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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: So tired.
    Revel: 3 day weekend coming up.

  • Rant: Red line train issues this morning
    Rave: Managed to catch the L1 before the bus got too crowded and stopped picking up people waiting for the bus.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Getting moved out of my apartment so they can rip some walls down and make plumbing repairs.
    Rave: Getting moved into a bigger unit with different views just in time for the long weekend; it will be like a vacation!
    Rave: Don’t have to pay rent on days I’m out of my apartment and it could be as much as 2 weeks! Free mini vacation!

    • Wow, that’s really awesome! Mini vacation AND money in the bank. That’s like the opposite of a vacation, lol

  • Rave: working from home
    Double rave: working from home means I missed the whole red line kerfuffle.

  • Rave: Last night’s sunset
    Rant: Having an abusive boss
    Rant: I really need a new job ๐Ÿ™

  • epric002

    chronic rant: litterers. i am so effing sick of pulling chicken bones, pizza crusts, moldy bread, and all other types of nastiness out of my dogs’ mouths. quit being a lazy POS and throw your trash in the GD trashcans. there are like 6 new ones in the neighborhood- USE THEM.
    rant: that ^ is still, and for the foreseeable future, will continue to be a rant.
    rave: thursday?

    • This morning I watched this guy rip the cellophane wrapper off his box of cigarettes then reach AROUND THE TRASH CAN right next to him to throw it on the ground. WTF.

      • epric002

        maddening! did you say anything?

        • I watched him from across the street so wasn’t close enough to say anything. If I’d been close enough I would have pointed out that he missed the can and asked him to pick it up.

          • epric002

            i’ve been thinking about what to say to people when they litter right in front of you: “excuse me, you dropped something”?

          • I think there’s been some discussion of potential phrases in a past PoPville thread.
            I rarely see people actually littering (which is amazing, given how much litter I see on the ground), but I’d probably hesitate to confront them, lest I get threatened with having the s*** beaten out of me or something. You’d have to finesse it very carefully — any sarcasm or edge to your voice and I don’t think it would work.

          • epric002

            the only time i witnessed egregious littering was the 2 lovely young ladies who stopped to shove their soda bottles down a sewer and then started yelling at me while i gaped in horror at them. yeah, i’m not a very confrontational person, but i would think that something along the lines of “you dropped something” at least gives them an out…

          • I remember your mentioning that… in that case, they were giving you flak and you didn’t even say anything, right??

          • epric002

            yup. didn’t say a word- just stood there in disbelief!

    • I hate littering as much as anyone (toddlers aren’t that much more discerning than dogs about what they’ll pick up off the ground), but in fairness, DPW should take some of the blame. They don’t empty the cans nearly often enough, so as the cans fill up, the wind carries bits off the top. Also, there are some (not all) DPW workers who seem to spread around as much trash as they actually get into the truck.

      But yes. People who casually drop trash anywhere, much less within a yard of a trashcan, deserve 1,000 papercuts.

      • epric002

        agree. and until recently there were almost no trashcans in my neighborhood. but we’ve seriously gotten 6 new ones in the last few months, and that hasn’t seem to help with the littering at.all. ugh.

      • The issue with DPW and public trashcans – especially in Columbia Heights, Petworth, Park View, etc. – is that many of the local neighbors used them as trashcans for their household waste. Instead of buying garbage cans to place in the alley, they would drop big kitchen bags right into the public can on the corner. Then you’d get homeless guys going through the trash and making an even bigger mess. It’s a Catch 22 dilemma.

        • epric002

          why do so many people use public trash cans for their household waste? i honestly don’t understand why/how that became so common.

          • Their slumlord landlords are not providing garbage services (apartment buildings must privately contract garbage collection – the city only services single family homes). Or in the case of SFH owners, they can’t afford/too cheap to buy new garbage cans. It’s maddening.

          • Because trash service is terrible in the city. Once a week, no overflow? Heaven forbid you order something off Amazon and have a cardboard box one week, your recycling bin is shot for 6 days.

          • epric002

            will the city really not provide trashcans if someone legitimately can’t afford one? some locations get twice a week pick up. and many of us manage to not use public trash cans despite the circumstances.

