get a single thing and the police response was swift. 2-3 minutes tops from when we made the initial call. They were so loud trying to get into the house that when we realized what was happening we were able to call the police within a minute of them entering the house. I think they heard us calling the police and fled before they could grab anything.
    rant/rave: Our makeshift window security (the window lock doesn’t work very well) didn’t keep them out but it sure made it difficult enough to get in that I am surprised they didn’t wake the whole neighborhood with the noise. We are installing a couple of extra security measures so, hopefully, it won’t happen again.

    • That must have been terrifying to wake up to! Did you have window bars?

      • Yes, it was a scary couple of minutes. The police actually brought a K-9 dog into to search the whole house to make sure no one was hiding. I really was impressed with the police response.

        No, we don’t have window bars and don’t plan on getting them. We had a piece of wood wedged in between the bottom and top part of the window. I guess they just pounded on it long enough that it eventually fell out. We heard the pounding for awhile but the house next door is being renovated and we hear all kinds of weird noises over there at night so we didn’t realize it was coming from our house. We realized someone was breaking in when we heard the crash. We also didn’t have our porch light on… not super smart…. we are putting in a motion detector for the porch light.

        • Yikes. I can’t imagine not having bars on the lowest windows at least, and I live in one of the safest neighborhoods in DC. Why didn’t it set off the alarm?

          • And that was only because when they got there I think it was fairly obvious the person had already left or we weren’t in danger…. I am sure if they thought we were in immediate danger they would have barged in immediately.

        • That’s an unusually impressive police response, by the way, unless things have changed since I was burglarized 5 years ago!

          • I think it is was so fast because when we called they were actually in the house? There were a good 6-7 cop cars within just a couple of minutes. Although, we did have to wait a bit for the K-9 unit. We were on the phone with the 911 operator and told to stay in our bedroom until we were cleared to leave. That was probably a good 20-25 minutes.

          • Probably because you were in the house and there was a chance they could be too. When it happened to me I had no idea if they were still in there or not, so I waited outside in the middle of winter for over an hour.

          • They must have thought someone was in the house….”oh a chance to shoot someone!” If they had known they left then no one would have showed since all it becomes to them is paperwork!

        • out of curiosity, which neighborhood are you in? if it’s mine i’ll probably be extra vigilant (and paranoid!) this week

          • Petworth just North of Grant Circle. I feel like I have heard about several other instances similar to ours but I am not finding any reported on the listserve and the crime map doesn’t really break it down like that.

          • We live north of Sherman Circle and something similar happened about 2 weeks ago. Thief going onto front porches and trying windows. There was a report on the 4D list serve about a burglary on Crittenden – it was the same day, probably the same person. Everyone should double-check that their windows are locked.

          • This happened to our house on Crittenden in the last two weeks. We had a similar set up, with a piece of wood holding the window shut from top to bottom. They had knocked this out of place (without anyone waking up, 6 people were in the house) and came through the front window through on our porch. Our motion light was unscrewed and disabled by them. A television and PlayStation were taken. Police came quickly the next morning and said this had been happening around the neighborhood. We screwed the windows shut and have gotten estimates for bars on the windows. Our robbery also happened early on a Monday morning (about 4am). Be safe!

          • gotryit

            Someone tried to open a front porch window on our house on Decatur about a month ago. It was a brand new window, and locked, so he didn’t get anywhere with it and only tried very briefly.
            I think it was a setup by a cleaning crew that came through a day or two before and (perhaps accidentally / perhaps not) left the front porch windows unlocked after cleaning them.
            I gave security camera footage to the police, but I don’t think they got anywhere with it. Jerkface also tore off one security camera and left it in my recycle bin.

  • Rave: Today is 11/12/13!

  • Rave (for the person who asked about it last week): Our first-ever AirBnB rental went very well. She was polite and quiet and we barely saw her at all. Easiest $200 I’ve ever made! Still, it was kind of awkward having a total stranger sharing the house with us. I think I’ll stick with longer-term renters for the most part since I’m paranoid about bedbugs and theft.

