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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • RAVE: 10 screen movie theatre coming to NOMA.
    REVEL: Life is good! No complaints.

  • Rave: beautiful fall colors this past week
    Rant: nasty ass Ginko trees dropping their dog poo smelling fruit all over the sidewalks and my car. Eww..

  • Rant: Every time I shop in the NoMa Harris Teeter there are repeated announcements over the PA system by an automated voice that shouts: “MANAGER. CODE 4. DIGESTIVE PRODUCTS.”
    This happens 3-5 times when I’m in the store. It’s annoying. Make it stop.

    • Every single time! What’s that about?

    • Haha, how bizarre. I wonder what digestive products are a code for!

    • As a former HT associate (5 years of bliss, lemme tell you), I can tell you that these are automated “anti-theft” procedures. It used to be that the person at the U-SCAN station would tell security to scan, for example, “sections A-I, P-R, U-Z.” The one in NoMa also has that area by the toothpaste/near the pharmacy where you can take your blood pressure, and also where some people will just sit down and hang out for a while. The annoying “CODE FOUR. DIGESTIVE PRODUCTS” is either to alert the manager that someone is hanging out back there, or to deter people from hanging out around there. Or, y’know, someone has had some serious digestive issues.

      • This is why I love this blog. Learning about random stuff!

      • I always wondered about this! Is this particular spot in the HT attractive to shoplifters or something? Does it automatically detect when people are hanging around?

        • I would have suspected the laundry detergent aisle be the prime spot for shoplifting.

        • We had a place like this in the store I worked in. Lots of teenagers trying to have sex there. Or in the bathrooms in our store. Figures.

          In terms of the items most attractive to shoplifters, it’s mostly meat and booze. People will put big packs of beer on the sides of their cart, and then pile it with meat in the middle, and will cover the meat with something cheap like lettuce of bags of shredded cheese. They still show this ridiculous training video of things like that to look out for.

    • I lived above there and went there daily. I noticed that too but thought they may have found me suspicious. Glad to hear it is not just me!

    • There’s a similar announcement that blares about every 10 seconds in the SW Safeway as well. Something that ends in “201” “BLAH BLAH BLAH, TWO-OH-ONE. BLAH BLAH BLAH, TWO-OH-ONE.” Drives my husband mad.

    • Ha, I’ve noticed that too and wondered the same thing myself. 🙂

  • msmaryedith

    Revel: The attorney from the Office of the Tenant Advocate and the gentleman I spoke to in the Department of Housing were both so incredibly helpful and informative in talking through my current problems with my landlord. I feel a LOT less anxious about things now!
    Rant: Lower back pain. I think a lot of recent stress has been slowing down my recovery, but back pain is no joke. I’m so tired of hurting.

  • Rave: It’s Friday, it’s payday, I’m getting my hair done tomorrow and have some good plans for the weekend.
    Rant: All of the good food trucks are by Farragut Square and I don’t want to walk that far. /whine Also, I just realized that there was a frozen custard truck the week after it went on winter break.
    Rave: Day #2 of sleeping a full night and feeling like a real human being the next day. (Instead of my usual tired, cranky, curmudgeonly morning self.) I am cautiously optimistic that this might become a trend.

    • All of the food trucks (not just the good ones, any) are at least a mile from my office. 🙁

      • Ugh, that is no good! What neighborhood do you work in?

        • East of the Navy Yard, not far from the Potomac Ave Metro. I’ve heard there are some food trucks near the Navy Yard metro, but I’m not spending an hour just to get food. Someone would make a killing if they ever made it out to our our little office park!

          • Bummer that there aren’t any closer to you. I’m surprised that none go to Eastern Market, which would be more doable from where you are.

          • Maybe they do, but Eastern Market’s just as far (plus, I live over there, and wouldn’t feel like doing the same walk twice in one day!).

  • VACATION!!!! smell ya later!

  • gotryit

    Rave: only 2 more radiators to go (I know, I’ll stop soon – when my heat is on).
    Rant: those 2 radiators need to be switched and they’re the 400-500lb beasts up/down a flight of stairs.
    Rave: the big guys who can move these things
    Rant: $100 mistake that could have been easily fixed when bringing them into the house

    • Somehow makes me feel better that others are having radiator issues! We just stripped all the lead paint off ours by hand and are in the process of repainting before we re-install them. Fingers crossed that the floor re-finishing and radiator reinstall are finished before Thanksgiving. I have a nightmare that stripping them might have taken off the last chip of rust that was stopping them from leaking…
      I love old style radiators. Grew up with forced air heat and I like having even, constant heat instead of a roaring, dry air blast that makes you sneeze whenever it’s on.

  • Rant: Bad hangover.

    Rave: Good sleeping/passing out weather.

  • Rant: Co-worker “telecommutes” 2-3 days a week, even though 98% of her job can only be done if she is physically present. If I am going to keep doing her job, I want to get her paycheck!
    Rave: The fall colors seem to have lasted longer than most years, and seem a lot better than the past couple of years.