          • A cardboard box from Amazon shouldn’t pose a problem — just break the box down. Or (as long as it’s not raining) you can put it behind or next to your recycling bin.
            Areas that have trash collection only once a week are also issued bigger garbage cans — the 64-gallon Supercans, vs. the 32-gallon ones issued for the areas with twice-a-week pickup.

          • I haven’t yet — but I’ve been tempted. Most of the apartment buildings where I’ve lived have dumpsters for large stuff, and maybe reasonable rules (no mattresses, no hazardous materials) for using them. Where I live now, there is a trash room for things that can be bagged and that fit in the trash chute. Anything else goes to a trash area — and you will be charged for whatever you throw out. Without a car, disposing of even mundane things — comforters, umbrellas, old electronics, lamps — becomes an expensive hassle. There’s also no Goodwill or anyplace like that within walking distance, and there’s no communal area where people leave things that they no longer need for other tenants to check out. This is definitely a first world problem — but it is a problem.

          • It doesn’t address all of the issues of disposing of trash, but many of the goodwill-type places will pick up items. Maybe someone else can provide specific names, but I sometimes see bags on the porch of my building and on porches along my walk to work clearly labeled for pickup by the charity.

    • I am so with you on this. And I am also irked at all the people on my block who don’t bother to pick up litter from in front of their houses — it’s like they’re giving it their tacit approval.

      • epric002

        yup, that too. my marigolds have become the preferred dumping ground for someone’s dog poop bags, which is infuriating, but i pick those up and throw them out as well, though i rant and rave about having to do so.

    • We’ve noticed a trend of people and businesses bringing full kitchen-size bags to the public cans on street corners. I mean literally walking out of their home, to the can at the bus stop, dumping, and returning home. Also saw a woman from one of the businesses at GA/Piney Branch do the same thing.

      And yes, don’t even get me started on what I’m pulling out of the dogs’s mouths on a daily basis.

      • Yeah, those people live in apartments owned by slumlords who don’t provide a dumpster for tenants. The sidewalk trashcans are the only option for them, as there is no municipal collection for apartment buildings.

        • epric002

          it’s not just apartments- i’ve seen people in rowhouses do it to. b/c they’re too lazy/can’t afford their own trashcan? i dunno.

          • I don’t get this because you don’t need a trash can– just drop your bags on the curb when everyone else does and they’ll get picked up.

          • Anon 11:13 – DPW requires all residential trash to be bagged and placed in a (residential) trash can for collection. You may be able to get away with just setting bags out on the curb but you may also end up with those bags not being collected and citations arriving in the mail.

          • It’s never been enforced on my block, where a lot of us just put bags out. It gets dark so early these days and I reuse to go down the dark alley to roll my trash can out and back.

          • “It gets dark so early these days and I re[f?]use to go down the dark alley to roll my trash can out and back.”
            Anonymous 2:44, you do realize that by putting out your trash in a bag (as opposed to a bag within a can), you’re likely contributing to the rat problem?
            You don’t have to put your trash out at night, BTW. You can put it out the morning of trash pickup day.

          • Anon 2:44 – I think that’s kind of weak (see Textdoc’s post) but obviously do as you wish. Just don’t complain if they all of a sudden enforce it and you get fined. Also you might not want to blindly follow the lead of “a lot of us on my block”, they might be well-meaning but wrong about lots of things.

          • textdoc, if I ever see evidence that rats are tearing into bags here I’ll certainly start using the cans! Also, if you guys haven’t noticed the mornings are dark these days too.

        • There are no slumlords on my block, thank you very much. And there are no apartment buildings, it’s all rowhouses and SFHs. And these people DO have an option–it’s called get a damn supercan and stop filling public cans with your home garbage. The cans at my two closest bus stops are full by 7am every day.

      • I see this all the time in my neighborhood!! I live across the street from a trash can that’s on a corner, and I see people walk out of their houses with a bag of trash and dump it in the can all the time. I want to walk up to people when they do it and confront them but I’m too chicken. Seriously there is one lady who makes multiple trips a day. I’m convinced she never ever actually takes out her own trash.