    • What does Airbnb charge you to post your home on its site? What does it take as a service fee per rental?
      I’m really trying to get my parents to use Airbnb when they come to visit, but my thought is why not use it to find a rental they’d like, then call the renter and say I’d pay in cash to get around both service fees and other misc fees. Thoughts, people of Popville?

      • I rent an english basement on Airbnb, and when you contact people through the site, you have no way of giving you phone number or e-mail as they will block it on the communications through the site until a booking is set. I personally wouldn’t rent to someone that tries to go around Airbnb. Think of it as someone trying to go around ebay when you win an auction. I think Airbnb charges 5% from both the guest and the host. Some of the other fees are imposed by the guest, such as a cleaning fee, and a security deposit. As long as the place looks fine after the rental, and the host doesn’t make a claim, then the guest gets the security deposit back. I have had three guests so far, and they have been fine. I have made over $1,000 doing it for just the three times that I have done it.

      • 3% to host (so I had to give up $6, but it was worth it for the convenience). I believe guests have to pay more– according to the site it’s 6-12%. I’ve been getting some requests for longer-term rentals, and if I go with them I might see if they want to do an off-the-record transaction since we’d both stand to save a lot of money.

    • That was me, thanks! I’m a little wary about the awkwardness of having a stranger in the house with us too. I’m thinking about trying it out when we’re out on vacation, but then the theft issue is a little scary.

      • They do reimburse you up to $1mil for anything that’s stolen or damaged. But my concern is that someone will find a checkbook or personal document of ours and commit identity theft, which is much harder to track down. Even if AirBnB did claim responsibility it would be a big hassle to set things straight.

        • We have rented our house four times last summer, and are going to continue once we are back in (renovations finished)

          The type of people who are willing to plan ahead, give a CC (and a ton of other info) to AIRBNB, and then actually come and stay, are not the people I am worried about stealing things.

          No one is going through that effort to steal your 3 year old TV, or even your identity. If I really wanted to steal an identity, I could just buy an already stolen one from the Ukraine for a couple of hundred bucks (may cheaper?)

  • Rant: Job hunting sucks. This is the second time I’ve been dumped by a company just before the holidays… It makes it hard to find a new gig before the holidays set in, and just after a gov. shutdown. FML.

    Rave: At least I had a little money saved up this time… Hopefully it lasts long enough.

    • The same happened to me a few years back. Totally empathize. Why companies think it’s a good idea to lay people off before holidays is beyond me. I mean I get it’s good for them, but ugh it sucks!

    • Sublet your apartment for the holidays. Head home for 4 to 8 weeks to clear your head, get your resume in order, get home-cooked meals, and save a bunch of money. It’s going to be very tough to land an interview before the New Year, due to people going on vacation and wrapping up projects before the end-of-the-year.

  • Rave: Heading south for a friend’s wedding this weekend. I get to see my best friend who is coming in from the West Coast.
    Rant: Wearing a bathing suit in November. I am so outta shape right now.
    Rave: 2.5 day work week. I need to bare down and be productive while I”m in the office.

  • rave: after a crazy 5 weeks, things are starting to get back to normal.

    rave: we adopted a dog this weekend!! she’s such a love bug and starting to open up around us more each day. i’ve been counting down the hours to our mid-day walk since i got into work! we both grew up with dogs but this is our first on our own. it’s a big lifestyle change but i’m excited to share the responsiblity to raising the newest addition to our family ๐Ÿ™‚

    • epric002

      congrats! what kind did you get? you’ll have to submit to the animal fix ๐Ÿ™‚

      • thank you! she is a 9 month old hound/lab/shepherd mix. i’m looking forward to seeing her personality develop as she settles in to her new home and i will definitely submit a picture soon!

        • epric002

          she sounds adorable! good luck with puppy training!