    • Rant: 98% of my job I can do from anywhere with an internet connection but I can only telework once a pay period.
      Rave: Agree with you on the fall colors this year.

      • Same here, except we can only telework if there is some major calamity like a snowstorm that shuts the city down, but even then it’s generally expected that I’ll show up since I’m within walking distance.

        • Yeah, we were just granted the privilege last month. The director of my agency is old school who hates the idea of telework. The only reason we were allowed to telework even one day per pp is pressure from those above him and OPM. He isn’t a bad director, but hopefully his successor is more pro-telework than him.

          • Telework will not be fully accepted until all the baby boomers retire or die off. I’m a baby boomer so I can say this…

        • My boss works from home every Friday. The rest of us work from home only in an emergency and even then that’s not always the case.

          • That is not cool. If anything, it should be the other way around.

          • I’m not a fed. This is a suburban non-profit.

          • I have sort of the oppositre issue – I am the only person in my office who doesn’t telecommute. I suppose I could, if I asked, but I hate bringing work home – it feels like being back in school. And my commute is pretty easy so that isn’t even much impetus. Most days there are at least a couple of my eight colleagues at home, and sometimes I am the only one in the office.

          • I have sort of the oppositre issue – I am the only person in my office who doesn’t telecommute. I suppose I could, if I asked, but I hate bringing work home – it feels like being back in school. And my commute is pretty easy so that isn’t even much impetus. Most days there are at least a couple of my eight colleagues at home, and sometimes I am the only one in the office.

          • Sorry about the double post. Over-anxious fingers….

      • anonymouse_dianne

        I just started to telework every Thursday. I actually get more done than I do in the office, and I can google my crossword clues (which are blocked in the office). The Union (same as for TSA) lobbied for us to be able to telework up to 4 times a pay period! Only problem is the cats, who play with my feet and want to sleep on the laptop. Step out to Busboys and Poets for lunch when the weather is nicer.

    • I do about 3x the amount of work when I’m teleworking vs. actually being in the office.

      • It depends on the nature of your work. When your job is to show people how to use equipment and you have to physically sign paperwork or unlock doors for people, you just can’t do that from home. Your co-workers who actually show up have to pick up the slack. The we’re-all-in-this-together attitude and good will to fill in for people on the days that they don’t come in is being severely tested, that’s for sure.

    • Where I work everyone can pretty much work from home 1-2 times a week as needed. Except that I am a mere temp so I don’t get any of the fancy privileges “real” staff gets 🙁 And my position is indefinite, I could be here years if I wanted to be

  • Rave: Long weekend ahead. I plan to spend some time with friends and also catch up on cooking and cleaning the apartment. Having Monday off also means I get a hooky day with the husband. Yay for matinee movie dates!
    Rave: Cozy fall sweaters.

  • epric002

    rant: barometric pressure change induced headache/migraine.
    rave? i am a barometer
    rave: the drugs worked quickly on this one!
    rave: boss told me to work from home today 🙂

  • rave: great show at the fillmore last night!
    mini-rant: got in pretty late and am struggling a bit today.
    rave: my cat has been super snuggley since the weather has gotten colder and it’s pretty adorable.

  • Rave: The weather!

    Rant: I’m having CODE 4. DIGESTIVE PRODUCTS problems today.

  • rant: i really thought i’d live in my neighborhood until i retire.
    i love DC but circumstances have left me without a house and it’s doubtful i could ever buy one again.
    i don’t want to move to another city, but i think i will have to.

    • What city do you think you might be moving to? I can tell you some good things about Baltimore – if that’s on your list.

  • skj84

    Rave: The ride on bus by my house runs early in the morning. I have a 20 minute walk from my house to metro and was running late this morning. I leave around 6:00 usually but today was 15 minutes behind. Was really worried as i walked and like a miracle the Ride on appared. Turns out it starts running an hour earlier than i thought. I was early for once today.

    Rant: Friend stressing me out last night with relationship drama. Usually i just agree with her when she comes to me, but I thought she was way out of line with the current issue and told her so. She was pissed but I really did not like the way she was handling the situation.

    • Well we’re all dying to know now: what’s the situation and how is she handling it?

      • skj84

        She tougher boyfriend he had to cut all contact with a female friend.

        • tougher=told her? Oh. Yeah, not good to give your partner an ultimatum. Obviously I don’t know the circumstances, but I definitely would not appreciate being told to do something like that.

          • skj84

            Yeah told him. Stupid Auto correct! It ssounds like it’s a complicated issue. But I feel like I’m not getting all the in. And she’s coming off as petty and insecure.

  • Rant: A project I’ve been working on for months just tanked. It’s partly because of the shutdown, partly because of bad luck, and partly because of poor planning on my part. I’m bracing myself for the outrage.
    Rant: I will be spending all weekend packing up my apartment. Moving is no fun.
    Rave: happy hour and Rebirth Brass Band tonight, at least it’s something to look forward to.
    Rant: my through is starting to feel sore.

  • RANT: #@*%ing Redskins!