        • epric002

          can you surreptitiously take photos and submit that to 311? will they write tickets for illegal dumping (or whatever infraction it is) if you provide evidence of who is doing it?

          • I don’t know but I should look into submitting something to 311. By the end of the day the can is overflowing with people’s kitchen garbage bags. I live in Georgetown so I don’t think my neighbors have problems affording their own trashcan. It’s like they can’t be bothered putting out their own bins on trash day and taking them back in, so they just walk down the street and dump their garbage into the sidewalk trashcan.

    • A few years ago, I confronted a lady tossing her breakfast wrappers from a DC office of aging van. She blew me off, so I videotaped her, sent it to PoP, and she got fired.

      • I remember that! Good for you.
        Did she actually get fired?? I was assuming she got some kind of slap on the wrist.

        • yup – got a letter (I think from Jimmy Graham or maybe DPW). Granted, she probably got fired for eating an old / disabled person’s breakfast, not just for littering, but still.

      • I watched a women open the back door of her car & toss McDonald’s bags & other trash into the tree box in front of my house while I was sweeping the front walk. I politely asked if she planned on picking it up & if she needed a bag. She cursed me up & down!! I asked if she wanted me to drive to her house in MD in return the favor. She begrudgingly picked it up.

      • houseintherear

        Good for you for following through! That’s awesome

    • DC is one of the cleanest cities I have lived in and all the people you want to see this probably won’t read this , address the issue upfront.
      RANT:You guys on the east coast get so heated up over the weirdest things.

      • epric002

        welcome to the rant/revel page, where ranting is encouraged. addressing the issue must be another page.

      • Hey, I agree with you and have lived on the east coast my whole life. I’m amazed by how much trash there ISN’T in DC.

        • epric002

          where in DC do you spend your time? you’re welcome to come pick up trash in north CoHeights and south Petworth- you won’t be disappointed.

          • +1. D.C. has way less litter than, say, New York City, but there is still too much litter in D.C.
            I think we could do with instituting deposits on glass bottles, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles.

    • saf

      Time to bring back the crying Indian ad.

  • Rave: Last night’s sunset!

    Rant: having to drink decaf coffee. I’ve finally gotten used to it, but still the concept makes me sad.

    Related rant: I went to two grocery stores and neither had whole bean decaf coffee. Giant used to carry the brand I liked, but now it just has decaf in ground. And I looked at all of the other brands of coffee and ALL of them only offered decaf in ground. My coffee machine is one of those that grinds, then brews, and I like it that way. Grrr.

    Oh well, at least these are first world problems.

    • Trader Joe’s has whole bean decaf.

    • Oh and forgotten rant/question: I usually give to one of the national breast cancer charities during CFC, but after reading up on some of the national charities I’ve decided I don’t want to go that route this year. Does anyone have any suggestions on good, local breast cancer charities that either help patients or fund research on causes & prevention? I’ll do my own research, but if anyone has first hand knowledge, I’d love to hear it. Thanks!

      • Smith Farm Center on U Street has a lot of different programs for people that have been diagnosed with cancer and other terminal illnesses. They have retreats for patients and their caregivers, they have navigator programs to help people with the process, and alternative healing methods including art, cooking, exercise. It is an amazing non-profit that would more than benefit from any donation.

      • Smith Center for Healing & the Arts is local, so are Nueva Vida and Mautner Project. Or if you’re not totally turned off by national charities, the Young Survival Coalition and Susan Love Research Foundation are good ones too.

      • Thanks for the ideas! I’ll definately look into these places.

  • Rant: Almost got crushed by a MD driver who decided to come into the L St. bike track… through plastic dividers.
    Rant: She had the nerve to ask me if I chipped her paint job after I banged on her window to stop her from running me over.
    Rant: After all that, Chupacabra DC was freaking closed. Who the hell is closed at 7:30 pm on a Wednesday night?
    Rave: Only 5 min wait for a seat at Toki.

    • Blessing in disguise. Toki is WAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than Chupa.

      • Yes I enjoyed my meal, having not been there in months because of the waits. However, last night I had a real hankering to try out Chupa. Like you said, blessing in disguise altho I did leave them a negative yelp lol.