        • Congrats! And this is really the best part of adopting a dog. Ours has made a complete 180 over the almost year we’ve had her. She went from shy and stand offish to a complete love bug. Don’t know how we lived without her now.

          • epric002

            +100. we had the same experience. the shy, fearful, quiet dog we adopted a year ago is long gone!

          • Thank you! It was tough to leave her at lunch, but I think I’m going to start appreciating the mid-day walks just as much as her. It’s so nice to get away from the computer!

            She will start some basic training this weekend and I hope that will start slowly building her confidence. I know she’s taken in a lot of changes in a short amount of time and who knows what her early months were like, but it’s encouraging to hear your success stories!

          • epric002

            i’m totally jealous that you’re able to do mid-day walks yourself. i wish i worked/lived close enough to do that, for my own well being, not to mention the $ you’re saving on a dog-walker!

          • Just a warning, don’t let HER know it’s tough to leave her, especially if there are any hints she might be prone to separation anxiety. Just walk out the door without making a fuss (at all times, not just at lunch).

          • yes– i’m keeping the concern to myself. we are making sure to show that it’s not a big deal to be in the crate (or us leaving/coming home). the past two nights she slept really well in her crate (no whining at all), so i hope she’s starting to realize it’s her safe space and it will make leaving the house at other times a little easier.

  • Rave: Finally moving this Saturday to Navy Yard. Goodbye Silver Spring!
    Rave: Reservations at Blue Jacket on Sunday night.

  • binpetworth

    Rant: Barometric pressure headache!
    Rave: Possible snow — worth the headache if we actually get a few flakes.

  • Rant: Have to break my lease and move in January to get out of a crummy situation, worried I won’t be able to find anything in a price range that wont require a huge price or lifestyle adjustment.
    Rant: Can’t really focus on anything else, but most Jan listings arent up yet; still checking Lovely obsessively.
    Rave: livelovely.com is a great tool for apt searching
    Rave: Looking forward to having my own place. Maybe the adjustment will be good for me.

    • Whats your price range and area? Im trying to cut out of my lease a bit early…

      Im in a huge 1 bedroom just south of H st. NE

      • How much and when.

      • This is really late, but after much soul searching and the countless raised eyebrows from my friends I increased my price range from 700 to 1300 (or so) for a 1 br. I’m pretty open about where, I just want it to be accessible to downtown and no more than 30-35 min public transit to Anacostia metro where I work.

        • you can reach me at: [email protected] if you want!

        • Why does it need to be accessible to downtown if you don’t work there? I don’t either and don’t think I’ve been down there in years.

  • Rant: Crappy neighbors are living up to every negative stereotype people have about Section 8 housing recipients. Besides selling drugs in the alley, throwing rocks through windows, tossing glass bottles at moving cars, trashing the streets/sidewalks regularly, trespassing on others’ property, and harassing any white neighbor simply because they are white, they’ve now decided that parking their SUV on the sidewalk, opening the doors and blasting music at whatever time they feel like it is their right.

    Last night, watched them scream obscenities at my 70+ year old neighbor after he politely asked them to turn the music down. When I intervened I got a lovely string of racial slurs and obscenities hurled at me. Then a bunch of “young adults” decided to rush off their porch and get in our faces.

    Sad that one house can cause so many issues for an otherwise nice neighborhood and unfortunate that they perpetuate a stereotype that negatively affects plenty of people who are good neighbors.

    • epric002

      did you call the police?

      • Yes, called the cops. Most of the neighbors have been working with MPD Vice for a couple of weeks about the drug issues. Also called the owner of the home – hopefully he’ll be motivated to find better tenants.

        • KSB

          I put all of my concerns about some similar neighbors in an email to my district police commander, and on the response I saw that he’d forwarded things to the right people. I thought they’d dropped the ball because nothing happened for a few months but woke up one lovely morning to a raid on the house in question and a few of the residents being brought out in handcuffs. Much quieter on our block now! Good luck!