  • Rant: puppy poo in crate…on the rug. Then vomiton the rug today. He behaved so much better the last time that I watched him.
    Rave: no work on Monday
    Rant: getting snappy with the boss during staff meeting. We have deadlines and she doesn’t seem concerned about them. Then she makes new deadlines, promising senior staff products that require me to work after my set hours.

    • don’t want to state the obvious if you are already considering it – but the dog might be sick? dogs don’t like to poop in their crate – its why crate training is so helpful with potty training. and usually they don’t do both ends at the same time unless they’ve eaten something they should not have, or if they’ve picked up a doggie stomach bug. hope your houseguest feels better soon!!

    • Poo in crate + vomit = he’s likely not feeling very well. Switch him to just eating plain rice and chicken for a few days. When my dog was sick, I used canned chicken. It smells nasty, but works fine and you don’t have to cook chicken for the dog. If he gets worse or doesn’t get better in a few days, take him to a vet. Puppies usually don’t poop in their crates, and the vomiting really is a sign he’s not feeling well.

    • This is like every other day with my dogs (and no, they don’t have stomach issues!).

    • Thanks all! I figured he’s sick. He still had runny poo last nite but seems to be doing better today. He was eating his regular dog food but I’ll switch to the rice and chicken for the next few days and take him to the vet if he’s not better.

  • Rave: I’m having fun being a gym-rat. I SO did not expect this. Hope I can sustain it indefinitely.
    Rave: Putting together a list of DC things that I’d like to do — like maybe exploring a new-to-me neighborhood each week or so.
    Rant: I’m still bummed that B.Smith’s closed. That was my go-to restaurant for out of town guests. I need a replacement for that — a comfortable setting with Southern food and jazz…(Maybe Eatonville?) and a replacement for Teavolve — which has been my home-away-from-home hangout in Baltimore.
    Major Rave: Just got a confirmation from my moving company. I feel VERY relieved to have that set.
    Rant/Rave: I’m really moving back full time. Gulp. Getting ready for the next stage of my life.

    • Eatonville’s a good call. I took my Texan family there and they really enjoyed it. If it’s still on the menu, try the duck.

    • Oh man, I love Teavolve – went there twice when I visited Baltimore. I wish they had one in DC….

  • I’ve been biking to work in DC for 15 years. But, this week I got hit by 2 other cyclists. First, a young woman rode into me from behind at a stop sign, and then a guy downtown clipped me while he was going the wrong way and against the light . No injuries, but WTF.

    • gotryit

      +1 WTF
      I have noticed a number of cringe-inducing moves while waiting at a stop light. Like – someone almost gets creamed because they rode through a red light, but doesn’t seem to know / care. WTF? It just reinforces my resolve to follow the rules of the road and ride defensively.

    • Sorry to hear you had run-ins with other cyclists but it doesn’t surprise me. So many clueless and flagrant riders out there. Did the girl run into you because you stopped and she wasn’t going to?

  • RANT: Now that it’s dark out at 6pm, there are an abundant amount of joggers on the Mt Vernon Trail that have no lights on of any kind… which makes for a hellish commute with a lot of last-minute swerves for the bike commuters on the trail. There are many joggers with lights (or, at least, bright reflective clothing)… but, please, joggers – LIGHTS ARE NEEDED! There are no street lights of any kind on the Mt Vernon Trail and it’s really hard to see you and dangerous for both you and me!

    • Yeah, I used to run on the Mt. Vernon trail when I worked in Crystal City. I only ran one time after sundown, and it was very brief due to the darkness and lack of lighting. Definitely didn’t feel safe doing it. After that, I made sure I would run during daylight hours or on the treadmill. Just asking to be hit by a bike otherwise.

  • Rant: United Airlines sucks. Flying tomorrow with my husband and infant son for the first time. Chose window and middle seat when we booked the flight a couple of months ago to have a little more privacy to breastfeed. Went to check in, husband is in middle seat in the row in front of me and I have a window seat a row back. Did not receive any kind of notification that seats changed and now flight is oversold. Customer service not very helpful.

    • Talk to the desk agent when you get to the airport, they often have a lot of discretion. Worst case scenario, nicely ask the person assigned to the middle seat to switch seats with your husband. You’ll be able to board early, so you will already be sitting in those seats when the person assigned to it gets on. They’re getting the same seat just a row up, so any normal person will accommodate you.

      • +1.
        As long as you’re not asking someone to trade a better seat (e.g., aisle) for an inferior seat (window/middle), he/she will likely agree.
        Good luck!

        • Just tell them you will be breastfeeding, and would like some privacy. No doubt you will be able to get husband in middle one row up to switch with dude sitting next to you.

          If he insists on sitting next to you, then he is a creepy man. Nothing wrong with feeding in public, but given the opportunity to avoid it, I would say 100% of people would easily switch seats 😉

    • gotryit

      ouch – best of luck. From my experience, fellow fliers and flight attendants are pretty accomodating of people travelling with children. Even the check-in staff might switch you to the same row.

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