    • Would it make any difference if it was a DC, VA or any other state driver? I don’t care which state is driving I would be just happy to not get crushed.

      • Nah, it just further cements the deserved stereotype that MD drivers are among the worst in the U.S.

        • See, here’s the thing from an outsiders perspective (as in, I am not from here).

          MD/DC/VA drivers are all terrible. State lines don’t make better drivers.

          • Say what you will, MD drivers are the worst. State lines do matter.

          • I think it’s more about the culture of the part of MD they’re from. Bethesda drivers are usually respectful and careful, while PG County folks speed and cut people off and flaunt the laws. But they all have MD plates and the bad ones stand out more than the good ones.

          • Perhaps (and this is just conjecture for the sake of conversation), the misconception comes from a higher concentration of MD drivers. Public Transportation into the district from MD is more limited than from VA.

          • Public transit is better in VA? I never found that to be the case. Regardless, I think more Virginians take public transit because they have higher incomes and because the traffic is so terrible out there.

          • Perhaps I’m wrong, but I didn’t say it was better, I said it was more limited. I agree with your point about more people taking public transportation in VA, but I think the metro spreads further into VA than into MD. Especially now with the addition of the Silver line.

          • No, MD has VA beat. In VA the metro doesn’t extend past the beltway but the red line goes well beyond it.

          • Since when is Vienna, Franconia, or Huntington in the Beltway?

          • Meg, did you see the geographical metro station map that’s been floating around the internet recently? If those places are outside the Beltway they’re pretty darn close to it. And there are a lot of dead zones in VA– when I lived in Annandale it made more sense to sit in traffic for over an hour than to drive 20 minutes to Springfield and then be on the metro forever (especially since parking there is known to fill up early).

          • Anonymous 11:50 — your powers of perception boggle my mind. How exactly have you been able to determine when a driver with Maryland tags is from Bethesda? Or PG county — a large area with many people and many communities? Your generalizations and assumptions are impressive!

          • I should throw in my own biases and assumptions here: Most of the people I know from PG are family types with suv’s stuffed with things like baby seats, sports equipment and their children. They drive safely, and do their best to be considerate drivers. Most of the people I know from Bethesda zoom around in their expensive sports cars like they own the world. So my stereotypes seem to be dead opposite those of Anonymous 11:50. Oh well….

          • Because I was in the car with them and knew where they were from?

        • So you’re generalizing based purely on the small number of people that you’ve personally been with in cars?

    • Similar thing happen to my BF last night! He was biking on the L St bike lane, and an SUV was in the left turn lane, but covering the bike path, with several feet open to the left. He tapped on the window, to get the driver’s attention to move off the bike path. The guy was so pissed, he sped up, followed my BF, got out of the car, and asked him if he (the driver) should do the same thing to BF’s head that BF had done to the car. BF, literally, had tapped on the window. The driver then showed him a dent in the passenger’s side, and tried to imply that the BF had done that. Seemed to back down as he realized that was a ludicrous claim, but freaked the BF out!!

      • Dang! People can really lash out when they’re surrounded by a steal case! If it were another cyclist or pedestrian your BF was asking to move so he could get to the front of the intersection, I’m sure the cyclist would be happy to scoot to the side, no problem.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: manage to miss the red line mess this morning! (for a change)
    Rant: lots of passive aggressiveness on the metro!

  • homerule

    Rave: Working from home while I recover. One coworker is meeting me for coffee at the coffee shop nearby my apt, and another is meeting for drinks at a restaurant on the ground floor of my building. ๐Ÿ™‚ Grateful I have coworkers I want to see.

    Rant: This whole episode has rained on my long weekend plans! Now I’m stuck inside, mostly, while my favorite weather plays outside.

  • Rave: Got a flu shot yesterday, and so far no fever or fatigue or any of the other reactions I’ve had in the past. Only a sore arm, which is fine because at least I don’t have to miss two weeks of work for it!
    Rave: Continuing the theme of conquering fears, I’m renting a room in my house out on AirBnB. I’ve been inundated with responses and my first guest arrives today! Hoping nothing goes catastrophically wrong. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I would love to hear how the AirBnB thing goes, I’ve been considering putting a room in my house up.