    • How can a Section 8 housing recipient afford an SUV??

      • Not an uncommon phenomenon in my neighborhood.

      • OP clarified above – drugs.

      • Grandma or mom is low income and qualifies for Section 8. Son/grandson slings drugs and has plenty of off-the-books income. That’s how it works; no accountant needed.

      • Note: Many, if not most, people who have section 8 work. Lots of people who work need reliable transportation. It would not be unheard of for a working parent to have a used suv. No one said it was an Escalade. Obviously I’m not referring to this particular household. Having a car and subsidized housing is not “just wrong” – – if a car allows a parent to get to work and to take their kids to school, it’s exactly the kind of behavior that stable subsidized housing was designed to promote.

        • But if they’re commuting by car, do they really need to live in an expensive urban area with lots of transit options?

          • “need” is irrelevant.

          • Maybe it wasn’t an “expensive” neighborhood when they moved there. Do you think that neighborhoods should be divided into exclusively “expensive” and exclusively “not expensive”? So as housing prices rise, people should have to move? You do remember that not so long ago, the “inner cities” were where people who couldn’t afford “expensive” housing options and convenient jobs lived, right?

          • “So as housing prices rise, people should have to move?”
            That’s basically what I did the whole time I was renting.

        • Isn’t a cheap SUV still a gas guzzler? I can’t imagine how buying one would be the most sound economic decision.

          • Not all jobs or all job shifts make Metro a realistic option. Maybe you need to stretch your imagination a bit. Given the cost benefit analysis of hauling kids and stuff, the relative prevalence of suvs in the supply of used cars, and the inability of most of us to control gas price — owning an suv could well be the best choice for an urban family — as it could be for a suburban one. You were perhaps thinking that a Prius would make more sense?

          • Are station wagons not in vogue anymore?

          • P.S. – I agree with you for the most part, but your aggressive snobby tone makes me want to play Devil’s Advocate for a while. If you weren’t so condescending you’d get your points across better…

          • New suvs are far more popular than new station wagons. That means that there will be fewer new and used station wagons available.

        • Sadly, in this particular case they do not work, the SUV is new and the stereotype of all new shoes, iphones, etc holds true. However, there are plenty of other neighbors who receive assistance and are hardworking, lovely people. This particular house is making it harder for the people who aren’t abusing the system (aka the majority of folks).

          • How do you know it’s new? Maybe they bought it used but in very good condition. And who doesn’t need a smartphone these days? You can’t get a job if no one can get in touch with you. And new shoes, what’s wrong with those? The hardworking poor don’t have time to be shuffling though the bins at Goodwill like you do. How do you know they aren’t inexpensive Payless shoes? Did you even get close enough to see?

          • It still has the dealer’s paper tags and the daughter told me it was new. I’ve also lived by and known this family for years, so yes, I do “get close enough to see”. I understand you are working to breakdown negative stereotypes, but while you do so you may want to avoid making assumptions and generalizations of your own about other posters. And perhaps you missed my original post and subsequent posts where I point out that these are negative stereotypes that are not true about the majority of my neighbors.

          • I can’t tell if you are being serious or doing a pretty good spoof of a bleeding heart liberal taken to the nth degree.

          • Who doesn’t need a smartphone these days? Really? I don’t have one and my life hasn’t ended. Those things are expensive and the data plans are a lot per month. People can get in touch with me just fine on my basic phone, older than dirt computer, and cheap home internet. Smartphones really aren’t necessities.

  • Rant: Was sad a few years back when DC started noting on the street signs when Street Sweeping stopped taking place. Felt that I had a leg up since I was plugged into the interwebs and PoPville who always announced when the semi-random date took place.

    Rave: Fact that people still don’t read the signs so streets that have street cleaning rest of the year still have great parking availability.

    • I agree, It was so much easier to park when people didn’t know. And it always used to restart the week of my birthday, so it was easy to remember when to pay attention again.