    • Very curious about this – can you link us to your listing – or give enough info that one acquainted with Airbnb might easily find it? I’m wondering how you are inundated with responses since Airbnb currently has about 1,400 listings for DC, and is a hot mess for anyone unfamiliar with the city to sort through. I am not doubting you – just honestly curious.

      I have a vacation rental apt. in my house that I list and rent full-time on Homeaway.com, but now and then when I have an empty week I activate my Airbnb listing. Sometimes I search the site, pretending I’m a tourist with no knowledge of the city, and am overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to choose a place.

  • Rant: I feel like nothing is going right. Moving, confusion about bedbug treatment dates *again*, my project at work tanking, gaining 4 pounds in one week of vacation, etc. I’m sick of muddling through crap, waiting for it to be over.
    Revel-lite: I’m going to see Rebirth tomorrow night, but I could be more excited about it.
    Revel-ish: I did have to wait 8 minutes for a red line train this morning, but because of my reverse commute the platform wasn’t packed and the train was practically empty.

  • Rave – Last night’s sunset was awesome! Anyone know what those clouds are called? They were so pretty.
    Rant – I really hate it when people use the bathroom stall right next to one I’m using, even though there are like 6 other perfectly good empty stalls.

    • epric002

      that’s another chronic rant of mine. WHY do people do that?!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Drives me nuts, too!

      • Do you have a stall you usually use? I do. Some of the doors are sub-par, so I have one I always use that I prefer. If someone is in the stall next to it I’ll still use it. It’s better than using the stall with the door that doesn’t close, the one with the door that’s so far from the piece that locks that it might come open at any time, and the one with the toilet that flushes so enthusiastically that I feel like it’s trying to baptize me.

        • Yeah, at my work bathroom there are only two stalls with doors that close, and they’re right next to each other.

        • epric002

          ok, i can kind of get that door closing/baptismal situation (lol, btw), but i’ve been in restrooms with, no exaggeration, 20 stalls, and people feel the need to plop down right next to me. there is no WAY that the other 18 stalls are unusable for some reason, and now i think you’re just a creep.

          • Are you near the entrance? Research has shown that the closer the stall is to the entrance, the more likely it is to be used. Go to the far end and people will be less likely to move in next to you, and as an added bonus it will be a much cleaner stall!

        • LOL at ” the toilet that flushes so enthusiastically that I feel like itโ€™s trying to baptize me.” ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Altocumulus clouds. Visit Capital Weather Gang’s page for a whole page of pictures.
      I actually noticed the sky and clouds looking great when I sat outside earlier in the day for an afternoon break. But right around sunset it was stunning.

      • yes, the clouds looked great around 2 or 3 pm – like a snow leopard’s belly – but around sunset they were incredible.

      • Thanks for the info on the name. I was noticing them yesterday and wondering what kind they were. I missed the sunset, but they were really striking when I saw them around 1:30 p.m.

      • Cool! Thanks for the info and additional source of pics

      • Haha, my husband took a photo of those clouds with his old flip phone and sent it to his techno-goddess sister in San Francisco. Her response? Instead of “wow, pretty sunset!” we got “you really need an iphone camera.”

    • gotryit

      I never understood the bathroom stall game. There are dividers, so I’ll go wherever I feel like other than the one that you’re in. At least we don’t poop in troughs, so big deal.

      • epric002

        do you also stand too closely to people in public places?

        • We might disagree about what is “too close” also. I’m not European about it or anything, but I also don’t make a point of standing as far away as possible. It’s just not something that I think about.

      • I just enjoy having a bathroom buffer zone. When there are so many perfectly fine empty stalls to choose from, why choose the one right next to someone else? I can understand it in smaller bathrooms, or when stalls are not functioning properly. But I never understand why women do this at our work bathroom, which has plenty of stalls that all function properly. I guess some people are really attached to a particular stall and will use it even when I’m in the stall next door, like Jeslett pointed out above.

        • Emmaleigh504

          And this is why I frequently use the bathroom on the 5th floor. Fewer women on that floor for some reasons and almost always a completely empty bathroom. Also we have at least 1 person who every day likes to stuff as many seat covers as possible into a toilet and clog it up. They get all creative and have them sticking up in different ways and a good inch of them on the seat. When I find out who that person is, we will have words.

        • Emmaleigh504

          We also have a jackass who locks her favorite stall from the outside. My floor has the worst bathroom in the organization.

          • Whaaaaaaaaaaaa? How is that allowed? I’d open it everyday.

          • Emmaleigh504

            We do, but she locks it again. It’s soooo stupid. I don’t even use that stall, but I always make sure the door is wide open! (if no one is in it, of course)

          • How do you lock the stall from the outside? I’ve been in bathrooms where people have locked the stalls from the inside — but I’ve assumed that that was a prank, rather than people being willing to crawl under the stall that they’ve reserved for their own use.

        • It’s sad to realize I’m attached to a bathroom stall.

          • Do you lock it from the outside? If no, then I think you’re not to the point of needing help, yet.
            I once worked with a woman who would go from floor to floor to find a toilet that still had its seat up, indicating that it hadn’t been used since the cleaners had come through. We used to tell her that we were all going to start putting the seats up after we finished. She’d freak out a little (for effect, ’cause she was fun), and then say that we’d just have to cover for her while she went home several times a day to pee.

          • Hah, no I don’t lock it from the outside.
            This is what kills me though, needing to be first and needing to use 867 toilet seat covers. I work in a science organization and every time I hear someone pull out a toilet seat cover I want to scream. Your skin is the biggest and most important part of your immune system! If you use toilet seat covers then I assume you have open sores on your butt!! If you didn’t have open sores then you wouldn’t have any need to protect yourself!! Normal flora is good people!!

            No, I don’t have a rage problem related to toilet seat covers.

          • Ha @Jeslett- we all have our quirks!

          • Meaning I wasn’t making fun of your preference for a particular bathroom stall. Agreed that toilet seat cover abusers are annoying.

          • Um, jeslett — it’s more the eeew factor of wondering if the person who sat on the toilet seat before I did had open sores on her butt — and, if as a result, I’ll “catch” something that could lead to open sores on mine. Just typing “open sores” makes me feel squeaminsh.

        • Or they simply don’t have the same issues about peeing next to someone so they just go into a stall. I think you’re projecting your own preferences onto other people and assuming they are *selecting” the stall next to your for some reason, when for most people it’s just an empty stall like any other.

    • I need someone who lives in Kenyon Towers or Highland Place to be my “sunset friend!” Give me keys to your roof deck so I can run over – it’s so frustrating to see such a gorgeous sunset going on and most of it blocked by tall buildings!

  • Rant: I think I injured my foot. I’m way too young to have debilitating bunions.
    Rave: I’m old enough to have wisdom to wear my sneakers for the walk into the office rather than hobbling around in more fashionable shoes.
    Rave: If this is the extent of my rants, my life is pretty good.

  • Rant: Comcast Cable and the “techs” they hire to answer the phones and “troubleshoot”

    Rave: Tried the new DC Smokehouse in Bloomingdale / Truxton and give it 4 stars. They do have 4 or 5 stools and sell a few basic canned drinks so you could in theory eat there. They provide your dinners in nice cardboard take out boxes so would make a nice picnic (If we had a decent park near by). Meats were pretty good, dry rubbed with sauce on the side, grits were really good and potato salad was good yet unusual (not mayo or mustard based that I could tell). There were people in and out the entire time I was there so business must be doing well. There were supposed to be house made pickles included but I didn’t see um, and at first I thought the price was a bit steep for what I got, but as I started eating I found there was more there than I thought and couldn’t finish it all so took it back for a midnight snack : )
    Biggest drawback is location, hold on to your purse or pocket and watch over your shoulder when you go through there (although that is the case with or without the smokehouse being there) and the place itself could use a bit of a make over (on the customer side, shipping pallet pieces covering the walls, a bit dusty) but the kitchen looked nice and clean. All in all it is a great start and a great addition to the hood, can’t wait to see where they may take it (hint hint expand into a full sit down place without the crack head corner : )