  • Rant: Moving stress isn’t going away any time soon. I’m high on the stress meter anyway, so I’m worrying about people not heeding my no parking signs, some boxes being too heavy, how long it will take, if enough friends show up (I’m only moving to a pod, I wouldn’t ask friends to help move out and in), if I’ll get my whole deposit back, etc.
    Rave: I have some de-stressors to look forward to this week, like a meeting to plan for my favorite dance event.
    Rave: almost done packing!
    Rant: my apartment is so empty everything echos like crazy. It’s a sad, empty cavern of a home for a few more days.

    • Moving is so stressful! I hope that everything goes smoothly for you.

      • Thanks! It probably will, but my above average stress levels combined with my lack of patience never helps in these situations. I just want it to be time to do it already!

        • My stress level is always through the roof during a move. It’s exhausting and makes me feel like I’m working two jobs until everything is moved and unpacked. You definitely have my sympathy.

  • Rant: My management at work is being inconsistent and frustrating. There is a lot of politics and unspoken agendas in play and I feel like I’m being put in a no-win situation.
    Rave: I didn’t know how to deal with it on my own, so I asked for a meeting with one of the higher-up managers. We aren’t close and I wasn’t sure how much help she would be. But she ended up being really cool and I think we worked some things out. I’m not usually the best at asking for help, so it was a nice change to ask for it and get it.
    Rave: It makes me feel so old to say it, but I love my new furniture arrangement. A designer friend convinced me to give up one of my favorite pieces for one with a smaller footprint. My apartment looks so much bigger and more organized since the change.

    • That’s great that someone was receptive to helping you out and was actually helpful! We have a lot of management issues and politics going on too, so I feel you. It’s unsettling.

      • It is unsettling! I’ll admit to not being a very political person-I just want to do my job and be left alone, for the most part. But it seems like some people just want to stir up trouble no matter what, and it’s so upsetting that playing that game well can be viewed as equally important as your actual job performance.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: This picture reminds me of Bob Ross, all those happy trees with their happy little friends.

  • Rave: Job nibble — just the first contact, but when a headhunter calls you, it’s kind of a running start on the rest of the marathon.

    Rave: It would be in Redondo Beach, Cali — after thirty years in the DC trenches, I think I could do a few years of sunshine and sea breezes.

    Rant: 2748.73 miles from the girl and all the bars and restaurants where I have regular status.

    Rave: Lots of trips back to DC.

    Rant: Working in the belly of the beats (ie, military-industrial complex).

    • Lucky! I love DC, but I would be hard pressed to turn it down if I got a job offer in CA. Year round summer and beaches, please!

    • Redondo is awesome. I’m from Long Beach and a lot of my friends (early and mid 30s) live in Redondo. The “downtown” area near the beach is super cute, walkable, and filled with circa 1950s storefronts/architecture. I’m moving there, if I ever go back to SoCal. And yes, the weather is EPICALLY nice. You’re also close to the nature preserves/trails/sea coves in Palos Verde peninsula.
      Job – Toyota? They are a huge employer in Redondo/Torrence.

      • I went to high school in Lakewood. Hi neighbor!

        • OMG. I only said “Long Beach” because no one knows Lakewood. I went to Mayfair High School and lived in Lakewood, too.
          I was born in LB Memorial, my parents worked in LBC, our church was there, and we were there all the time to see relatives – so I’m practically from Long Beach, as well.

      • Sounds amazing. As an East Coaster/urban blight aficionado (sure, the Spy museum and hip restaurants are nice, but I miss the wig shops and porn palaces) I’ve always sneered at SoCal, but I think I might actually have a California Boy inside waiting to go native — even if I am a little too old to start surfing. I know that LA means a lot of driving, but how is Redondo for walking out of the light-filled condo and having some would-be movie star(let) fling a decent meal at you while the sun sets over the Pacific? I worry that I’d miss walking (not that that would stop me).