  • Rave: Leaving work early to take a nap after my early AM.
    Rant: Being woken from my longer-than-expected nap by a fire alarm and evacuation because of an idiot neighbor. I was half awake, so sitting in the crowd and watching the firefighters run around was completely surreal.
    Rave: I got so much sleep last night that I feel amazingly good today. So this is what life is like for non-insomniacs? I could get used to it.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Jealous. I tried to go to bed early last night but just couldn’t fall asleep. At least I slept until my alarm went off this morning ๐Ÿ™‚

      • It usually doesn’t work like that, unfortunately. But I had to be up at 6 yesterday, and between that and my insomnia, I was running on about four hours of sleep. It takes an extreme circumstance like that for my body to just shut down the way it did last night. I kind of wish it would happen more regularly!

        • Emmaleigh504

          I was hoping my body would just shut down too since I woke up at 4 for no good reason yesterday. But no, I got my second wind at 9 as usual.

          • I would do so much better if I could go to work in the early afternoon and then work until evening. Then I could come home, catch the 9PM-ish second wind and still get a ton done before bedtime. This day shift nonsense is no good for people like us!

          • Emmaleigh504

            I used to have a job where I worked from 10:30 to 7, it was PERFECT! The hours were wonderful, the job was great, but I hated the location. Sometimes I think I should have stayed.

  • Smith Farm Center on U Street has a lot of different programs for people that have been diagnosed with cancer and other terminal illnesses. They have retreats for patients and their caregivers, they have navigator programs to help people with the process, and alternative healing methods including art, cooking, exercise. It is an amazing non-profit that would more than benefit from any donation.

  • gotryit

    Rave: made better progress putting in radiators than I thought I would – only 5 more to go. I even (tried to) put the before / after pictures on popville’s flickr.

  • RAVE: Shutdown repayment
    RANT: Shutdown repayment now a DEBT!!! Didn’t ask to be off, didn’t ask to be repayed now I OWE the federal government because CONGRESS SUX!!! Now I can’t afford to go out of town on my annual Mommy’s death date trip. Red line was disgusting!!!

    Rave: I am healthy and all of my bills were paid prior to the shutdown takeback action!!!

    • Wait, I’m so confused. How did you end up owing money? Did you take unemployment while you were furloughed?

      • No, apparently it happened to a lot of people at my Agency.

        • Did they overpay you and then take it back or something?

          • No. They have indebted me the exact amount I would have received had we worked. RIDICULOUS at best.

          • Still confused. They paid you, then took back that pay? They didn’t pay you, then charged you for what you should have been paid?
            What are you talking about, and what is the grounds??

          • It sounds like the agency debited the OP, instead of giving them a credit for the payment. So they were expecting the backpay to arrive in their bank accounts, but instead the agency sent them a notice saying the OP owed money. I imagine that their current paycheck was probably used to pay the debit, thus no one got paid. Thus prolonging an already precarious financial situation.
            Someone really ought to be fired for that. I hate HR and payroll.

    • on 10/29 I received a check with my shutdown funds. I get paid on 11/12, I checked my paystub and at the bottom there was a statement saying I owed the same amount I was repaid on 10/29. So I received my shutdown money, now they want it back. Who is they? My agency, payroll accounting system. Clearer picture. So far I am one of 10 people in my agency that has now been charged with a debt equalling the repayment amount I received for the shutdown.

      • So it’s not really a debt, it’s just that you don’t get paid for the shutdown. It would be a debt if they want the money you got on 10/29 back and also didn’t pay you on 11/12.
        I’m not saying that not being paid for the shutdown is right, but it is a bit different from charging you to not work during the shutdown by making you skip 2 checks as well as give back the 10/29 payment.

        • It’s a debt because they started taking my money!!!! According to the statement at the bottom says they will keep taking my money!!! May not be significant to you but they took money out of my regular pay. Would have been fine if they had not repayed me. Problem is they are attacking my REGULAR $$$!!!!

          • I’m not saying this to be hostile, but just in case you don’t know, you’re not really making yourself very clear. As far as I can gather, there’s been some sort of payroll mistake and/or a misunderstanding between you and your HR/payroll department. But you kind of make it sound like they’re just randomly taking money from you. So feel free to rant but I don’t think anyone else here really knows what you’re talking about.