        • Well there’s two Redondo’s.
          There’s the quaint beach town that occupies the blocks west of PCH – Hwy 1 and is centered on the main shopping/restaurants street of S Catalina Ave. This area has high density and is filled with low-rise apartment buildings (think 3 to 10 units), small bungalow-style houses, and some smaller single family homes (~2000 sq. ft). Everything in this area is walkable (restaurants, wine bars, shops, etc.), but parking can be tight.
          Then there’s the Redondo that is east of PCH- Hwy 1 that is composed of your typical SoCal suburban track housing. Bigger houses, yards, driveways, etc. Not very charming.
          Either way, you’ll need a car. Nobody walks in L.A.

  • Rave: Beautiful weather yesterday. Took a walk through Watkins Park in Upper Marlboro and looked at the animals in their nature center. Nice escape from the city.
    Rant: Ugly weather today. I don’t like the cold. There, I said it.
    Rave: No snow–yet!

  • rant: fatty fatty 2×4 – that’s me. i’ve gained 24lbs in the past 14 months. ack!
    rant: none of my clothes fit.
    rave: my blood pressure is back to normal after a month of trying to get it down so no meds on the horizon.
    rave: the past 14 months have been some of the – if not the happiest months of my life!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    rave: wiinnnnttterrrrrrrrrrrr is upon us!!

  • RANT: Found two bed bugs last night. NOOOOOO!!!! Pest Control not coming until tomorrow for an estimate. I’ve been so thankful everyday that I don’t have them and then BAMN! I guess I jinxed myself.

    • AAAAAARGH! That is the worst. I hope treatment goes quickly and well.

      • Thanks. I’ve been searching past POPville bed bug chats all day to prep myself for the horrors to come. Hard to think about hardcore decluttering with a toddler around….during the holiday season at that!

        • Oh no! That’s terrible. I know it’s soooo much more expensive, but I just went through this and I regret not ponying up the money for the heat treatment. It saves so much time, labor, and stress over laundering everything, moving furniture, vacuuming the night before the treatments, taking beds apart, etc.
          Best of luck! Hang in there!

    • Get the K-9 dog to come in first to actually establish if you have them. I paid $150 for the inspection of a massive 3500 sq ft rowhouse.
      My ex-roommate who was a hypochondriac was convinced we had bedbugs and we paid $800 to get a chemical treatment. She said she was still getting bites and wanted us to plunk down $2500 for a heat treatment. I had the dog come in and it did a thorough inspection. The dog found no bed bugs and we found out that the roommate was getting bites from mosquitoes or other bugs because she left her window open overnight. We were ready to strangle her.
      The other good thing about the dog is that it can find the location of the bugs. Only one or two rooms might have bedbugs, so you can focus your efforts there.
      Best $150 I ever spent.

      • jim_ed

        I have to ask where you got the K-9 for $150? When we had bedbugs, I called around, and I think the absolute cheapest price I got was $300, with a lot of places around $500. I’d love to know in case they come back, since we’re 90% sure they came from a next door.

        • I used Connor’s Pest Control for the K9 inspection. They are based out of NoVA. My rowhouse was on U Street. This was back in fall of 2011. Maybe prices have gone up a lot?

  • skj84

    Rant: The friend whose relationship issue I disagreed with will not let the argument go. I’ve told her repeatedly I don’t want to talk about it anymore and she keep bringing it up. And she’s getting condescending. I’m ready to snap if she starts talking about it again.

  • RANT: Bicyclist ran through red light Saturday causing me to have to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting her, thus causing groceries I had in my seat to fall in the floor and break leaving juice all over the inside of my car. ๐Ÿ™

  • Rave- Off work today and can stay inside in my warm home.
    Rant – I’m off because I’m recovering from mole removal surgery. My stitches are so sore I couldn’t even sleep last night. Stupid skin cancer moles.
    Rant – Have to stay away from yoga and all exercise for 2 weeks.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Rave: Last night’s episode of “Bones” featured some lovely autumn footage of our area with beautiful foliage. Also a scene in a restaurant that was a ringer for “Le Diplomate” – anyone tried it yet?

  • RAVE: NYTimes going for maximum Troll Bait this weekend with this headline – “Is It OK to Kill Cyclists?”

  • Rave: Obama and Biden dining in my ‘hood today.
    Rant: They chose Molly Malone’s of all places.
    Rave: That’s one of he better Xavier establishments and it looks like they had a good time at least!

  • Rant- I just found out that a friend/neighbor/local business owner had a horrible accident and is just back from 5 weeks in the hospital.
    Rave – I can provide support by eating pizza!

    I can’t imagine what this has done to Matt and his family. If you like local businesses and/or pizza, please frequent Radius in Mt Pleasant.

  • Question to the community: What’s a good price for getting a women’s wool coat dry cleaned in DC? Preferably by an organic dry cleaner (i.e. one that doesn’t use PERC)?

    • Believe you me, I have searched high and low for a non-PERC dry cleaner within driving distance of D.C.. I never found one; all the “organic” dry cleaners mean just that—“organic” as in volatile organic compounds. In any event, I found out you can actually gently wash most wool coats yourself in your bathtub. I was scared but I followed these instructions exactly, and my wool coat came out perfectly. http://www.blacksprucehound.com/2011/10/how-to-wash-wool-coat.html
      Just remember, people have been wearing and cleaning wool since long before dry cleaners existed! It can be done!

      • Wow, thanks for that info! I’d read on Yelp that Georgetown Cleaners doesn’t use PERC but hadn’t called to ask yet. I never get things dry cleaned and had considered washing it on my own, but everyone thinks I’m insane when I say that. Maybe I’ll try it first on a coat I don’t care about as much. The process you linked to is exactly how I wash and dry my sweaters.

  • i have a question for you all.
    i’d like to find a place somewhere in the world that i can stay for the month of march that is both super cheap and a pleasant place to be. if you wanted to go somewhere cool and yet really stretch your money, where would you go? rural, urban, or small town.

    • Wow, what a vague and interesting question. Any weather preferences? Is the cost of getting there part of the financial consideration?

      • i’ve got some airline miles i can use, and will really consider anywhere in the world.

        • That’s pretty badass. If you have language skills, then first consider going to places where you can communicate.
          You can live like a king down in Yucatan in Mexico or the coast of Colombia in March. Weather is fantastic, both are pretty safe parts of the country. Plenty of free/cheap outdoor activities.
          I’m a big surfer, so I’d consider going to Morocco for March and just spending every day on the beach. It’s cheap as chips. With the right connections, you could probably even wrangle a home stay with a family and get them to cook for you as part of the cost of stay.

    • Might not be your cup of tea, but I’ve heard good things about Yogaville. It’s within driving distance and super-cheap.

    • Laos is super cheap, has one of the better southeast asian beers (beer lao), and is very laidback. The only potential downside is it might be really hot then (I am not sure though, just know it is one of the hottest months next door in Thailand).

      Myanmar is cheap and becoming popular.

      Indonesia is really cheap and has lots of great spots. March is still the rainy season though I believe.

      India is super cheap due to the weak rupee, but not necessarily pleasant. Big country though, so you might find a good place that suits your needs.

      Nicaragua is cheap and has pleasant spots (the coast, Leon, Granada).

      And yes, Colombia as someone else mentioned.

      • BTW, if you do consider southeast asia, I recommend looking into getting a ticket to Singapore, Bangkok, or Hong Kong then buying a seperate ticket to Laos, Indonesia, or wherever on Air Asia or some other budget airline. It could save you a couple hundred bucks.

        That being said, flights to Central America and Colombia can be very cheap (sometimes more affordable than flying to the West Coast).

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