  • skj84

    Rant: The Red Line situation this morning. Second time this week I’ve been late because if metro. And I left early too!

    Rave: Baby tigers at the zoo. Seriously the video of their swimtest is the cutest thing!

    Rant: The Md vs Va drivers debate. Can we retire thus one? Its old, doesn’t even make sense and honestly people who engage in it sound super lame. I feel like my braincells die each time it comes up.

    • So you’re saying you’re a MD driver- got it.

      (just kidding)

    • I generally don’t believe in generalizations, and I certainly wouldn’t say all MD drivers are bad because most of them are, in fact, fine. But I can’t deny that whenever I see a driver here do something dangerous, reckless, disrespectful, or otherwise insane, they always have MD plates. It’s incredible.

      • did you miss the part about “I don’t want to debate this stupid topic anymore”?

      • But I feel like I just see more MD plates than VA plates (and even DC plates on many major roads in the district), so statistically if I see a bad driving maneuver it is going to be a car with MD plates. In other words, it’s not that the quality of the drivers is different in MD, it’s just that there are so many more of them.

        • I see KenyonDweller beat me to this point. And I couldn’t agree more with skj84 that this is a tiiiiiiiired and unproductive stereotype. Any time I see someone invoke this, their credibility on any other point plummets.

          • Wow, really? I think most people are only joking, and don’t actually think that Maryland purposely breeds bad drivers. I’m from the south and get the ribbing about begin barefoot and having 1 million cousins and don’t get upset because who cares, and it’s just a joke.

          • Wow, really? I think most people are only joking, and don’t actually think that Maryland purposely breeds bad drivers. I’m from the south and get the ribbing about being barefoot and having 1 million cousins and don’t get upset because who cares, it’s just a joke.

          • Read the comments on today’s post about driving/parking in the bikelane. There are a few “Let me guess, MD driver!” jokes, but there are also many people earnestly claiming that MD drivers are in fact worse. It lowers their credibility to fall back on such an overused trope with no evidence to support it.

          • No evidence to support it? How do you explain the fact that enough people have antecdotal evidence that it’s become a well-known stereotype?

          • Anecdotes =/= evidence.

          • Not even if I use the phrase “anecdotal evidence”?

          • Anecdotes can provide evidence of something happening once, but they do not scale up to generalize for an entire population.

          • (You are correct. I was actually poking fun at Anon 2:20 who does not seem to understand the nature of “anecdotal evidence”.)

          • “Anecdotes can provide evidence of something happening once, but they do not scale up to generalize for an entire population.”

            That is EXACTLY why I said most MD drivers are fine but it seems that most of the observed bad drivers happen to be from MD.

    • I’m with you on retiring the MD driver stereotype. I have never heard a reasonable theory for why people who happen to live in MD are categorically worse drivers than people who happen to live in DC or VA. I suspect the real reason is the large number of MD drivers who commute through DC. People in VA by and large just drive across the bridge and park downtown. Most people in DC take public transit. MD drivers have to travel through most of the city to get to their jobs downtown. If they seem worse, it’s probably just because there are lots of them. and they cover lots of ground.

      • +1 We just experience more MD drivers on DC city streets. Go out into VA and you’ll see just as many bad drivers – even those with DC plates. Bad drivers are universal. Just like bad bicyclist and bad pedestrians. Same ol’ arguments.

        • I used to live in VA and don’t think the drivers are worse in terms of driving recklessly, but they have a lot more road rage which is scarier. I’ve had several panic attacks on VA roads, never anywhere else. I wish the VA police would do something to punish drivers that do things like yell threats of violence or get out of their car and slam their fists into someone’s window (I’ve witnessed both and the police made the victim feel like the wrongdoer).

      • skj84

        I have a strong dislike of raging generations in general. Other pet peeves include “music/movie/ tv these days are no good and generation bashing. It’s lazy thinking.

        I guinuinly wonder where the traffic debate came from? I’ve lived in the area for eight years, and would be a Maryland driver if I drove. Which I don’t. So I really don’t look at driving infractions from a drivers point of view. I just see the jerk who just did something wrong with their car.

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